AMC Update Friday 5/25/07

All My Children Update Friday 5/25/07


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Today’s episode raises many questions: Did Zach sleeps with Hannah?  Why did Ryan kiss Greenlee?  Will Annie fight for Ryan?  Will Greenlee move on?  Josh walks into Hannah’s room looking for her and sees Zach on the patio.  He asks Zach about Hannah.  Zach is silent, but clearly disturbed about something.  Josh is concerned that Hannah was in no shape to go anywhere.  Zach assures Josh that Hannah is fine and left Pine Valley on her own.  Zach and Josh are drinking and Zach downs his drink and raises his glass automatically for Josh to refill it.  Josh is frustrated playing bartender, and wants to know what happened between Zach and Hannah.  The question on Josh’s mind is what Hannah really wanted.  Josh tells Zach that he and Hannah were close, but Zach insists that what they had was an office distraction.  Zach assures Josh that Hannah was not interested in him, nor interested in destroying Cambias.  Zach remembered Hannah words, “…two lives destroyed.  You owe me this child.”  Josh leaves, frustrated, knowing that something happened between Zach and Hannah, but Zach is not talking.   


Kendall is talking to Annie at ConFusion reassuring her and asking about her well-being.  Annie lets Kendall know that she trusts her husband to do the right thing.  Annie tells Kendall that she is a newlywed, but she fees like the other women.  Annie asks Kendall what she did when she was the other woman in the Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee triangle.  Kendall states that she fought back and Annie vows to do the same.  Annie tells Kendall that if Greenlee is a smart woman she will see Ryan is over their relationship. Annie is certain that Ryan will come home to her.  Annie returns home to wait for Ryan. 

Ryan and Greenlee are on the Fusion rooftop.  Ryan followed her to the roof saying he was the only one who could talk to her and quiet her down.  Greenlee professes her love, but Ryan insists that he is now in love with Annie.  He gently urges Greenlee to move on and leave the past behind.  She throws away her pin and the ring that Ryan gave her. 

Greenlee insists that she and Ryan belong together but Ryan continues to urge her to move away from the past and to get her life together.  Greenlee begins to cry and just when Ryan feels sorry for her and reach out to hold her she plants a kiss on him.  He kisses her back out of pity and concern.  Greenlee knows that he married Annie on the island.  Ryan leaves Greenlee with a distraught look on her face, and after insisting that they are over.  Greenlee proclaims out loud that she and Ryan are not over and they will be married again. 

Ava and Jonathan are in the boathouse.  Jonathan is looking at Ava lustfully wishing she were Lily.  Ava knows his thoughts.  Jonathan wants to talk to Ava about Lily, not argue.   

Colby and Sean are in her room teasing and playing.  Colby wants to play a game where the rules require them to take off an article of clothing if they are caught in a lie.  Clothing starts to peel off as the game gets into high gear.  Colby’s question to Sean is, “Has Ava ever seen you naked?”  Sean lies and responds that Ava saw him in the shower only.  Colby is pleased with the response.  They go to the roof to look at the stars and to discuss Astronomy. 

Ryan returns to Annie and she exhales while leaning her back into his chest.  Kendall is calling Zach and is leaving a message telling him that she has been trying to reach him all day and wants to know what his late night business is.  Zach responds that he is right there as he walks up behind her.  She tries to fill him in on the day’s events, but he pulls her into his arms and kisses her passionately.  Zach tells Kendall that his late night business was Hannah, but does not offer details.  Sean and Colby kiss.  Ava and Jonathan kiss as well. 

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