AMC Update Monday 4/30/07

All My Children Update Monday 4/30/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Zach watches Hannah and Kendall comfort one another.  He asks to speak to Kendall alone.  Zach assures her the photo didn't get to him and denies shooting Alexander.  Josh informs Hannah that Alexander is still alive.  Zach asks Josh to take Kendall home.

Ryan looks for Jonathan at ConFusion.  Del told him Jonathan never showed up for work. 

At Wildwind, Jonathan surprises Annie when he comes home after jogging.  He tells her it was a good day because Alexander was dead.  Kathy and Emma come in the room and Jonathan plays with them.  Annie asks why he wasn't at work and he says it's because he called in sick.  Annie sends the girls to the kitchen.  Annie asks how Jonathan knew Alexander was shot.  He said it was on the radio.  Ryan arrives and Emma calls out for Annie.  They run to her side and find her looking at a rifle lying on the floor.  Annie suspects that Jonathan might have shot Alexander, but Ryan disagrees.  Annie decides she doesn’t want to stay at Wildwind after seeing the rifle, so Ryan suggests that they pack up the girls and take them to his place.  Annie goes upstairs to pack.  Jonathan walks in and sees Ryan with the rifle.  Jonathan denies ever seeing the rifle or being responsible for the shooting.  Ryan apologizes for suspecting him.  Emma gives Jonathan a goodbye hug, and everyone leaves.

Tad, Jamie, and Amanda realize that Janet left in the couple's rental car.  Tad calls Derek and tells him Janet has the baby.  Tad sends Jamie and Amanda out to look for Janet.  The couple told Tad how "Mr.  Prince" set up the adoption.  Aidan arrives as Tad is yelling at the couple for referring to the baby as theirs.  Derek comes in and says he has shut down the roads.  Tad leaves to go after Adam.

Aidan tells Jamie and Amanda he found the car Janet stole.  Aidan believes Amanda is the key to finding Janet and the baby.

Colby stands in front of Adam while Krystal holds a gun on him.  J.R. gets the gun from Krystal and it goes off.  No one is hurt.  Colby tells Adam he was hurting the family by keeping Jenny away.  Adam leaves to go to a meeting.  Colby calls him pathetic.  J.R. goes after him, saying he doesn't deserve Colby's love.  Tad walks in as Adam is about to leave.  He accuses Adam of losing Janet and Adam denies working with Janet.  After Tad leaves, Krystal slaps Adam on her way out.

Janet is carrying Jenny through the woods, telling Jenny someone will pay for trying to separate them.

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