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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/2/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
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As Zach approaches Hannah on the pier, he criticizes her failed attempt to kill Alexander.  He then jabs her with, “Maybe you should have held on to that rifle, in case you want to kill me next.” 

Kendall tends to last minute finishing touches for the shower, at ConFusion.  When Josh arrives, she sarcastically teases that he is unrecognizable, since he has managed to say hello without mentioning Babe.  Josh retorts, since he is over his “unhealthy obsession,” he is qualified to give her pointers on getting over hers, Ryan. 

At Wildwind, Ryan and Jonathan discuss their mutual relief that Dell was confirmed as the gun owner.  As Jonathan suggests that Ryan inform Annie of this development, she walks in and tells Ryan, “We need to talk.”

At Tad’s office, FBI Agent Billings informs Jamie and Amanda about monitoring devices for tracing purposes, in the event Janet contacts Amanda.  Amanda begins to assume the worst-case scenario about her mother.  Jamie tries to shut her out, since Janet’s fate affects his sister’s.

Babe is outside in Krystal’s courtyard with Little A and J.R.  Tad follows up, by phone, on leads for Janet without success.  He then picks up Little A and hugs him for comfort.  Inside, Babe and Colby reassure Krystal that Jenny will be home soon.  Krystal grabs hold of both women and begs them never to leave her. 

Somewhere outdoors, Janet, now dressed in a suit, shares her delusions with “her daughter,” baby Jenny.  Her unilateral conversation reveals her intentions, to show Krystal and Adam how “unworthy” they are to raise Jenny. 

Trying to remain positive, Tad goes inside and informs Krystal about the outcome of his calls.  Colby and Babe join J.R. and Little A outside to give Tad and Krystal some privacy.  J.R. complains to Babe about his minimal time with his son.  The conversation then turns to Adam.  Babe takes this opportunity to praise Colby for shielding her father from Krystal’s assault at gunpoint.  Colby, now disgusted with Adam, feels her efforts were wasted, in light of his evil acts.  Based on her own father’s horrible acts, Babe empathizes but realizes Colby does not sincerely wish for Adam’s death.  Colby goes to look for her homework.  Babe and J.R. play with Little A.  Babe recognizes that “splitting their time” with their son is difficult.  J.R. manages a smile, as Babe reminds him they still have many blessings.  Tad notices that Krystal appears hopeless so he tries to restore her faith.  He then regrets he was initially unable to help Dixie locate Kate.  In reaction, Krystal self deprecates for previously believing in Adam’s parenting abilities.

At the Chandler estate, Stuart approaches Adam, now seated outside.  Stuart harshly points out that Adam cannot bear the emptiness inside.  Stuart then reminds Adam he is responsible for alienating his entire family.  Adam wonders if Stuart is alienated as well.

Jonathan assures Annie of her safety.  Julia and Di enter and beg her to return home.  Annie is warmed by their gestures.  She then turns to Jonathan and apologizes for suspecting him.

Kendall and Josh continue their debate.  Kendall claims she is evolved not obsessed.  Josh then reminds her of her blackmail concerning Emma’s paternity and she twists the blackmail scheme onto him.  Kendall rejoices in Josh’s “single” status and mentions his potential relationship opportunities at Cambias.  With a big grin on his face, Josh flashes to his interlude with Hannah.  Josh gives Kendall the impression of disinterest.  Kendall cautions him about winding up alone.  With a knowing smile, Josh tells her not to worry.

Hannah attempts to play stupid about the discarded rifle.  Realizing Hannah tried to implicate him for the shooting, Zach lambastes her.  In response, Hannah accuses him of protecting his father.  Zach warns Hannah to clear “any of their unfinished business.”  Before turning his back on her, he then threatens to transfer her or fire her.  Hannah stops him and asks, “Can it really finally be over?”  Desperate to find the “peace” Zach found, Hannah sobs and crouches to a fetal position.  Hannah continues that in her search for peace, she sought retribution for Alexander depriving her of her son.  Zach’s eyes tear, as he acts as sounding board.  Hannah questions how she can “move on.”

Jack and Lily are the first party guests to arrive.  Kendall suspects Jack arrived early to have an opportunity to speak with Erica.  Kendall informs him Erica cannot attend due to work.  Jack notes the irony of wishing Ryan well on his marriage, since, in the recent past, he pushed Greenlee to divorce him.

Annie again apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.  Jonathan graciously accepts and understands her initial concerns.  Jonathan coaxes her towards Ryan and encourages them to get ready for the party.  Jonathan then offers to bow out of the wedding festivities.  Annie looks at Ryan.  She then throws her arms around Jonathan and welcomes him as “her family.”  Di and Julia go upstairs to get dressed.  After Jonathan leaves to help Kendall, Ryan suspects something else is bothering Annie.

Babe takes Little A inside for bed.  Colby returns to the courtyard.  Before leaving, J.R. kisses her on the forehead, and, like Babe, expresses his pride in her.  As Colby reflects alone, Sean shows up unexpectedly.  Sean grabs hold of Colby to comfort her.  Back inside, Krystal sadly watches, as Babe dresses her son for bed.  As she reviews recent events with Tad, she struggles to digest the enormity of Adam’s acts.

J.R. pays a visit to Amanda and hurls his usual insults at her about her mother.  In response, Amanda calls him out for being sanctimonious.  Jamie rushes in to defend Amanda and reminds J.R. their priorities should lie with helping Krystal and Tad.

Tad advises Krystal that her “guilt” is futile and the blame lies squarely with Adam.

Ryan reads Annie without her having to explain.  He assures her his family background will never negatively impact Emma and reminds her fate brought them all together.  As they kiss, Di and Julia walk in and rush them to get ready.

Kendall and Jack continue their conversation.  Jack again regrets his actions concerning Greenlee and Ryan and Jonathan and Lily.  The conversation shifts to Greenlee.  Although she misses her, Kendall realizes how impossible it would have been for her to turn over Spike to Greenlee.  Jack reasons, Greenlee’s departure was “for the best.”  As they discuss “moving on,” Jonathan and Lily have an awkward encounter.

Hannah reasons that having a family would help her get over the situation.  She marvels at Zach’s newfound ability to set aside his resentment.  Zach remains supportive and gives his word he will not “turn her in.”

While having a tea party with “her daughter” and “guest,” Janet renames Jenny “Maura,” after Amanda’s middle name.  During her second one-sided conversation, Janet reveals they are still in Pine Valley.  Janet is startled, when she accidentally breaks the “guest,” a doll.

As Krystal kisses Little A good night, he innocently asks for the baby.  As Krystal holds him tightly, she looks over at Tad’s sad face. 

After Colby shares her experience, Sean is stunned by her bravery but admonishes her for “taking chances.”  Colby feels like the only “adult” in her family, and Sean empathizes.

Stuart is disgusted with Adam’s actions.  Adam appears wistful, as Stuart reminds him of his good nature when his relationship was sound.  Stuart cannot even believe the low depths Adam has now sunk to.

Janet goes into a rage, as some of the play dolls start crying.  She slams the doll into silence.  As “Maura” now starts crying, Janet cannot cope and covers her ears.

Amanda tells J.R. and Jamie about her mother’s many trips to the hospital, during her childhood.  Amanda then tells them about Janet’s saying that the “moon” will relay to me your messages.  J.R., of course, ridicules this.

Zach encourages Hannah to leave the pier with him.  She smiles, as they both grab hold of her purse strap simultaneously. 

Lily is angry with Jonathan over his treatment towards Ava.  As Jonathan tries to explain, Lily runs to get away from surrounding noise.

Di and Julia arrive followed by the guests of honor.  Everyone cheers, as Kendall announces the soon to be married couple.  Now clad in her usual protective gear, Lily hands the couple their gift.  Before taking Lily home, Jack sincerely gives Ryan and Annie his best wishes.  Jonathan then gives Ryan a warm toast and jokes about not having a gift.  Ryan embraces his brother.  Josh jabs Kendall about Zach’s non-appearance.  Kendall remains confident he will attend.  With that, Zach walks in with Hannah by his side.  Kendall rushes up to them, and innocently asks about Josh’s “job performance.”  Hannah avoids the question and runs for a drink at the bar.  Josh starts choking.  Dell rejects Di’s advice to make peace with Julia, so that he can move home.  From the bar, Hannah stares at Kendall and Zach.

Amanda prays her mother can “hear” her, as Jamie receives a call about a tip.

Adam defends his actions and points out Krystal’s transgressions.  Despite his disappointment in Adam, Stuart refuses to turn his back.  However, Stuart warns Adam about the impact, if Jenny is not found in safe condition.

Babe apologizes about Little A’s question.  Krystal assures her Little A is her “sanity.”

Tad leaves to check on leads.  Babe and Colby offer support to Krystal.  Krystal appears more hopeful.

After Janet settles “Maura” with milk, she notices the light from the moon.  She then envisions Amanda’s message, “Mom, I need you.”

Hannah uncomfortably sips her drink, when Dell remarks about “being busted” for something you did not do.  Hannah runs from the bar.  Zach has to explain his belated arrival to Kendall.  He offers Derek’s location of Alexander’s accomplice as the excuse.  To distract her, he gives her a big kiss.  Di and Julia congratulate Annie for not letting obstacles stop her marriage.  Ryan smiles at her from across the room.

Greenlee smiles, as she finishes her invitation to Ryan for an evening of “renewed love and laughter.”

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