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The police are investigating the shooting of Alexander Cambias, Sr., trying to see who was hit.  Derek instructed his men to look for bullet casings.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. was shot, but he is still alive.  He is losing a lot of blood.  Zack shows up at the shooting site, and Derek wants to know why Zach is there.  Zach tells Derek that he wanted to make sure his father reaches his destination to the psychiatric center.  Alexander Cambias, Sr. moves a little and blinks.  Zach and Derek take their time calling for help for Alexander.  Zach asks him to talk, to ask for help, or say something so that he can get assistance soon.  Alexander says nothing.  Even bleeding, Alexander cannot be tricked.  Zach continues to probe Alexander to say something so he can survive.  Alexander sings "Red Rock.”  Zach gives up and calls for an ambulance. 

Tad and Ryan are talking about the kidnapping of Jenny.  Ryan offers help, but Tad says he already has the police, FBI, and Aidan helping. 

Amanda is talking to Janet on the phone.  Babe asks Amanda to switch the phone to speaker so that she may hear.  Amanda loses the signal.  Amanda and Babe tell Tad what they heard over the phone when speaking with Janet.  They heard a man say they he was there to take the baby.  Babe and Amanda are concerned that Krystal went searching for the baby.

Adam opens the door to find Krystal with a gun in her hand.  She shoots one of the bullets to let Adam know that she means business.  She tells him she has four bullets left, and if he wants to live, he had better give up the game, and hand over the baby.  Adam makes the point to Krystal that if she kills him, she'll never find out where the baby is.  Krystal tells Adam that she is not begging him, and he better hand her over her baby.  Adam says he doesn't have Jenny.  Adam blames Janet for stealing baby Jenny.  Krystal says that she doesn't want anything from Adam, just her baby.  Krystal fires another shot, then tells Adam to call the FBI to tell them where to find Janet and Jenny.  Krystal is still pointing the gun at Adam and she says she isn't going to kill him yet, but she might blow off his limbs.  Adam calls her bluff and Krystal shoots the water pitcher.  She says if Adam would've done this to her, she would've forgiven him because she loved him.  They agree that they are both fools.

Janet is talking to the couple that Adam set up to adopt Jenny.  They are saying that they were told the baby was in immediate need of a home, and that everything was taken care of.  Janet, even though shocked, pretends that she just didn't anticipate it this soon.  Janet appears to be attached to the baby.  Janet doesn't want to give up Jenny.  Janet congratulates the new "mom and pop" about getting Jenny, whom they have renamed Jackie.  The supposed new parents ask if Janet is OK since she seems disoriented.  Janet says she is fine.  The man says you were about to make a call.  Janet offers the couple coffeecake.  The man wants Janet to lie down, because she seems disoriented.  She says no, then she takes "Jenny/Jackie" to go get her freshened up before they take her, but instead Janet runs off with the baby.   

Kendall and Josh are fretting over what Zack might do to Alexander Cambias, Sr.  Kendall, after hearing about Alexander, asks if he is dead.  Kendall starts freaking out after thinking Zach shot Alexander.  She speaks her thoughts out loud, and Josh says, “Everyone has a motive to shoot him,” while looking at Hannah.  Hannah becomes defensive and explains to Josh that she has a motive but she did not shoot Alex.  She also noted that she does not know how to use a gun.  Hannah attempts to comfort Kendall, but Josh lets her know that he can take care of his sister.  Hannah walks off to get Kendall a drink.  As she leaves Josh says, “I hate that woman.”  Hannah takes a long time getting the chamomile tea for Kendall.  She tells Kendall it’s good and does not contain caffeine.  She makes Josh get back to work as she congratulates Kendall on the baby.

Ryan bursts in on Annie and she is upset, because he walked in on her working on the fairy tale, his wedding gift.  Ryan tells her that Alexander was shot, but is alive.  Ryan doesn't think Jonathan shot Alexander.  Annie is worried about Jonathan.  Annie asks Ryan to promise that nothing bad will ever happen to Emma or Spike again, and she doesn't want any of their future children to suffer.  She would not want to be in Tad and Krystal’s shoes, suffering heartache.  Ryan promises that if anything does happen, he would fix it.  

Adam and Krystal are still arguing.  Adam blames Krystal for not honoring their marriage and reminds her that she should not have given herself to Tad.  Krystal tries to explain that she can't take back that night.  She tells Adam that she's not perfect.  Adam says he knew Krystal lied to him, but he loved her.  He says if she loved him then she wouldn't have slept with Tad.  She was the love of his life, cried Adam. 

J.R. and Babe are calling for Adam and Krystal, but can't find them.  Babe says this is not good. 

Krystal wants Adam to lead her to the baby.  Colby interrupts.  Adam wants her to go call the police.  Krystal tells her that this is the only way to deal with Adam.  They continue yelling back and forth and Colby tells them to knock it off.  Colby yells, “What is wrong with the two of you?”  She turns to Krystal and asks, “Would you really kill my dad?”  Colby goes on about how she didn't make it easy on them when she first came home, how she thought that they loved Babe and JR more, but then she realized that they loved each other and her, too.  She pleads with Krystal to put the gun down. 

Julia thanks the nurses for walking the picket line.  They have returned to work. 

Alexander has been taken to the hospital.  Dr. Joe tells Derek that the bullet is lodged next to the spine and they have to operate.  Joe walks off and Derek runs to Ryan and asks him where he was tonight.  Ryan asks why.  Derek tells Ryan that he hopes that neither he nor Jonathan is responsible for the shooting.  Ryan tells Derek he should be thanking whoever tried to take Alexander off his hands.  Ryan begins to question Derek on his alibi, because he does not like Derek suspecting Jonathan.

Tad, Amanda, and Jaime arrive at the cabin.  They ask the couple proposing to adopt Jenny if there was a woman there.  They reply that she took the baby to get her changed.  Amanda spots the coffee cake as her mother’s favorite recipe and says her mom was definitely there.  Janet has left with the baby. 

Derek tells police to call him as soon as Forensics is in.  Then Ryan asks him if he has an alibi and Derek says he was in the transport van.  He asks Ryan again about Jonathan.  Ryan tells him to stop trying to make scapegoats out of his family every time there is a shooting in Pine Valley.   

Krystal won't put the gun down until Adam tells her where the baby is.  Colby asks him to tell Krystal where the baby is.  Adam says, “I'm sorry, honey, but I don't know where the baby is.”  Colby says, “You won't tell her, she wants to kill you.  I truly have no family left."

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