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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

At the studio for “New Beginnings,” just as Erica doubts Jack will appear for the divorce segment show, he pops in.  Erica is disappointed, when Jack is not wearing his wedding ring.  Erica appears jealous, when her producer, Pam, refers to Jack as “Mr. Right.”  Jack then declines Erica’s suggestion to go over the “script” with Pam.  Erica reacts nervously to thought of Jack “ad-libbing.” 

In response to Julia, Amanda tells her Janet’s condition is improving, since she is taking her medication again.  Amanda then goes upstairs to her room to get ready for Annie and Ryan’s wedding.  Annie awakens to Kathy and Emma jumping on her bed.  She smiles, as Emma announces that “today is your wedding day.”

Meanwhile, over breakfast at the Yacht Club, Greenlee scowls, as she rips up her invitation to Ryan and discards it on the patio.  Hannah notices the torn invitation and asks Greenlee, if it belongs to her.  Greenlee decisively answers, “Not anymore.”

Jonathan greets Ryan, when he shows up at Wildwind with Spike to get ready for his big day.  Ryan notices Jonathan has his cell phone.  As Jonathan mentions he took it last night, he answers a desperate call from Kendall.  Jonathan does not give her an opportunity to explain.  Ryan is very curious about the identity of the caller.  Kendall hangs up the phone in her house in exasperation.  Zach overhears and wonders what is going on.  As Kendall gives him her dramatic rendition of Greenlee foiling Ryan’s Wedding, Zach believes Kendall will have more difficulty accepting Greenlee’s return than Ryan. 

Hannah takes it upon herself to plop down at Greenlee’s table.  After a vague introduction she asks, “Who is ripped-up Ryan?”  Without giving his last name, Greenlee provides Hannah with a complimentary description.  Hannah continues her nosy inquiry, and Greenlee gives her the sordid details of her break-up.  Hannah wonders why Greenlee is giving up on the unknown prize package.  Greenlee then informs her about the wedding. 

After Ryan presses him, Jonathan advises that it was Kendall.  Although Ryan wonders about Kendall’s call, Jonathan convinces him not to be concerned.  They run upstairs to get dressed.  Meanwhile, Di and Julia walk in on the girls jumping on Annie’s bed.  When the women’s conversation shifts to a romantic topic, Julia distracts the little ones with a croissant downstairs.  As they open the bedroom door and see Ryan, Di quickly closes the door on him and Jonathan. 

Erica is greeted by a standing ovation from the studio audience.  After she announces the segment is on “friendship after divorce,” she introduces her special guest, her “soon to be ex-husband.”  The audience reacts with an enthusiastic cheer.  The audience goes nuts and Erica is flustered, when Jack greets her with a warm kiss.  Erica begins by joking about their division of assets.  Jack grabs her hand.  They gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, as the show cuts for an ad break.

Kendall continues pacing, as she prattles on about the impact of Greenlee’s return on Ryan.  Zach points out that Kendall is more affected, since Greenlee was initially supposed to raise Spike.  Before going to the office, Zach cautions Kendall to stay out of the Ryan-Greenlee situation to avoid needlessly worrying Ryan and provoking Greenlee. 

Greenlee is wearing the “partner in adventure ring” Ryan gave her.  The two continue conversing about the ring and Greenlee’s untimely return.  Speaking from the voice of experience, Hannah agrees, “Greenlee is too late.”  Greenlee smiles, as she begins to take a different view on the situation.

During the break, Erica instructs Jack to provide the audience with complete honesty.  Jack gives her that “be careful what you ask for look” and assures her he will.  Erica then appears anxious.

To avoid “bad luck,” Ryan and Annie have a conversation through her closed door.  Ryan assures a worried Annie that his accidental peek will not jinx their wedding.

Greenlee grows curious about the former man in Hannah’s life.  Through Hannah’s albeit brief answers, Greenlee gets her fight back.  Hannah then jumps on the bandwagon and suggests her “best friend” may have intentionally steered her from Ryan.  This comment prompts Greenlee to blurt out Kendall’s name and their detailed history.  Without revealing where she fits in to the picture, Hannah cordially excuses herself, after this bombshell.  Greenlee stares at the ring for inspiration

Jonathan preempts Kendall’s early arrival to Wildwind.  Ryan tries to coax Annie to open the door, as Jonathan blocks Kendall from going upstairs.  Kendall becomes frustrated and stomps into the living room.  Believing Kendall arrived early to center “the day around her,” Jonathan provokes an argument between the two of them.  Ryan overhears and interrupts them.  Kendall struggles to get out the pressing information without success.  As she manages to get his attention, he gets distracted with having to help Emma with her dress.  After Ryan dashes upstairs, Jonathan accuses Kendall of pulling a similar stunt to the one she pulled at Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding.  Just as she is about to tell Jonathan the situation, she decides to hold back.  Jonathan warns her to leave Ryan alone, and closes the doors behind him, as he exits the living room.  Kendall frantically tries to call Zach about her fears.  As he calms her from his office, Hannah walks in on the conversation.  Hannah does not mention her breakfast with Greenlee but asks if Kendall is all right.  Zach answers with a question about why Hannah has never married.  Hannah sighs, before responding. 

Greenlee gleefully seals her new and improved package to Ryan and hands it to a messenger with express delivery instructions. 

Di, Julia, Kathy, and Emma help Annie with wedding traditions.  Annie joyously hugs Di and Julia before putting on her wedding dress. 

Jack shares some of their memories with the audience.  Jack is surprised, when Pam cues up various photos of him and Erica throughout the years.  As the photos are displayed, Jack directs the description of surrounding events to Erica.  The audience loves his romantic gestures.  The audience intently listens to their warm exchange.  Pam has to hold up a cue card to remind them the show is about divorce.  As they both regret the failure of their marriage, Jack pointedly asks Erica to explain to the viewers why it did not work out.  Erica slightly cringes.

After Annie is dressed, Di and Julia simultaneously agree that Annie looks, “perfect.”  Emma gives her resounding approval with two thumbs up. 

Kendall frantically leaves Jack a veiled message about Greenlee.

Jack presses Erica, and she gives a general response.  Jack is unsatisfied and mentions “secrets” as a contributing factor.  Erica bristles, as Jack now entices the audience.  Jack finishes Erica’s response to a question from someone in the audience.  Erica looks touched, when Jack says, “Feelings don’t just go away” as part of the answer.

Hannah blames Alexander for “loosing everything.”  Zach knows she is referring to him as well, through implication, and encourages her to “pursue a new dream.”  Lily interrupts to remind Zach to leave for the wedding.  As Lily prattles on about going, Zach takes the opportunity to leave.

Kendall answers the door to the messenger.  She gets distracted, when Del arrives.  She grabs hold of Del and enlists his help.  Meanwhile, Jonathan accepts the delivery as “Mr. Lavery.”  Jonathan sneakily opens the envelope and sees the partner in adventure ring.  Believing it is from Kendall, he requests the messenger relay to the sender, “We don’t want it, and we don’t want her.”  Ryan rushes downstairs and barely misses the messenger.  To derail Ryan, Jonathan concocts a story about Kendall leaving for Fusion.

While Erica concludes the show, Jack announces that they are still very much in love.  Erica smiles at him, and the audience cheers.

Greenlee’s jaw drops as the messenger relays “Mr.  Lavery’s” message word for word.

Jonathan helps Ryan fix his tie.  The outdoor grounds of Wildwind are a perfect setting for the wedding.  As Di and Aidan walk around outside, Zach and Spike join Kendall nearby.  Jamie compliments both Julia and Kathy on their appearance and tells Julia that Jenny is better.  Jonathan escorts Ryan outside.  Ryan appears anxious, and the guests begin seating themselves.

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