AMC Update Monday 5/21/07

All My Children Update Monday 5/21/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

Erica and Jack catch Ava and Sean on the couch, undressing and kissing.  The whole thing is being captured on camera by a crew for Erica’s reality show.  Lily walks in and asks if a movie is being made.  Erica makes the camera crew leave.  Then Sean announces he's going to move in with his mother for a few days.  After he leaves, Jack expresses anger towards Erica for keeping Sean and Ava's sexual relationship from him.  Jack has Lily and Ava go upstairs so he can talk to Erica alone.  Erica defends her decision to keep the secret, saying it wasn't her place to tell since they're divorced.  They don't realize that their mikes are still on and their argument is being taped from outside by the TV crew.  Erica blames Jack for letting Ava move in.  Jack surprisingly admits to Erica that she is right.  He starts talking about how raising the kids without her isn't the same.  After feeling sympathy for Jack, Erica apologizes for being so hard on him.  Erica leaves to avoid sharing a moment with Jack.  The next morning, Lily plans a shopping date with Ava.  After Lily leaves, Jack tells Ava to stay away from Sean.  He also wants her to get an HIV test.  She threatens to tell Lily, but Jack challenges her to do it.

Annie calls Di while on her honeymoon to check up on Emma.  Di asks what was going on with Ryan.  When Annie replies that he is on the beach with Greenlee, Di tells her to make it clear that she is Ryan's wife now.  Annie doesn't want a confrontation or to look jealous.  She then mentions that Greenlee saved her life on the plane during an asthma attack.  After the end of their conversation, Jonathan blasts Di for knowing that Ava was pretending to be Lily at the wedding.  Di says she knew what it was like to be the outcast but that doesn't make a difference to Jonathan.  She tells him that she realized when she was impersonating Dixie that she had the capability to be a good person like Dixie.  She says that he needs to raise his expectations of Ava and that she might just rise to the occasion and become a better person.  He compares Ava’s personality to Lily’s and Di tells him to get over Lily and move on. 

On the beach, Greenlee asks Ryan to give their love another chance.  Ryan says he's moved on.  He apologizes for leaving her in the past, and claims he didn't want to hurt her but their relationship is over.  Ryan returns to Annie and tells her it's over with Greenlee.  Annie gives him a kiss and they both get into bed.  Greenlee is sitting alone by the ocean, crying.  She meets with Ryan and an attorney in the morning to finalize the divorce.

Colby catches Adam drinking and is upset since it's against doctor's orders.  She tells him that he's the only father she has and doesn't want to lose him.  He then promises to reform.  Colby tells Adam she loves him and goes to bed.  Adam pours his alcohol back into the bottle.  At that moment, Sean stops by and Adam tells him to stay away from Colby.  Sean sneaks up to Colby's room through her window.  He asks if it's okay to stay there for the night.  She says yes.  In the morning, Colby stares at Sean, who is asleep on the floor.  Adam then knocks on Colby's door with breakfast for her.

Erica is with her producer, looking over the footage of her fight with Jack.  She notices that Jack picked up their wedding photo after she left his house.

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