AMC Update Thursday 5/10/07

All My Children Update Thursday 5/10/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Lily is getting ready for the wedding but she tells Ava she doesn't want to go because Jonathan will be there.  Ava offers to pretend to be Lily at the wedding.

As Ryan and Annie's wedding is about to start, Kendall senses that Greenlee will try to ruin it.  Greenlee pulls up in her car and runs to the ceremony.  She spots Kendall and runs after her.  Kendall catches her in a playhouse and traps her inside.  Greenlee talks about wanting to start over with Ryan.  Soon after, Kendall tells her that Ryan is Emma's biological father.  Greenlee tries to escape, but Kendall locks her in the playhouse.

After Ryan and Annie exchange vows, Kendall makes it back in time for them to be declared husband and wife.  Ava soon arrives, pretending to be Lily.  She smiles at Jonathan, which makes him happy.  Kendall panics when she realizes that Greenlee has escaped the playhouse.

Erica scolds Jack for saying on “New Beginnings” that they still love each other.  Jack and Erica's conversation gets heated when he mentions her infidelity with Jeff.  Erica is then interrupted by Pam and the press, who want to cover more of Jack and Erica's divorce.  Erica becomes upset when Jack agrees to do more appearances on “New Beginnings.”

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