AMC Update Thursday 5/24/07

All My Children Update Thursday 5/24/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

Zach walks into Hannah's room at the Yacht Club as she's getting out of the shower.  Zach keeps pushing and Hannah finally admits to breaking in to his home and stealing one of Spike's shirts.  She then asks for Zach's help.  She wants him to give her back what she’s lost-- a child.  Hannah promises Zach he'll never have to see her again if he makes another baby with her. Later, Zach stands alone in the empty room, staring at the unmade bed then walks to the balcony and looks out thoughtfully.

The cameras are following Erica as she arrives at ConFusion.  Jack walks up, gives Erica a kiss and wishes her a happy anniversary.  Pam tells them someone is donating a million dollars to the Miranda Center once their divorce is final.

Greenlee makes a scene in front of everyone at ConFusion.  Gathered around witnessing the spectacle are Ryan, Annie, Kendall, Di, Josh, and Babe.  Babe walks off and talks to Amanda about Greenlee taking back her Fusion shares.  Greenlee starts bringing up everyone's past mistakes to show that her friends are hypocrites by forgiving everyone else but her.  Jack and Erica walk into ConFusion and catch some of Greenlee's public rant.  Di and Ava discuss Greenlee then the conversation switches to Ava pretending to be Lily.  Jonathan overhears Ava telling Di that she wants people to like her and consider her special.  After she walks away, Aidan gives Di an earful for covering for Ava when she pretended to be Lily at the wedding.  As they leave the bar, Aidan and Di look glumly at each other, wondering whatever happened to their fun relationship.

After having enough, Kendall drags Greenlee outside for a private conversation.  The two have it out as Kendall accuses Greenlee of trying to make everyone as miserable as she is.  Greenlee then storms back into ConFusion.  Ryan follows her after getting an okay from Annie and Jack.  Greenlee goes up on the roof and, out of anger, throws her green butterfly pin off the building.  Ryan finds her and they come face-to-face. 

Tad and Krystal are at the Roadside Bar having a good time and vow to let go of the past.  They are soon joined by Opal, Jamie, and Joe who assure Krystal that the Martin family is there to support her and baby Jenny.  The bartender makes a big scene and quits because he hasn’t been paid in months.  Babe arrives and teams up with Krystal to serve the customers and themselves.  After everyone leaves, they close up the bar.  Krystal looks thoughtfully at the neon sign in the window. 

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