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Greenlee processes Zach’s revelation that he is responsible for the destruction of her fertilized eggs.  Kendall tries to shift the blame to herself for ultimately deciding to act as Greenlee’s surrogate with her own eggs.  Greenlee vents her frustrations by slapping Zach across the face.  Zach maintains composure and explains the reasoning behind his actions.  He cites Ryan’s then-disappearance and unwillingness to be a father as his primary concerns.  Greenlee resents that such significant life decisions were made for her and storms off.  On her way out of Fusion, she bumps into Rachel with Spike.  Greenlee smiles, as she immediately recognizes him.

Without success, Hannah tries to deflect Josh by shifting the focus onto him for using her.  Josh demands an explanation for her uninvited presence in the Slater home and wrenches Spike’s clothing from her pocket.

Krystal barges in, as Colby is still attempting to get Adam out of her bedroom.  Adam and Krystal begin arguing over Adam’s lawsuit to recover Krystal’s stock in Chandler Enterprises.  Krystal catches onto Colby’s signal to take the argument elsewhere.  Colby and Sean breathe a sigh of relief after Adam walks out with Krystal.  Colby then snatches up Sean’s cell phone and becomes confounded by the text message.  Sean squirms as Colby reads aloud, “I want ‘ur’ naked body.”

Greenlee ignores Rachel’s questions about Kendall’s whereabouts, as she wistfully stares at Spike.  Kendall and Zach notice them and approach gingerly.  Greenlee looks up at Kendall’s remorseful face.

Josh continues to demand answers from Hannah.  Josh is stunned, when Hannah hysterically grabs for Spike’s clothing and shouts, “Zach has his baby, where is mine?”  Josh looks at Hannah with sad eyes, as she sobs over Ethan’s untimely death and her failed efforts to “connect with him” somehow.  Unbeknownst to Josh, Hannah pockets Spike’s clothing on their way out. 

Krystal begins her confrontation by challenging Adam’s fraud claim.  She quickly tires of Adam’s threats and, much to his surprise, willingly offers to forfeit the stock.

Greenlee smiles at Spike adoringly, as Kendall cradles him in her arms.  Greenlee then hands Spike’s toys to a visibly uncomfortable Kendall.  As Kendall heads for the elevator, Greenlee muses aloud that Spike was supposed to be “hers” and directs blame at Zach.  Babe rushes to his defense, and Greenlee summarily shuts her down.  Di questions Greenlee’s baseless cruelty towards Babe.  To avoid further involving Babe and Di, Zach pulls Greenlee aside.  Greenlee’s lips purse, as Zach shames her for “spitting in Kendall’s face,” especially, in light of the ultimate sacrifice she made for her.  Greenlee must look away, when Zach reminds her of Kendall’s unconditional love for her.  Meanwhile, Kendall instructs Rachel never to bring Spike to Fusion.  Once Greenlee collects herself, she manages to discredit Kendall’s “love” for her on the basis that her loyalty lies with Zach.

Adam doubts Krystal’s sincerity and “round two” commences.  In response, Krystal puts Adam on notice she intends to seek half of his assets.  As she turns to leave, she expresses regret for “falling for Adam.”  From her hallway position, Krystal pauses to listen in on Adam gasping for air and choking.  Krystal appears very concerned for him.

After Sean offers a feeble excuse that the text message was a “prank from the guys,” Colby coyly gets him to admit that Ava sent it.  Colby cannot understand why Ava would send this message to Sean.  Sean attributes it to “shock value,” and Colby does not buy that either.  As Colby prods further, Sean sincerely insists that his interests lie with her not Ava.

After returning to Hannah’s hotel room, Hannah appreciates Josh’s genuine efforts to comfort and support her.  Before leaving, Josh asks if he can do anything else for her.

In an effort to clear the air, Zach informs Greenlee that Kendall was unaware of his “black-out” scheme, until after Greenlee left.  Babe overhears Greenlee trash Kendall for “keeping” Spike and questions the soundness of her reasoning.  Greenlee then feigns the “forgiving victim” role and cannot understand why everyone is now treating her like a “pariah.”  Zach laughs, as he exposes her true reason for returning: “to settle a score.”  Kendall returns, as Greenlee tries to discredit Zach’s accusation and declines his offer to buy out her shares of Fusion.  Now outnumbered, Greenlee tries to extend the olive branch by inviting all of them to “celebrate” their collaborative efforts together.  Di, Babe, and Kendall come up with convenient excuses, and Greenlee leaves alone. 

Josh demonstrates clear concern for Hannah, as he thoughtfully gets her to lie down and rest before he leaves. 

Greenlee struts up to the bar at ConFusion.  Del remembers her and warmly reintroduces himself.  As Del relays the successes of the club, Greenlee is again forced to recognize that “life went on without her.”

Krystal rushes in and forces Adam to take his medication.  After Adam blames her for his “spell,” Krystal chastises him for not valuing Colby’s efforts to care for him.  Krystal calls EMS and identifies herself as, “the soon to be ex-Mrs. Chandler,” Krystal then leaves Adam to fend for himself. 

Sean manages to flatter Colby with, “he gets her” unlike Ava.  Colby then has to convince a reluctant Sean to remain “hidden” in her room.  Colby flirtatiously raises her eyebrows and smiles, when he asks how they will occupy their time in the room.  After Colby beats him on their video game match, Sean playfully wrestles with her on the bed.  When Sean appears about to kiss her, Krystal interrupts and admonishes him.

Di offers words of support to Babe, and Kendall assures her she still has a job at Fusion.  Josh walks in and pulls Zach aside from the women.  Without revealing anything else, Josh warns Zach to check on Hannah.  After kissing Kendall, Zach leaves for Hannah’s hotel room.  Josh remains behind and listens to them prattle on about Greenlee.  Kendall takes Josh by the arm, and the four go to ConFusion.  Meanwhile, Greenlee sips her drink and spills her whole history with Kendall to Del.  Greenlee then flashes to her painful confrontation with Ryan and Kendall concerning the pregnancy.  With that, the other four arrive at the bar and, with a syrupy smile, Greenlee sarcastically toasts, “To people I can always count on.” 

Krystal takes Colby into the hallway and tells her about Adam.  She then returns downstairs to listen in on Adam’s compromised breathing.  Apparently sensing her presence, Adam turns, as Krystal disappears from his view.

Zach walks in Hannah’s room, as she emerges from the bathroom clothed in her robe.

Leaning on Josh’s shoulder, Greenlee climbs on a chair to capture the attention of the entire club.  Kendall tries to preempt the scene.  Greenlee begins to make self-deprecating toasts.  To avoid a bigger spectacle, Josh offers to take her home.  As Greenlee toasts Ryan, as “the man who promised to love me forever,” Ryan walks in with Annie.  Greenlee looks as though she wants to curl up and die.

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