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All My Children Update Friday 5/18/07


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"New Beginnings" director, Pam, and a film crew are following Erica around at the Yacht Club in order to get footage for the “New Divorce” segment.  When Barbara and Jackson walk in for dinner, Erica gets jealous upon seeing them together.  Del walks over to Erica to talk about his new book and the possibility of getting on the show.  Erica whispers in Del’s ear to play along with her and acts as if they had a dinner date.  Tad is at the Yacht Club observing the charade.  After Barbara starts to throw taunts at Erica, Jack asks Erica if he and Barbara can join her at her table.  Barbara initially objects but later resigns herself to the inevitable.  Tad convinces Del away from the table then kisses Erica on the lips and pretends they had a planned date.  Tad acknowledges Barbara as well, since he knows her from the old days.  Barbara and Erica continue to snipe at each other, and Barbara throws a roll across the table at Erica.  As both women continue arguing, Tad intentionally spills wine on Barbara.  Barbara leaves, and Jackson is left without a ride.  Erica finally decides to take Jackson home after Tad refuses to.  As Jackson is leaving, he slaps Tad on the shoulder playfully but hard, for interfering with their conversation. 

Ava and Jonathan argue over Lily.  Jonathan shows his dislike for Ava but she taunts him about being in love with Lily, but not being able to touch Lily or show her physical love.  They embrace and kiss.  At first, Jonathan gives in, but later regrets his actions.  He warns Ava not to bother him again.  He states that Ava wants everything that Lily has.  Jonathan wants Ava gone. 

Kendall tells Zach her fear of Greenlee.  She also expresses her sorrow for Greenlee.  She would rather that Greenlee left Pine Valley.  Zach is concerned about Kendall and offers to rid Pine Valley of Greenlee.  Kendall rejects the offer and says she will get rid of Greenlee herself.  Kendall does not understand why she is no longer a bitch that deals with things as she used to.  She thinks she is weak because she has Spike and a baby on the way.  Zach explained that she has become a sloppy mom, and she is no longer a bitch on wheels.  Kendall wants Greenlee gone. 

Because Greenlee found Annie’s inhaler, Annie feels for her.  Annie advises Ryan to find Greenlee and put closure to their relationship but urges him to return to her.  Ryan and Greenlee recap what happened to them after Greenlee left town.  Ryan wants to understand Greenlee’s actions.  He thinks she is out for revenge.  Greenlee explains that she is still in love with him and is trying to get Ryan back.  Greenlee states that Simone is the reason she came back.  She heard Simone’s voice in her head saying, “get your ass back to Pine Valley.”  She decided to return.  Ryan wants to know if Greenlee is through punishing him.  Greenlee blames him for punishing her.  They both act as if they are innocent victims.  Annie worries that Ryan has not returned.  He and Greenlee are having a long overdue conversation. 

Hannah comes over to the condo to see Zach.  She wants to resign from Cambias so she can leave Pine Valley.  She has decided that Cambias cannot give her what she wants.  She wants closure over Ethan.  Zach informs her that he has a pending deal for Chandler Enterprises and wants her in on it.  Kendall tries to convince her to stick around.  She asks Hannah what it takes to make her happy-- benefits, a bonus, the boss, what.  Zach looks at Kendall funny when she asked if Hannah wanted the boss.  Kendall advises Hannah to have another child to forget Ethan.  Kendall comes into the room with Spike.  Hannah looks on jealously.  While Zach and Kendall are interacting with Spike, Hannah steals their keys off the coffee table.  She tells them that she will think about their suggestions, and will let them know of her final decision.  She spies on the Slaters through their window.  Zach wants man time with Spike and playfully orders Kendall to leave them alone.

Sean breaks up with Ava, but she has the power of persuasion on her side.  Erica and Jackson enter their home with the TV camera trailing.  As they enter the door, Ava and Sean are making out on the sofa.  Erica blocks the camera and orders it turned off. 

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