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All My Children Update Thursday 5/17/07


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At Chandler Enterprises, J.R. fires an executive for working with Adam.  After he's kicked out, J.R. threatens to fire the other execs if they also betray him.  J.R. invites Adam inside, who was listening to the meeting.  Adam tells the board members that the company is failing under J.R.'s leadership.  J.R. informs the board members that Adam has been sabotaging the company, using the executive he just fired.  After the meeting, J.R. rubs it in Adam's face that he has his company.  An assistant comes in with a box of things for Adam.  Adam pulls an old drawing from the box that J.R. made when he was young and throws it against the table.  He then swears to take his company back from J.R.  J.R. picks up the picture and throws it away.  In the hall, Adam calls Zach and asks if he'll help him take down J.R.  Zach answers yes.

At the yacht club, Aidan threatens to have Ava arrested for getting on Adam's yacht.  Ava argues with him because he's always on her case about something.  Sean, who was listening to the conversation, leaves after getting a call from Colby.  After they're alone, Ava accuses Aidan of trying to get her in trouble.  Aidan tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her and even regrets being the reason she's in Lily's life.  He then walks away.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby's room is full of dresses since she's trying to find a dress for the prom.  When Sean arrives, she takes her anger out on him because she doesn't like any of the dresses.  Sean tries assuring her it won't matter what she wears.  He attempts to give her a kiss, but pulls away remembering what happened at her “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party.  Colby goes into the other room and tries on different dresses for Sean.  After she has finished, Colby returns wearing jeans and a tank top.  Sean told her she should wear that.

At Wildwind, Jonathan and Di get into an argument about Ava.  Di accidentally tells him about Ava switching places with Lily at the wedding.  Jonathan is angered by what Ava did.  Di tries defending Ava's actions, saying she did it to get people to like her.  She also says that Ava and Lily are much more alike than he believes.  After Jonathan leaves, Aidan stops by and apologizes to Di for ruining their lunch date.  They kiss and go upstairs.  Aidan goes back downstairs to get some wine and glances at the picture of Lily/Ava on Jonathan's computer.

Ava accidentally scares Lily by slamming the door.  After she apologizes, Ava tells Lily about Aidan interfering in her life.  Lily gives her hat to Ava and says she'll feel better by dressing up like her again.  Ava takes the hat, making herself look like Lily again.  Lily leaves for work.  Jonathan comes over and doesn't realize he's talking to Ava since she's wearing Lily's hat.  Ava decides to keep up the charade and invites Jonathan in.  Jonathan senses something is wrong since Lily is using new phrases.  She becomes angry when Jonathan tells her to stay away from Ava and accidentally grabs his arm.  Ava tries to cover, but Jonathan realizes the truth and pulls off Ava's hat.

Kendall is taking out the trash.  Zach comes home and sees the bag is filled with old clothes, pictures, and a mug.  Zach asks why Kendall is throwing away some of her favorite things.  She says it's because they reminds her of Greenlee.  Kendall thought about the good times with Greenlee and how much she loved her.  Kendall starts blaming herself for ruining Greenlee's life.  Zach then reminds her of the risk she took trying to help Greenlee.  Kendall admits that she was glad Greenlee left town, otherwise she wouldn't have Spike, but Kendall is afraid for her family since Greenlee is back.

Annie, Ryan, and Greenlee head to the Bahamas on a plane.  Greenlee starts to fantasize about Ryan admitting his love for her, and saying he could never replace her.  Annie began to have an asthma attack after the plane hit some turbulence.  Ryan asks the pilot to land since they can’t find Annie's inhaler but they are over water and wouldn’t be able to land for at least an hour.  Greenlee takes Annie's purse and tries looking the inhaler.  After discovering the inhaler in a hole in the purse, Greenlee quickly gives it to Annie.  Annie and Ryan thank Greenlee.  In private, Annie tells Ryan she can now see how he could fall in love with someone like Greenlee.

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