AMC Update Wednesday 5/16/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/16/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
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At her condo, Tad surprises Krystal with a silver "Circles of Love" cubic zirconia 18-in. pendant (available to the public at Sears).

From the Yacht Club deck, Ava reveals to Sean one of her life’s aspirations is to own a yacht.  Sean opts for more privacy, when Ava starts kissing him in public.  Unbeknownst to the two, Aidan observes Ava’s public display of affection.

Zach stands by Lily’s work desk, as she efficiently hands him his messages.  Zach requests Lily to pull all files on Chandler Enterprises and the corporate acquisition Hannah usurped from J.R.  Zach is awestruck, when Lily is able to rattle off the data requested from memory.

After their morning tryst in her hotel room, Josh and Hannah dine on the pool deck.  Josh smoothly tries to elicit background information from Hannah.  Although she enjoys being intimate with him, Hannah does not fall for his “spy” tactics.

After interviewing Erica and Jack, the show host, Larry Longen, coins the term “divorce watch” based on Jack’s comment that their divorce has not been finalized.  Larry relishes the expectation of a major ratings boost from creating this witty slogan.  Once he leaves Erica’s office, Erica blasts Jack for making another unwanted public statement.  Jack condescendingly reminds Erica, “It takes two to get a divorce.”

To avoid having Babe, Kendall, and Annie as an audience, Greenlee smugly complies with Ryan’s request to resolve their situation on the Fusion rooftop.  Ryan lags behind Greenlee, so that he can reassure Annie with a kiss.  Kendall cautions him to be wary of Greenlee.  Ryan then realizes Kendall was trying to warn him about her return before the wedding and apologizes for “blowing her off.”  Ryan’s eyes open wide with gratitude, when Kendall informs him she locked Greenlee in the playhouse at Wildwind on their wedding day.  Annie cannot believe her ears, when she overhears Kendall.  Annie and Ryan try to psyche each other up, before he heads upstairs for his inevitable show down with Greenlee.  Before leaving, Di gives Babe a last minute vote of confidence not to concern herself about her Fusion shares previously given to her by Greenlee.  Annie marvels at Kendall’s actions to protect her and Ryan from Greenlee and becomes eager to get the “scoop” on Greenlee from Kendall.  Babe hugs Kendall and commends her actions as well.  From first-hand experience, Kendall admonishes Annie that Greenlee is famous for insidiously putting the proverbial “knife in your back.”

Greenlee tries to engage Ryan in a reminiscent conversation without success.  Realizing Erin was murdered there, Greenlee deftly shifts the subject to Ryan’s horrific loss.  Despite his pain, Ryan remains focused on the task before him and advises Greenlee, “We have all moved on.”

Josh tries to make light of Hannah’s comment.  Hannah appears preoccupied and abruptly rushes off giving Josh the day off.  Josh bumps into Colby and dismisses her, as he heads after Hannah.  Colby notices Sean and Ava.  Not suspecting that there is anything between them, she approaches their table.  Sean appears squirmy, and Ava excuses herself to talk to Aidan.  Sean manages to remain Colby’s sounding board, as she reflects about the challenges she has recently faced.  Meanwhile, Aidan is clearly onto her, when Ava attempts to maintain her charade about “Lily” attending the wedding. 

Jack again teases Erica, as she accuses him of making a fool of her.  Pam interrupts them with the latest overwhelming response to their divorce show.  Erica smiles opportunistically, when Pam suggests airing daily “countdown to divorce” segments.  Jack, on the other hand, wants no part of it. 

Krystal is touched by Tad’s peace offering, a necklace made up of three diamond circles symbolizing a new beginning for Krystal, Tad, and Jenny.  Krystal tears, as Tad fastens the necklace and kisses her hand..  He then lovingly looks down at Jenny in the crib.  Stuart comes by to visit Jenny and cradles her in his arms.  Stuart notices Krystal’s discomfort and realizes he reminds her of Adam. 

Hannah does not allow Zach to feign ignorance, when she confronts him about using Josh to gain information about her.  When she invites him just to ask her directly, he pointedly inquires why she is in Pine Valley.  Hannah advises her motive is to “gobble up” all corporations there, including Cambias.  Zach reminds her that her initial stated purpose was Ethan.

Annie again notes Kendall’s unselfish actions towards Greenlee and becomes nonchalant about the situation.  In turn, Kendall continues with her dramatic warnings about Greenlee being a threat to Ryan’s happiness.  Kendall gets flustered, when Babe and Annie laugh and point out the irony in her comments.  Kendall explains she made the same comments about Annie initially, out of concern for Spike.  Annie understands and is glad to have the “mommy stamp of approval” now. 

Ryan again impresses upon Greenlee that “things have changed.”  Greenlee then attempts to appear sincerely remorseful for ruining Ryan’s wedding. 

Jack refuses to make a public spectacle of private matters, and Erica manipulatively threatens to do the show herself and to speak on his behalf.

Sean tries to cheer Colby up by asking her to be his prom date.

Di shows up at the Yacht Club and interrupts Aidan’s interrogation of Ava.  After Ava takes this opportunity to exit, Aidan prattles on about the inevitable trouble Ava will cause.  Di becomes miffed she left work only to hear Aidan’s diatribe.

To avoid hurting Stuart, Krystal assures him she holds him in high regard.  Stuart shares with Krystal that his continued love for his brother is “not a sin.”  Krystal disagrees, as it pertains to her, Tad, and Jenny.  Meanwhile outside, Joe and Jamie visit with Tad.  Jamie happily informs his father of his plans to return to medical school. 

Zach’s question invokes regret in Hannah for missing out on raising Ethan.  Hannah grasps at the hope the dead can come back and shed light on their existence, and Zach does not believe in that possibility.

Babe assures Kendall she will never sell her stock to Greenlee.  Kendall will not listen, as Babe expresses concerns that Greenlee could acquire it another way.  Annie advises Kendall that her arsenal is ready, in the event Greenlee attacks.

Since she can still “read” Ryan, Greenlee knows Ryan thinks that she is “playing” him.  Greenlee then asks him, “How can I fix this?”  Greenlee looks upset with Ryan’s diplomatic response, to board his jet to the Caribbean.  Greenlee realizes that equates to a “quickie” divorce. 

Kendall admires the way Annie gives off the impression of “being nice.”  Ryan sighs, as he makes his way from his conversation.  Annie shoots a triumphant look back at Greenlee, when he asks her to speak with him alone.  Kendall takes this opportunity to confront Greenlee about her intentions.  Kendall does not believe Greenlee, when she tells her that she will comply with Ryan’s request. 

Despite Jack’s protestations, Erica advises Pam to go full steam ahead with the “24/7” reality show production.  Jack laughs in disbelief and privately asks Erica for an explanation.  While she looks into a propped camera, Erica arrogantly advises that she is out to prove his “we are still in love” comment wrong. 

Ava returns to her table just in time to overhear Colby remark about her prom dress.  Ava attempts to “laugh it off” in front of Colby.  When Colby leaves to go shopping, Ava jealously mocks her.  Sean becomes defensive about Colby and leaves Ava alone at the table. 

Aidan tries to make things up to Di by offering to get a hotel room for a romantic afternoon, and Di summarily rejects him before leaving. 

Outside, Tad, Joe, and Jamie reminisce about Jamie’s childhood.  With adoration in his eyes, Tad talks about his plans for Jenny.  Inside Stuart and Krystal have a great time feeding her.

Zach and Hannah continue their conversation about Ethan.  Hannah struggles, as she shares her last moments of holding Ethan as an infant.  Hannah tries to somehow “get to know her son” through Zach’s experiences with him.  Zach explains Ethan’s bitterness and pain created a barrier between them.  Zach offers her solace in the fact Ethan died in the comfort of his true love, Simone’s, arms.

Jack concedes to Erica with conditions.  He advises, if she goes too far, he will “pull the plug” and publicly reveal his reasons.  When Pam asks about her ideas for the first segment, Erica coyly smiles and announces, “It is already done.”  Erica then hands an impressed Pam a tape of the conversations she just had with Jack.

Josh stops by and asks Tad, Joe, and Jamie, if they noticed Kendall return home across the way.  Tad invites a reticent Josh to come inside to meet his cousin, Jenny.  Josh’s eyes water, as he looks down at the baby.

Hannah finally admits her purpose for returning, “to feel” Ethan’s presence.  She then sadly walks away, as she acknowledges she cannot. 

Babe tries to convince Kendall to utilize “Fusion Green.”  Kendall again worries about Annie’s abilities to fend off Greenlee, and Babe believes Annie should not be underestimated. 

Greenlee suggests they have piña coladas, as Ryan enters the plane.  Greenlee loses her edge, when Annie walks in after him and announces that she prefers something with “a little more kick.”

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