AMC Update Friday 5/4/07

All My Children Update Friday 5/4/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Erica and her new producer are brainstorming ideas about a blockbuster show.  The producer shows her a tabloid with Jack’s picture on it.  It stimulates Erica’s thoughts on a trailblazing idea.  The producer shows Erica a tape of Lily in the studio wearing jewelry from the set.  The producer tells Erica that the cameraman commented on how sexy Erica’s daughter is.  Erica looks at the tape and notice that is Ava, not Lily on the tape.  Erica meets with Lily at the "New Beginnings" office.  Lily is sorry about the divorce between Erica and Jack.  Erica questions Lily about Ava.  Erica asks, “Are you and Ava getting along?”  According to Erica, Ava has no boundaries.  Lily just does not see the problem with Ava.  Erica tells Lily that Ava stole things from the set.  Lily offers to pay for them.  Erica refuses Lily’s offer.  Lily leaves for work at Cambias.  Jack is invited to Erica’s office.  She proposes that they have a “New Divorce," a term coined by Erica.  The “New Divorce” involves friendship, dinner, double dates, family, and a new closeness.  She asks Jack to appear on her show to discuss it and he agrees. 

Krystal is on the sofa talking to Babe and tells her that when she sleeps, she sees Jenny crying.  She talks about crazy Janet and tells Babe that karma is a bitch.  Krystal is clearly upset over the Janet/Jenny situation.  Babe stays positive and tries to encourage Krystal to stay positive.  Krystal, Babe, Colby, Little A, and Winnie are in the kitchen encouraging Krystal to eat but she declines any food.  She insists that Colby goes to school.  Winnie takes Little A for a bath.  Krystal discovers a new prescription for Adam.  Colby offers to get the prescription filled and take it directly to Adam. 

Tad shackles himself to Adam.  Adam threatens to call Derek to have Tad arrested.  J.R. walks in, sees them, and smiles.  J.R. thinks that Tad has a good idea.  Tad announces that he will stay shackled to Adam until Janet calls.  Adam and Tad insult each other back and forth.  Adam shows signs of illness and states that he needs his pills.  Adam wakes up from a nap still shackled to Tad.  He complains about being ill but is ignored.  Adam and Tad are arguing again.  J.R. walks into the room smiling and says good morning to them.  Adam tells them that he is having trouble breathing, but they ignore him.  Adam receives a call from Janet.  Tad takes the phone.  Janet is furious as she berates Adam.  Adam gets sick and falls to the floor. 

Jamie and Babe lament over taking Little A from J.R.  After looking at Krystal, they see what J.R. must have felt.  They decide to see J.R. to apologize for their past action when they kidnapped Little A.  Adam asks J.R. for help but is ignored.  Jamie walks in the door and notices that Adam is indeed is distress.  Babe gives Adam an aspirin, and they call for the paramedics.

Ava is in the bathroom with a towel on when Sean walks in.  Sean apologizes but Ava is not shy.  Ava is naked when she joins Sean in the shower.  Ava reaches for her face scrub, takes it, and then leaves.  She apologizes to Sean for the interruption, but he needs no apology.  Colby comes over to Jack’s house to see Sean and he introduces her to Ava.  Colby is startled by Ava’s appearance and behavior.  Ava acts flirty with Sean thinking that he and Colby are an item.  Sean explains that he and Colby are not dating.  Ava talks to Colby and Sean about being a movie star.  Sean cuts class.  Ava flirts with him and then they kiss.  Sean and Ava return to the shower and have sex.  Amanda is praying with her face to the heavens when Janet hits her over the head with a tennis racket.  Jamie arrives at the condo looking for Amanda. 

There are calls and traces on Amanda’s phone but she is not answering.  Amanda is missing.  It appears that she has been kidnapped.  Janet is in the doll warehouse where Amanda is sleeping.  Janet leaves and takes Amanda’s cell phone with her.  Amanda wakes up with the “where am I look” on her face.  She finds baby Jenny.  After finding Jenny, Amanda finds that she cannot placate her.  Amanda discovers that Jenny has a fever and tries to call for help.  She discovers that her phone is gone.  Amanda finds a note from Janet asking her to take care of Maura/Jenny.  The note states that Janet will return.  The baby is not eating.   

Janet knocks on the condo door and Krystal answers it.  They began to argue before Krystal realizes that she should be nice to Janet.  Krystal invites her in.  Later, Tad opens the door of the condo and sees Janet.  Janet wants to assess whether Tad and Krystal are worthy parents.  They call the baby Jenny, but Janet calls her Maura.  Janet stresses that she will not give the baby back if they are not worthy and competent and starts to babble!   

An ambulance is picking up Adam.  Colby enters the room looking concerned and asks questions about her dad. 

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