AMC Update Thursday 5/3/07

All My Children Update Thursday 5/3/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Annie's bridal shower is being held at ConFusion.  Kendall and Zach talk about Alexander.  Di suggests Kendall make a toast.  Kendall toasts Ryan and Annie, and admits she was wrong about Annie.  Ryan makes a speech about Annie being wonderful.  After the party breaks up, Kendall asks Zach in private what he wasn't telling her.  Zach hints that Hannah shot Alexander.  Ryan tells Annie their evening isn't over.  He has a car pick them up.

Jonathan bumps into Ava at the mall.  He gets upset when he notices she's using Lily's credit card.  He demands she return everything.  A guard sees him and thinks they're fighting.  Ava makes up an excuse and sends the guard away.  She then warns Jonathan not to mess with her.

Jamie and J.R. continue trying to find Janet.  Amanda is afraid Janet won't contact her.  After J.R. leaves, Jamie and Amanda talk about their parents.  Jamie assures Amanda she isn't responsible for what Janet did.  Amanda leaves to see Babe.  She apologizes to Babe and cries in her arms.  Babe has to leave to take care of Krystal.

Janet has a hallucination of Amanda in the warehouse.  Amanda says that Janet was trying to replace her with Jenny.  Janet says she'll get rid of Jenny if she can't have them both.

Tad goes to the Chandler mansion and confronts Adam.  Adam continues to deny that he kidnapped Jenny so Tad handcuffs himself to Adam.  Tad wants to be with Adam when Janet contacts him. 

Greenlee puts her invitation in an envelope addressed to Ryan seals it with a green wax butterfly.

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