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All My Children Update Monday 5/14/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Fran

At the police station, Amanda and Jonathan discuss their family problems.  Jonathan blames himself for ignoring the signs that Greenlee was back in town.  Amanda blames herself for not standing up to Adam. 

Jack is on the phone with the police station, saying he is on his way to get Ryan released.  After he was through, he asks Lily about the wedding.  Then Ava walks in dressed like Lily and Jack realizes she pretended to be Lily.  Ava says she did it because Lily didn't want to see Jonathan at the wedding but Jack thinks it was Ava's idea to do it.  Ava apologizes and says it won't happen again.  Jack leaves for the police station.  Ava tells Lily how nice people were treating her at the wedding.  Jonathan comes over to see Lily.  Ava interrupts them and Jonathan rudely tells her to leave.  Lily is not happy with the way Jonathan treats Ava, so she tells him to leave.  After he leaves, Lily tells Ava how hard it is to be her.  Ava thinks she could handle it and asks if she could pretend to be her again in the future.

At the police station, Ryan asks Greenlee why she is back in Pine Valley.  He tells her how angry he is that she ruined his wedding and had him arrested in front of his daughter.  Ryan asks when she'd have enough payback but Greenlee tells him it isn't payback and she doesn't hate him anymore.  Ryan tells her he moved on.  Jack walks in and tells Ryan the charges were dropped.  After Ryan leaves, Jack gives Greenlee a hug.  He then asks what she was trying to accomplish by having Ryan arrested.  She says she thought Ryan would see her and want her back.  Jack comforts her as she cries, and says no one stays frozen in time.

At Wildwind, Di and Julia try to make Annie feel better.  When Ryan returns, they leave.  Annie asks him if they are really married.  He answers not legally, but in every way that matters.  He explains to her that the charges won't stick because they'd have to prove he knew he was still married to Greenlee.  Ryan and Annie make love afterwards.  Then Ryan surprises her with their wedding cake.

At ConFusion, J.R. thinks about having a drink.  Jamie confronts him and apologizes for taking Little Adam from him.  J.R. forgives him.  When Amanda shows up for work, Del and Jamie suggest she go home and relax.  Amanda insists she i fine.  J.R. walks over and blames her for Jenny's disappearance.  Jonathan arrives and tells Amanda that Lily smiled at him at the wedding, but acted differently towards him later on.  Amanda suggests he back off and try harder to get over Lily. 

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