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Zach jabs Adam about J.R. usurping Chandler Enterprises from him, when he unexpectedly shows up at the Cambias office.  Despite the comment, Adam maintains his air of arrogance.

In the “New Beginnings” office, Pam, Erica’s producer, revels in the “ratings coup” resulting from Erica’s show on divorce.  Erica marvels at the overwhelming mail response, but is annoyed by the fact many letters, including marriage proposals, are addressed to Jack.

At Wildwind, Annie and Ryan cuddle in bed and jokingly refer to each other as “un-husband” and “un-wife.”  After Ryan’s bigamy charges, Annie wonders what else is store for them.

At Fusion, Di brings Babe up to speed on Ryan and Annie’s post-nuptial drama.  Meanwhile, Kendall regretfully stares at Annie’s proofs developed for Greenlee’s “Fusion Green” ad campaign.  Babe walks over to her to check them out and loves the “green” concept.  Both Di and Babe are completely confounded, when Kendall announces her plans to drop the line.  As they try to persuade a resolved Kendall to reconsider, Greenlee happens to saunters in.  She does not receive a warm welcome from Kendall. 

Annie and Ryan continue snuggling.  Ryan makes light of their predicament.  Annie decides to go to work to take her mind off the Greenlee situation. 

With Babe and Di in the background, Greenlee and Kendall argue over their mutual betrayals of each other.  Believing that Greenlee no longer has stock in Fusion, Kendall attempts to throw her out.  Greenlee takes great pleasure in advising Kendall she acquired Simone’s shares from Ethan.

Erica is elated, when Pam tells her show host, “Larry Longen” now wants to tape a segment with her on his show today.  Her happiness deflates, after she realizes the topic is “divorce Erica-style.”  Erica starts complaining about Jack’s “we’re still in love” comment.  Erica perks up, as Pam convinces her Larry’s show is the perfect forum “to set the record straight.”

To deflect Zach’s previous remarks, Adam criticizes J.R. for losing a corporate acquisition to Cambias.  Adam then attempts to sell Zach on “his deal of a lifetime," to become his “silent partner” in Chandler Enterprises.  Zach summarily declines “the offer” with yet another jab at Adam.  Hannah enters and reverently greets Adam.  Adam compliments her on her business acumen.  After she leaves, Adam again tries to persuade Zach to take him up on his offer.

At the gym, J.R. watches Amanda take her frustrations about Adam out on a punching bag.  Unimpressed with her boxing skills, J.R. steps up to show her “how it is done.”  With one punch, J.R. rips the punching bag from the ceiling.  He explains.  “That’s how you take Adam Chandler down--with one massive assault.”  Amanda’s jaw drops.

In an effort to expedite his divorce, Ryan shows up at Jack’s house to track down Greenlee.

Meanwhile, Greenlee becomes smug, as Kendall questions the validity of her shares.  Kendall puts a halt on her, when Greenlee tries to take control and begins mocking Di.  Greenlee scoffs at Kendall, since she believes Babe will align herself with her to dilute Kendall’s voting power.  Much to her chagrin, Babe remains loyal to Kendall. 

As J.R. punches, the two talk about their respective reasons for “working the bag.”  When Amanda chides him about Adam, J.R. gets “macho” and brags he has rendered his father “powerless.”

Adam informs Zach he has the Chandler board member’s support, and Zach doubts the credibility of his claim.  Adam insists he has leverage on them and can force the company’s sale.  He plans to re-purchase his company with Zach bankrolling him.  During negotiations, Zach wants controlling interest.  Zach remains resistant.  Adam reminds him this opportunity is the perfect means to seek retribution against J.R. for almost killing Kendall. 

Opal pays Erica an expected visit.  As Opal prattles on about Erica’s loving relationship with Jack, Erica regards Jack’s comment as a form of “manipulation.”  Opal tries to knock some sense into Erica.

Ryan gets more anxious, when Jack does not know Greenlee’s whereabouts.  Jack assures Ryan the divorce should go smoothly.  Growing doubtful, Ryan enlists Jack’s help to resolve the situation amicably.

Greenlee’s attempt to undermine Babe’s loyalty to Kendall falls flat.  Di shuts Greenlee down when she reminds her the shares will be worthless anyway in the event Fusion does not bounce back.  Without knowing Annie did the work, Greenlee compliments the author of the follow-up on her “green” concept.  When Annie happens to walk in at that time, Babe, Di, and Kendall have the look of foreboding doom on their faces.  With grace, she introduces herself to Greenlee as Annie.  Greenlee introduces herself as, “Mrs. Ryan Lavery”.  Kendall then delights in informing Greenlee that she was just admiring Annie’s work, and Greenlee bristles.  Di pulls Annie aside to convince her to leave.  Annie decides to tough it out. 

Jack advises Ryan to cut Greenlee some slack and to talk over their issues calmly.  Ryan appears receptive to Jack’s advice.

Amanda and J.R. spar in the boxing ring.  Amanda accidentally punches J.R., as he ironically points out that she “gets taken advantage of too easily.”  Amanda mocks J.R. for placing too much emphasis on money, and J.R. criticizes her naiveté about love.

Without success, Adam continues his efforts to whittle away at Zach’s resolve.

Despite Erica’s protestations to the contrary, Opal again tires to get through to her about her feelings for Jack and how wrong it was to go "knee-knocking" with Jeff Martin.  Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door.  Erica welcomes Larry Longan and ushers Opal out, promising to call her. Suddenly, Jack appears in her office, wanting to be a part of the "new divorce" story.  Erica and Jack both appear as guests for the taping of Larry’s interview.  Jack undermines Erica’s efforts to “set the record straight,” when he announces their divorce has not been finalized.  The camera zooms in Erica, as the host asks her whether her divorce will ever take place.

Di, Babe, Kendall, and Annie try to come up with marketing strategies for the “green” products.  Greenlee rejects all ideas, especially Annie’s.  When Kendall goes with Annie’s suggestions, Greenlee grows more and more incensed. 

J.R. holds Amanda from behind, as he instructs her on how to perfect her punch.  When she turns around to face him, their eyes lock.  Amanda denies the sexual tension between the two and threatens him to back away from her.

Zach gives Adam the impression that he will consider his "offer.”  Zach smiles and has a gleam in his eye, after Adam leaves.

Pam watches Erica’s response to the million-dollar question on the television prompter.  As Erica claims she is resolved to divorce, Jack interrupts with how much he loves her.  As the host concludes the interview, he leaves the finality of their divorce up for speculation.  Erica glares at Jack.

Di and Babe talk amongst themselves.  Di encourages Babe to stick to her guns about voting her shares with Kendall.  Babe becomes nervous that Greenlee can take back the shares she gave to her.  Appearing sympathetic, Kendall offers to buy Greenlee out.  Greenlee declines.  Kendall’s eyes water, as Greenlee claims she misses their friendship.  Ryan blusters in and kisses Annie in front of Greenlee.  He then firmly advises Greenlee he wants to resolve their situation immediately.

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