AMC Update Thursday 4/26/07

All My Children Update Thursday 4/26/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Josh arrives late at Cambias and Hannah threatens to fire him if it happens again.  Kendall and Zach discuss Alexander being transferred to a psychiatric hospital.  Kendall's afraid that Alex might escape and come after them but Zach assures her that he'll protect her.  Hannah tells Josh he's going to be her administrative assistant.  After Kendall leaves, Zach gets a message and photo from Alex of Kendall with a dart at her neck.

At the yacht club, Jamie blames Amanda for Jenny's disappearance.  Meanwhile, the Coast Guard gets an earful from Tad over their inability to find Adam's yacht.  Tad looks heavenward and speaks aloud to Dixie seeking guidance.  Tad is then informed that the yacht was found but Janet and the baby weren't on board.

Babe and Colby visit Krystal at the hospital.  Amanda comes in and reveals that Janet might have the baby.  Krystal is angered by the fact that Amanda didn't tell anyone about Adam helping Janet escape.  Amanda is soon kicked out of the room.  She runs into Jamie in the hallway and he tells her he needs her help in getting Janet to come out of hiding.

Erica goes to Adam's mansion.  Lt. Perry stops by and interrogates Adam soon after.  Adam denies knowing anything about Janet's disappearance.  While the police leave to search the mansion, Erica tries to get the truth out of Adam.  Since the police couldn't find anything, they leave and warn Adam not to leave town.  Adam uses a fake accent while speaking on the phone to the couple who plan to adopt Jenny on the black market.

Janet is holding the baby, promising to make Adam pay if he lets them down.

Bianca and Zoe return to the set of “New Beginnings.”  Bianca gives Zoe a letter from her father.  In it, Zoe's father offers her support.  Erica arrives and says goodbye to Bianca and Zoe.  Miranda gives Erica a hug.

Tad's stops by the New Beginnings set and asks Erica to make a televised plea to Janet to call Amanda.  Janet is watching and calls Amanda but the adoptive parents of Jenny arrive before she talks to Amanda.

Kendall returns to Cambias and Josh tells her that Zach left right after she did.

Someone shoots Alex as he's being transported to the hospital.

Adam opens the door and Krystal is holding a gun, threatening to kill him if he doesn't give back her daughter.

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