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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/8/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

At the warehouse where Janet locked Amanda and Jenny, paramedics respond to treat the baby’s high-grade infection. Fearful to let her daughter out of her sight, Krystal reluctantly hands the baby to them for brief examination. Derek arrives on scene, and Aidan advises him the FBI’s thorough investigation should implicate Adam in the kidnapping. As Amanda rubs the bump on her head, Aidan suggests she have the paramedics check her for trauma. Janet rushes by Amanda’s side. She then gives Tad a beseeching gaze, as she attempts to garner sympathy from him to avoid responsibility for her actions. Tad responds with a stone-cold stare.

At the hospital, Colby wonders whether her father’s heart attack will bring her family back together. Julia advises Colby that Adam will recover and offers her hope that his condition may prompt him to change. Meanwhile in Adam’s room, J.R. tries to trick Adam into making amends by leading him to believe his health condition is precarious. In response, Adam reaches for J.R.’s hand and vaguely asks for his assistance “to make things right”. J.R. squeezes Adam’s hand.

While rushing to put clothes on, Sean answers a knock at the front door. Erica makes her way in his house with an envelope for Jack. Since Sean is “pre-occupied”, he tries to quickly get rid of Erica. Erica ignores him and continues to prattle on. Sean becomes nervous, when Erica says, “I know what’s going on”.

Ryan and Annie sit on their sofa with Spike on her lap and Emma on his. They excitedly talk to Emma about being the flower girl. Ryan and Annie then follow Emma’s suggestion to practice their part in the wedding, “the kiss”.

During her relaxation day at the new spa, Kendall is shocked to discover that Greenlee is there also. When Kendall approaches her, Greenlee lets out a half-hearted, “Surprise”! Not at all pleased to see her, Kendall asks her about her “sneak attack” return to Pine Valley. Greenlee stumbles through excuses for her secrecy. Kendall remains angry with her for the manner in which she departed from Pine Valley. Greenlee responds with, “Do you want me back”?

Ryan hugs Emma goodbye, as Annie packs for their pre wedding “slumber party” at Wildwind. Annie laughs at Ryan’s jokes about his bachelor party with Spike. Based on her laughter, Ryan surmises Annie has not heard “the bad news”. Annie appears confounded by his comment.

Much to his annoyance, Erica sits on the sofa and wants a heart to heart with Sean. He sits next to her, after she apologizes to him for any negative impact he felt from the divorce. While Sean insists that he is fine, a half-dressed Ava walks in to coax Sean back into bed. Sean turns fifty shades of red from embarrassment, and Erica’s jaw drops.

Not realizing his father is “onto him”, J.R. tends to Adam. Out of nowhere, Adam gives J.R. the classic “Chandler” treatment. He first blasts J.R. for his feeble attempt to force a confession from him followed by a complete disavowal of him as his son. Before leaving, J.R. disingenuously pats Adam’s shoulder.

Babe follows after Jamie, as he walks outside momentarily. She profusely thanks him for saving Jenny, before EMS arrived. She then recognizes how much better it feels to assist with the return of a child rather than “taking one”. Inside, the paramedics prepare to transport Jenny and Krystal to the hospital. Janet begins scurrying and apologizes to Tad and Krystal for “Maura’s” illness. Gauging Tad’s facial expressions, Amanda says, “please don’t” to him. Janet continues to babble apologies. Derek looks at Tad for his reaction. Tad remains frightfully still. As he walks toward Janet, Derek stops him and reminds him Janet is in police custody. Believing he needs to diffuse the situation also, Aidan suggests Tad go to the hospital to see Jenny. Much to everyone’s surprise, Tad sincerely thanks Janet for not giving Jenny to strangers and leading them to her in time. After he leans over to kiss her, Janet feels honored by his acknowledgment and gesture. Amanda appears tearfully grateful as well. After Derek cuffs Janet, Amanda begs him to recognize that Adam is ultimately responsible for the kidnapping not her mother. Although sympathetic, Derek maintains Janet broke the law. Jamie assures Amanda he will obtain a lawyer for Janet’s defense. Janet starts rambling and apologizes to Amanda for hitting her over the head. As the police escort her away, Janet tells Amanda to send her a message via the moon. Jamie holds Amanda to comfort her.

As Colby leaves another message for Sean, Jenny along with Krystal, Babe and the doctors approach her. While the paramedics relay Jenny’s condition to Dr. Joe Martin, J.R. sees them and rushes over. Not knowing about Adam’s heart attack, Krystal wonders how J.R. and Colby knew to respond so quickly. Colby and J.R. remain silent and shoot glances at each other. Once Krystal follows Jenny to a cubicle, Colby becomes angry with Babe for withholding Adam’s condition from Krystal, especially since he asked for her. As J.R. advises Colby not “to read into” Adam’s request, Babe justifies her actions and heads toward Jenny’s cubicle.

As Krystal cradles Jenny, she resists Joe and Julia’s efforts to treat her baby. Babe timely enters and assures her of Jenny’s safety.

Tad arrives at the hospital. He asks Jeff whether Adam is still alive, so that he can “make him wish he were dead.”

Greenlee tries to soften a resistant Kendall by referring to them as, “Kenlee”. Kendall then realizes Greenlee is the author of “Fusion Green”. Kendall does not buy Greenlee’s innocent act, as she denies Kendall’s accusation, she returned to “blow-up” Ryan’s wedding.

Ryan gives Annie a suspenseful lead up to the “bad new”. Annie is relieved to hear that his “bad news” consists of a forecast for rain on their wedding day. She scoops Emma from him and rushes to leave for her “spa day” gift from Kendall. Ryan has a heart to heart with Spike.

While Erica engages Ava in conversation, Sean remains humiliated in the background. Ava offers a lame excuse for her appearance and comment and dashes off. Sean shrinks, as Erica teases him about the situation. Before leaving, Erica gives Sean one last jab and asks, “have you seen Colby lately”?

Jeff has to wrestle with Tad in the hall to prevent him from attacking Adam. With Aidan in the background, J.R. also tries to diffuse Tad. Aidan then stops J.R. from following after Tad, as he storms off. Jeff confesses to Aidan that but for his “oath” he would have allowed Tad to strike Adam. Jamie, Amanda, and Derek arrive. Jeff gives Derek permission to question Adam, while Jamie insists Amanda be checked for a possible concussion. Amanda asks Jamie for some water, so that she can sneak in Adam’s room, before Derek. Adam welcomes her with a sarcastic greeting and dismisses her demand to confess to the kidnapping. To strike fear in Adam, Amanda reaches for the paddles on the crash cart. Jamie gets delayed by running into Julia. They notice Tad seated in the waiting area. As Jamie approaches, Tad proudly credits him for saving Jenny’s life. Jamie grows even more remorseful for taking Little A from J.R. and regards assisting his sister as an opportunity for making amends.

Julia enters, as Joe happily apprises Krystal Jenny’s fever is down. Colby and Babe are also present to hear the good news. The attending nurse advises Julia to assist her with taking blood cultures, as a precautionary measure. Joe assures Krystal, Babe, and Colby that the blood tests are merely routine.

Adam goads Amanda, as she approaches him with the paddles. She puts them down, after Adam breaks her. As she begins screaming at him out of shear frustration, Derek enters and quiets her down. Derek then has to hold Amanda back, as Adam proceeds to then blame everything on Janet.

Jonathan arrives at Ryan’s with a wedding gift, an almost “Annie proof” coffee maker. Aidan arrives to celebrate Ryan’s last night of being a bachelor. Aidan brings them up to speed about Jenny, and Jonathan tells them about Ava’s shopping spree courtesy of Lily’s credit card. He wonders why the rest of Pine Valley is not “hip” to her.

Erica attempts to subtly warn Sean about Ava by reminding him of Colby’s “true” friendship with him. Sean assures Erica his “eyes are wide open”.

To prevent Greenlee from “putting Ryan through hell again”, Kendall tries to get her back to her hotel room. Before Kendall is successful, the two overhear Annie arrive for her “special diva bride package”. Kendall scrambles to divert the inevitable show down between Greenlee and Annie. After she manages, in hopes of getting through to Greenlee, she brings up Spike. With arms crossed, Greenlee listens as Kendall praises Annie and mentions Ryan’s happiness. Kendall then tries to force a promise from Greenlee that she will hot ruin the wedding.

Sean marvels at the fact how well Erica “gets him”. Erica gives him a big hug in response. Ava rushes in, after Erica leaves. Sean laments that they are now “so busted”.

For the bachelor party, Jonathan puts on the movie “Reservoir Dogs”.

Greenlee tries to give Kendall the impression that she understands “how much things have changed”. Kendall tearfully promises to keep her return to Pine Valley a secret. After Greenlee leaves the spa area, Kendall rushes to call Ryan and warn him about Greenlee. Annie overhears Kendall say aloud, Ryan please pick up. Without knowing Kendall’s reason for calling Ryan, she advises her to wait until tomorrow morning.

While alone with Krystal and Jenny, Colby takes the opportunity to tell Krystal about Adam. Krystal appears touched that Adam asked for her. With that, an ecstatic Tad enters, accompanied by Babe, J.R., and Jamie. They all enjoy their family reunion.

Adam appears reflective, as he lies still in his hospital bed.

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