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All My Children Update Friday 5/11/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
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The Chandlers and the Martins are taking baby Jenny home, since Joe has informed Krystal that Jenny’s blood work looks OK.  Krystal still looks frighten.  Colby is there as well.  Tad yells at Joe that he does not want Adam anywhere near his child.

Adam is talking to his lawyer, Barry, who says there won't be any charges against Adam.  He tells Adam that all he has to worry about now is recovering from his heart attack.  Barry asks if someone will be helping him when he gets home, and Adam says he can take care of himself.  Joe comes in to give Adam his medical information and they bicker as Colby listens in.  Joe tells Adam that he is out of options.  He tells Adam that he has no family, no friends, and he will go home alone.  Adam tells him to go away, and Joe replies they are still waiting for lab results, and there is a back up so he will be there a while. 

Kendall tells Zach that she is upset because Greenlee got out of the playhouse and she wonders where Greenlee is.  Zach says she kept Greenlee from ruining the wedding.  He also says that Ryan and Annie are married, and Greenlee can't do anything now. 

Everyone leaves for the reception.  Ryan announces to his guests that he wants some time alone with Annie because he has a surprise for her.  Annie tells Ryan that she wants to do it, but the last time she did it, she ended up on her rear end soaking wet.  He asks her to do it for him and he lifts her up onto the back of a horse.  Ryan leads the horse around Wildwind’s grounds as Annie rides atop the horse sidesaddle.  Di and Julia are going on about how romantic they are and Aidan says he prefers a late night bungee jump.  Amanda speaks to Lily who is really Ava, disguised as Lily.  

Kendall, Spike, and Zach arrive at the reception.   Kendall mentioned to Zach that last year this time, she was carrying Spike when they wed.  Zach reminded her that Spike walked Kendall down the aisle at their wedding.  Kendall then says, “Greenlee must be forever holding her peace.”  Kendall jokes about Annie being with her stud.  Zach asks if she is referring to the horse. 

As Tad enters Adam's room, Barry tells him he is in private counsel with his client. Tad tells Adam that he was going to tell him to stay away from his family, but why waste his breath, because Adam is not worth it.  Babe, Tad, and J.R. are outraged that Adam isn't being charged for his wrongdoings.  J.R. says that that the SOB (Adam) can cover his tracks.  Tad asks his father to delay Adam's release as long as possible. 

J.R. wants to know what the hell is wrong with Colby and she says she is worried about her dad.  Colby says she is going to take her dad home since he has no one.  J.R. yells at her for caring about Adam and talks her out of it.  He tells Colby not to relent.  Colby does not relent, and leaves with Krystal, baby Jenny and Babe.

The hospital crew takes baby Jenny home.  Babe tells J.R. to take the rest of them back to the condo as she has something to do. 

Jamie and Julia are talking about the baby and the wedding and he tells Julia that he has decided to go back to medical school.  She thinks that is great and tells him that she will be his study buddy.

Ava is speaking to Jonathan (who thinks that she is Lily) and he's happy that she is there.  She says she was 42 minutes 6 seconds late.  Jonathan says something about Ava to Lily, and "Lily" defends her.  Ava/Lily tells him that she loves her sister, and doesn't like how everyone keeps attacking her.  Di and Aidan are talking about how Lily seems to be enjoying herself.

Ryan and Annie are doing the salsa as everyone cheers.  Annie asks everyone to join in.  Zach dances with Spike and Kendall.  Kendall turns around to Ryan, and tells him that he has no idea how big he owes her.  She was referring to the Greenlee situation, of course.  Ryan is in a side room joined by all the kids.  Di and Kendall are watching and marveling at how good his is with the kids.  Zach comes over to Di and asks to be excused as he whisks Kendall away.  He tells Di that he needs Kendall for something very important. 

Tad and Krystal discuss how Jenny is safely home.  Colby comes in and wants to give Jenny an infant massage saying that it is the latest craze.  Tad gives it a try and then Colby gives her a foot massage.  Krystal thanks Colby for being a great big sister and notices that Colby is upset.  Colby says she is worried about her dad.  Colby tells Krystal how she feels about Adam.  Krystal tells her to do what she has to do.

Adam can't get a car to pick him up.  Babe walks in and asks him how he is.  She tells him she knows that he still wants Krystal, because he asked for her when he was brought into the emergency room.  Adam denies it.

Amanda is talking to Jamie about wanting to get her mind off all the drama for a few hours.  Jamie suggests making fun of Del.  Jonathan wants to take Lily/Ava out for a walk.  Aidan and Jonathan want to make sure she is OK.  Di comes along and says it is loud in here and asks if she would like to go somewhere quieter.  Lily/Ava agrees.  When they are in another room, a waiter drops a platter and Lily doesn't react.  Di tells her to “start counting backwards from 100 right now or you are so busted." 

As they happy couple goes to cut the cake, a policeman shows up with a warrant for Ryan's arrest.  Ryan asks the officer what the hell is going on.  Ryan walks out with the cops when they tell him that he is being arrested on bigamy charges.  Ryan is confused because he just got married.  He takes the officers in another room to discuss the charges because Emma thinks the police are there for her.  Jonathan announces to the guest that the problem will be cleared up.  Ryan states that he signed divorce papers, and that there must be some clerical error.  Annie is upset and asks how the officers can do what they are doing while their daughter is in tears.  Ryan says there is some mistake and asks Annie if she trusts him.  Annie acknowledges that she does.  Jonathan and Ryan go with the police to clear up the matter.  Annie tells him she loves him. 

Zach takes Kendall to a bridge where it is private, beautiful, peaceful, and quiet.  She wants to know how he always knows where the secluded places are and what she needs and when she needs it.  He says it’s his job.  She tells him that he is damn good at it.  He then says that since she saved the day, she deserves a reward.  He then takes off his jacket, puts it on the ground, and starts undressing.  She says she is in, and they begin to make love.   

Babe tells Adam he lost because he is a loser and she berates him about what he did to her mama.  Adam says your and J.R. antics rank right up there.  Babe tells him to stay away from Mama and Jenny.  She says he has lost everything and that makes him a loser.  She tells him to stay away from Mama and then she walks out of the hospital room.

J.R. is talking to Dixie at her gravesite.  He tells her he is sorry for letting her down.  He says that is he had respected and honored her, things wouldn’t have gone as far as they did.  He asks her how he can make things right again and how he can become a son that she could be proud of.  He starts to cry. 

Krystal is concerned about Colby and tries to question her.  Colby insists that nothing is the matter and states that she a Carey woman now.  Krystal tells her to wait a minute and talks her into going to see Adam.  Colby leaves as Tad walks back into the room.  Krystal tells him, “It’s just you, me, and baby makes three.” 

Jamie, Julia, and Di are comforting Annie as she cries.  She asks where Emma is and Julia says she is with the other kids and says she told her that mommy would make it all better.  Annie wants someone to explain to her what this is all about.  As everyone stands around, Annie tries to figure out what is going on.  Ava steals the bouquet, then leaves.

Colby shows up at the hospital and tells Adam that she’s there to take him home and take care of him.  He wants to know if it’s a trick, she says no.  Adam is touched and they hug. 

Kendall and Zach return to the reception still getting dressed.  Di tells them that Ryan was arrested.  Kendall calls Greenlee a sneaky little bitch without mentioning her name. 

At the police station, the officer tells Ryan they have proof of his bigamy.  As Greenlee walks into the room, an officer asks if she is the lawyer.  Greenlee responds, “No, I am the wife.”  Ryan sees her, and looks stunned as he calls out her name.

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