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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

With a look of satisfaction, Greenlee completes her correspondence addressed to Kendall from her hotel room. 

Zach escorts Kendall to work.  After he kisses her goodbye, Kendall and Annie discuss ad campaign strategy in the ConFusion bar.  They briefly depart from working to discuss their hopes Jenny is safely returned to her family.  The conversation shifts to Kendall’s last minute plans for Annie and Ryan’s wedding shower.  Annie exasperates Kendall, when she mentions her name may have to be removed from Kendall’s party list.

On her return home from her shift, Julia confronts Ryan about the gun Emma found in the wall at Wildwind.  Ryan explains the gun owner’s identity has not been confirmed.  In response, Julia threatens to remove all residents from her home, if the gun owner is not determined.

Without knocking, Josh enters Hannah’s office and finds Hannah clad in her skirt and brassiere.  Hannah does not react, as Josh pauses to “admire the view.”  Josh sarcastically says, “Oops,” and Hannah reaches for her blouse.  Josh continues to gaze at her lustfully. 

He finally apologizes and turns around to afford Hannah some privacy.  Hannah mechanically dresses and gives Josh perfunctory instructions.  Josh sets files on her desk and tells Hannah “her buttons are off,” before exiting.  Out in the hall, Josh tries to “cool off.”

Anxious for a reaction, Greenlee hands a large envelope to the messenger and requests expedited delivery.

Kendall prods Annie for an explanation.  Annie tells Kendall about the gun and her suspicions concerning Jonathan.  Kendall believes Annie should not forgo marrying Ryan based on her mere supposition Jonathan shot Alexander.  Annie explains that her top priority is Emma’s safety.  Kendall tries to assure Annie Jonathan has changed, since she was a previous “victim” of the “old” Jonathan.  In response, Annie then describes Jonathan’s “Terry-like” demeanor when he returned home from his run.

Julia wants to call the police.  When Ryan asks Julia for an opportunity to “check things out” first, Julia believes Ryan fears the gun belongs to Jonathan.  Meanwhile, in the foyer of the house, Di hurries to leave for work and has a brief conversation with Del and Jonathan.  Jonathan heads to get some coffee.  As the other two converse, Ryan defends Jonathan to Julia, on their way into the house.  While Del, Julia, and Di are standing in the entrance hall, Ryan grabs the gun from the hall closet.  He explains the gun is inoperable, as he shows the safety to Julia.  Del and Di exchange glances at each other. 

Before he leaves the house for school, Ava flirts with Sean.  Ava then tries to tempt Sean to “skip” school and go to the mall.  Sean struggles to resist Ava.  In the alternative, Ava asks Sean to lend her “shopping” money, and he advises her that he is “broke.”  After he leaves, Ava rifles through his empty wallet that she “professionally” picked from his pocket. 

Zach arrives at Cambias, as Lily and Josh discuss the employee pension plans.  Hannah follows Zach into his office.  Since the door is open, Josh listens in on Hannah relaying “her figures” regarding Cambias investments to Zach.  Zach does not react.  Hannah then asks about Kendall.  Josh walks back to Lily’s desk, as Zach abruptly answers and shifts back to the investment conversation.  Hannah offers to take care of the business and urges Zach to tend to his family.  Derek interrupts their conversation with news about Alexander’s medical status.  Josh again positions himself to overhear the information.  Derek reports that Alexander is stable and has been transported to the “lock-down” area of the psychiatric ward.  Zach is pleased with the news, and Hannah disingenuously reacts the same way.

Josh watches Hannah’s reaction, as she scurries from Zach’s office to hers.  He follows her and offers “any form of support.”  Hannah initially shuns his offer.

Kendall and Annie continue their conversation.  Kendall again attempts to dispel Annie’s concerns about Jonathan.  Kendall is even amazed by her efforts to encourage Annie to go through with her marriage to Ryan.  Annie remains reluctant.  Annie finally returns to their shower planning conversation.  In hopes of convincing Annie of Ryan’s complete dedication, Kendall differentiates Ryan’s response to Greenlee’s concerns about Jonathan to his with Annie’s.  Kendall’s strategy backfires, and Annie starts going on about Ryan’s inclination to defend Jonathan.  Kendall manages to quiet Annie by pointing out that Ryan moved her and Emma to safety, in response to the gun situation.

Greenlee addresses her next correspondence to Ryan.

Jonathan walks in on Ryan and Julia’s conversation concerning gun safety.  Julia confronts Jonathan about the gun.  Meanwhile, outside, Di recognizes the gun as belonging to Del and confronts him about it.  Back inside, Jonathan sincerely denies any knowledge about the gun and expresses his concerns about Emma finding it.  In response, Julia accusatorily snipes that Jonathan should have hidden it better.  Jonathan vehemently restates his denial, and Ryan supports his brother.  In response, Julia mentions the fact Ryan moved Annie and the kids based on Annie’s concerns.  Realizing he is potentially jeopardizing yet another relationship of Ryan’s, Jonathan offers to move from Wildwind and to stay away from Annie.  Julia now begins to soften on Jonathan.  Ryan tries to allay Jonathan’s concerns and again requests Julia to “hold off” from involving the police.  With that, Ryan opens the front door thus enabling them to overhear Del acknowledge ownership of the gun to Di.  Ryan whips around and shoots a look at a stunned Julia.

Hannah asks Josh why he thinks she is in need of his “help.”  Since he caught her getting dressed, Josh knows she slept at Cambias.  Hannah uses “too much work” as her excuse.

Derek advises that Alexander is paralyzed from the neck down.  Zach rejoices in his father’s plight.  Derek relays that he located Alexander’s accomplice in sending Zach the message; thus, Alexander’s competency to stand trial can now be established.  Believing the mental ward is far greater punishment, Zach subtly suggests that Alexander should remain “incompetent.”  Zach smiles, as Derek appears to be in accord, when he refers to the shooting as a “cold case.” 

“Doctor” Josh tries to “diagnose” Hannah’s “condition.”  Hannah continues to push him away.  Josh then suggests there is more to life than just work.  Realizing where Josh’s comments are leading, Hannah reacts coldly and cautions Josh “not to get personal.”  Josh closes the door behind him, and says, “It does not have to get personal.”  Zach and Derek exchange glances, as Hannah’s door closes.  Josh locks the door and slowly approaches Hannah.  He passionately grabs her and kisses her, and Hannah responds.  They both begin to disrobe, and Josh kisses her body.

Ava arrives at Cambias to convince Lily to go shopping with her.  Being a good employee, Lily declines.  Zach eavesdrops on them from his office.  Ava persists.  In an effort to make up for not going, Lily naively gives Ava her credit card.  Although she protests she does not want the card, Ava grabs it from Lily’s hand and leaves.  Zach calls Lily into his office.  Lily perceives he is angry, based on his body language.  Zach cautions Lily about Ava “using” her. 

In the presence of Jonathan, Ryan, and Di, Julia chastises Del about his gun.  Del makes light of the situation by reminding Julia the gun is unloaded, safety- and child-lock engaged, and hidden.  Jonathan agrees.  Despite his efforts to convince Julia otherwise, Julia begins to suspect Del of shooting Alexander, based on his reaction in the courtroom.  Ryan joins Julia.  Di rushes to her bother’s defense and promises the gun will be removed.  Ryan hands Del the gun.  After Di leaves, Julia asks a shocked Del for his key. 

Lily tells Zach she wants to be generous with Ava.  Zach again cautions her and advises her to discuss the card transactions with Jack.  Zach’s warning begins to resonate, as Lily recalls her inability to “read” Jonathan.  After Lily returns to her desk, Zach curiously stares at Hannah’s closed door.  Josh and Hannah continue with their passionate interlude.  Afterwards, Hannah dismisses Josh, barks work instructions, and threatens him to be discreet.  Josh reacts compliantly and slowly dresses before leaving.  Hannah starts reflecting and tries to collect herself.

Del tries to ascertain if Julia is serious.  Jonathan questions Julia’s harsh reaction.  Julia maintains her position based on Del’s omission.  Jonathan again defends Del.  Without argument, Del agrees to leave.  Both Ryan and Jonathan shoot Julia a look of disapproval.  Julia defends her actions.  Ryan apologizes to Jonathan for everyone’s knee-jerk suspicions of him.  Jonathan understands and pushes Ryan to get ready for his party.

Kendall cuts Annie off from blathering on about Jonathan.  Di happens to arrive and tells the two about the situation at Wildwind.  Although relieved, Annie feels terrible for wrongfully suspecting Jonathan.  Kendall, Di, and Annie now scurry to finish party preparations.  They are interrupted by the delivery of Greenlee’s envelope.  Kendall opens it and admiringly looks at its contents.  Kendall then announces to the others, “We may have a silent partner.”

Before Del leaves, Julia wants to confirm she made the right choice.  She pointedly asks if he is truthful about not shooting Alexander.

As Di and Annie marvel at the sender’s clever, environmentally conscious ad idea, Kendall tries to figure out the anonymous sender’s identity.

Greenlee grins, as she writes out an invitation to Ryan.

Del firmly denies shooting Alexander.  Just in time, Aidan arrives and confirms the gun was not used in Alexander’s shooting based on police information. 

Hannah stands on the pier and discards gun parts into the water.  Hannah becomes motionless, as she looks up and finds Zach watching her.

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