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Both Ryan and Greenlee appear emotionally drained after finalizing their divorce.  Greenlee pulls away, as Ryan reaches out to comfort her.  Annie walks in and politely apologizes for intruding on their conversation.  Greenlee is deferential to Annie since she is now Ryan’s wife.  Greenlee gathers her belongings telling them that she has opted to take a commercial flight from the Caribbean to Pine Valley.  Before leaving the hotel, Greenlee wishes Ryan and Annie “well” through held back tears.  Afterwards, Annie perceives Ryan is profoundly affected by the whole situation.  As Ryan explains his emotional state, Annie has a look of uncertainty.  She smiles with relief, when Ryan wants to “marry” Annie before returning home.  They then share a warm kiss.

Inspired by Colby’s interest in his health, Adam thoughtfully brings a low cholesterol breakfast for two to her room.  Colby is agitated, since her “new roommate” Sean, is hiding under her bed.  As she desperately tries to get Adam to leave, she manages to notice evidence of Sean, lying conspicuously on her floor.  Before Adam sees it, she tosses it towards Sean. 

Invigorated by her pregnancy, Kendall joins Babe and Di at Fusion.  Kendall is awed and ecstatic, when she learns Babe pulled off a major business coup in acquiring Zoe’s record label.  Kendall gets even more pumped, as she realizes Fusion can use all music under that label for their advertisements.

At Cambias, Josh catches Zach in the midst of hacking into Hannah’s files.  In addition to the fact that the computers are Cambias property, Zach justifies his actions on the basis he has grown inpatient with Josh’s attempt to elicit information from Hannah. 

With the stolen key, Hannah enters Zach and Kendall’s empty condo. 

As Ryan and Annie exchange vows, Greenlee sentimentally stares out of the plane window and her “ring” from Ryan.

Jamie, Julia, Kathy, and Emma prepare a welcome home party for Annie and Ryan.  Rachel takes Spike and the girls outside to gather flowers from the Wildwind grounds.  Even though he is worried Greenlee could cause more problems, Jonathan joins in on preparing for the festivities.

Meanwhile, as Greenlee continues to gaze through the window, she flashes back to Ryan giving her the “dynamite kiddo decoder ring.”  She flashes again to their recent talk on the beach, when Ryan admitted how painful it was for him to sign the divorce papers. 

Much to Colby’s frustration, Adam decides to eat his breakfast in her room.  To make matters worse, he then plops down on her mattress, thereby forcing the weight of it onto Sean’s head.  The atmosphere gets more awkward, when Sean tries to reach for his belongings without Adam noticing, and Adam mocks both Sean and Barbara to Colby.

Hannah begins her initial perusal of the Slater home.  She wistfully sniffs Spike’s baby clothes.

Josh and Zach try to figure out the catalyst for Hannah’s premature resignation.  They begin analyzing her stated purpose for returning to Pine Valley, “to connect with Ethan.”  Their conversation leads them to suspect Hannah may have committed some type of “corporate espionage.”

Greenlee shows up at Fusion and eavesdrops on Kendall, Babe, and Di working on the ad campaign.  As Kendall gleefully shows the other two a picture of the baby’s sonogram, Greenlee decides to make her appearance known.  She then smugly responds to Di’s inquiry about “the trip.”  To the chagrin of the three women, especially Babe, Greenlee territorially lays claim to “her desk” and announces the fact she is majority shareholder in Fusion. 

Ryan and Annie are surprised by the “welcome home” festivities.  Ryan grabs hold of Spike, and Annie gives presents to Kathy and Emma.  Annie informs Julia they were “married” this morning.  Ryan and Annie smile, as their observant daughter notes, “you’re already married.” 

Once Kendall collects herself, she doubts the accuracy of Greenlee’s statement based on the fact Simone’s shares do not amount to controlling interest.  As Babe and Di begin begging Greenlee to reconsider, Kendall realizes something is amiss with Babe’s stock.  As Babe tears, Greenlee begins rattling off the “rescission” clause (which deals with reduced profits) in her agreement pertaining to Babe’s shares.  Greenlee then authoritatively announces Babe’s resignation.  In response, Babe calls her a “bitch.”  When Kendall tries to step in on Babe’s behalf, Greenlee triumphantly reduces a wounded Kendall to a mere “employee.”

Zach and Josh continue in their endeavors to figure out Hannah’s motives.  As Josh begins going through Hannah’s files, Zach receives a call from Kendall about the “Fusion situation” and leaves to help her.

Hannah smiles, as she holds Spike’s clothing.

Sean becomes more and more frustrated, while Adam remains seated on the bed.  Trying to find any excuse, Colby suggests her father take her shopping for her prom dress.  Adam takes this opportunity to remind Colby about Sean’s ulterior motives concerning her.  Colby becomes more flustered, and Sean appears troubled by Adam’s comments. 

Greenlee starts delegating orders to the graphics department and Di, while Kendall and Babe converse about the situation in the background.  Zach grins, as he walks in on the scene.  Zach steals Greenlee’s thunder in the presence of Kendall, Babe, and Di, after she declines his offer to have a private conversation.  Babe smiles widely, as Zach announces his shares in Fusion, held by Cambias, are now assigned to Kendall.  Greenlee is now forced to confer privately with her new “equal partner,” Kendall. 

While Annie is upstairs packing up her and Emma’s things, Jonathan expresses his concerns about Greenlee to Ryan.  After Ryan assures Jonathan he made things clear to Greenlee, Ryan asks Jonathan about the delivery of Greenlee’s ring.  Ryan accepts Jonathan’s deep apology and explanation.  Ryan remains confident Greenlee cannot affect his marriage to Annie.  Jonathan has a very worried look in his eyes, as Ryan runs upstairs to help her.

Kendall and Greenlee’s discussion is not so private, since Zach, Babe, and Di can hear the shouting.  Kendall blasts Greenlee for the pain she inflicted on her and Ryan.  Greenlee accuses Kendall of taking “her baby” with Ryan from her and ruining her marriage.  As Kendall begins crying, Zach rushes to her side and takes the blame. 

Adam denies Colby’s accusation that he hates Sean and chalks up his assessment to understanding a teenage boy.  Sean laughs, as Colby makes a crack to prevent Adam from commenting further.  As Colby defends Sean and terms him respectful, Sean’s phone bleeps with a text message from Ava stating, “I want ‘ur’ naked body.”  Sean becomes rattled, when Adam hears the noise.

Hannah is startled to find a smirking Josh, as she walks back into the den caressing Spike’s clothes.

On their way out, Jamie follows Ryan and Annie with a bottle of champagne.  When Ryan goes back inside to retrieve his forgotten jacket, he notices “the ring” on the floor beside it.  Ryan is confounded by this discovery.

Greenlee cross-examines Zach about his statement.  Realizing Zach is about to admit to a bombshell, Kendall tries to interject.  Zach persists in order to protect Kendall and admits he intentionally caused the blackout that destroyed Greenlee’s stored fertilized eggs.

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