AMC Update Wednesday 4/25/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/25/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

At the Yacht club, the staff busily puts the final touches on the perfect setting. Erica leads Zoe and Bianca to a pool side table for their bon voyage dinner. Unbeknownst to them, family and friends are present to give them a surprise party. As the three reach the table, Jack, Lily, Kendall, Myrtle, Zach, and others jump out and yell, Surprise! Both Zoe and Bianca are touched.

There is another surprise in Pine Valley today. Ryan leads Annie through the park, as she sputters on about the remaining arrangements for their wedding. A professional dancer from “Dancing with the Stars”, Louis Van Amstel, suddenly shows up to give them a private dance lesson. Annie is elated and impressed with Ryan’s “connections”.

At the hospital, Jamie suspects Amanda is withholding information and continues to pressure her about the whereabouts of Jenny and Janet. In the midst of her denial, Babe and J.R. happen to walk up to them. Babe defends Amanda and J.R. sides with Jamie’s tactics. Amanda begins to freeze, when J.R. barrages her with the same questions as Jamie.

On his way to Krystal’s room, Tad calls Aidan for an update on Adam’s activities. Even though Adam has not moved, Tad requests Aidan to continue tailing him. Krystal is still sedated, as Tad enters her hospital room Krystal has lapsed into a dream state. She dreams of Adam telling her “their baby” is okay. Tad observes Krystal’s restlessness. As she calls out for her baby, Tad rubs her arm and tries to quiet her.

In hopes of getting through to Adam, Colby begs him to return Jenny. Initially, Adam believes Colby’s return home is not legitimate and that Krystal has “poisoned her against him”. Colby genuinely expresses her desire to reside with him and relates to his “wrongdoing” through her own. Colby strikes a cord within Adam, when she mentions the forgiveness he has shown her. She promises to forgive him and permanently return home, if he gives back Krystal’s baby.

At the surprise party, Bianca warmly thanks Erica for gathering the family together. Erica turns to Zoe and wishes her a bright future. Erica then approaches Jack. He shares her sentiments about how wonderful it is to have their family all together. Erica excuses herself to speak with the chef. Jack is surprised, when Josh walks up and informs him Erica dumped Jeff. Zoe notices that Zach appears relieved. Zach attributes his improvement to putting his father into a proper perspective. Zoe hopes she is able to do the same with hers. Kendall becomes sentimental about Bianca’s departure. Bianca hugs her and laughingly tells Kendall, “I’m the only one who will put up with you.” Greenlee is lurking and listening in the background. Bianca’s words evoke a memory in Greenlee. She flashes back to a conversation, when she professed her unwavering faith in Kendall and Kendall said the same above words to her.

Krystal tosses and turns, as she now has a nightmare about Adam telling her she will never see Jenny again.

Adam explodes on Colby and accuses her of only acting on Krystal’s behalf. Colby cannot understand her father’s inability to recognize that she is just trying to “do the right thing”. Colby tries again in vain to reach Adam. She begins accepting partial blame for driving him to kidnap Jenny. Adam emphatically denies the accusation again and attempts to throw Colby off by encouraging her to call the police on him.

J.R. throws her mother’s previous crimes at Amanda to force information from her. Based on Amanda’s demeanor, Babe becomes suspicious of Amanda as well. Tad listens in on the conversation and then begs Amanda to come forward. Amanda finally admits to Babe that she knows something. Amanda tells them she saw Janet and that Adam removed her from the sanitarium. Babe, Tad, Jamie, and J.R. start condemning her for withholding this vital information. Feeling guilty, Amanda spills out the other critical information about Adam’s threat. As Amanda promises she did not help him with the leverage, Tad angrily inquires whether Janet has Jenny.

Despite Adam’s efforts, Colby persists. She even offers to return Jenny for Adam and then leave with him on the new yacht. Adam paces, as he ponders her suggestion. With resolution, Adam tells Colby, “I cannot give you what you want.” Colby, in turn, says, “you mean you won’t” and disgustedly storms off. Adam appears saddened by Colby’s decision.

Ava goes to the set of “New Beginnings” and asks one of the crewmen for Erica. When he mistakes her for Lily, Ava assumes the role. The crewman advises her Erica has left and gives her free access to the set Ava rifles through a box of jewelry.

Back at the party, ironically, Lily tells Bianca and Kendall how much her and Ava are alike. Bianca and Kendall encourage Lily to take time in getting acquainted with Ava, as they did. Both sisters want to meet Ava, and wonder why she is absent from the party. Lily advises that Ava is sick.

Ava sits on the stage and practices a mock interview with Erica and then saunters off.

Myrtle and Erica talk about her mother. The conversation shifts to Erica and Jack. Myrtle pushes Erica to reconcile with him. Erica does not know how to respond. With Zach by her side, Kendall shows pictures of Spike to Sean and Lily. Greenlee continues eavesdropping on the party and flashes back to toasting Kendall, when she was supposedly pregnant with her and Ryan’s baby.

Annie and Ryan enjoy their dance lesson. Following instruction, Ryan twirls Annie around. The instructor guides Annie through the romantic steps of the “rumba”. Ryan takes over as her lead, and they slowly practice.

Krystal manages to get up and wanders from her room. In the hallway, the others demand a description of Adam’s hiding place for Janet from Amanda. Amanda explains she was blindfolded. Now impatient, J.R. and Jamie hurl insults. Babe and Tad try to help her focus on her other senses, at the time. Colby returns and listens in the background. Based on Amanda’s description, they realize she is describing the Chandler attic. The men are disappointed, since they already know it is empty. They all look up in shock, when Colby announces she may know the current hiding place.

All guests are now seated around the party table, as Jack makes a toast to Bianca. Greenlee slightly smiles, as she flashes to her conversation with Jack, when he discovers he is her father. Erica rises to toast Zoe with words of encouragement, and Greenlee has a flash back to Erica doing the same with her. Kendall rises, and Josh’s teases her about her verbosity. Kendall warmly toasts her sister and her eventual return in time for her child’s birth. Greenlee begins remembering another talk with Kendall, and flashes to Kendall hugging her and saying, “all I need is you”. Greenlee leaves, as the party attendees continue with their festivities.

Their instructor compliments the dancing couple on their performance. Ryan makes a comment true to life and “the dance”; “If we make a misstep we’ll just keep on dancing”.

Amanda calls Adam at home and demands to see her mother. After a fruitless conversation, Amanda throws her phone across the hospital floor. J.R. happens by her. Amanda anticipates an impending criticism. To her surprise, J.R. empathizes with her situation, since he knows the feeling of being held by Adam clutches.

Krystal sadly gazes through the window of the nursery. Joe walks up to comfort her. Joe assures Krystal she is not being punished for lying about Jenny’s paternity and reminds her no one can completely insulate their children from harm. Krystal tears, as Joe welcomes her to the family.

Josh gets up to toast his entire family. Tad and Jamie interrupt him in midstream.

Suspecting Adam stowed the baby and Janet onboard, Tad frantically asks Jack where he “slipped” the yacht. Jack looks out on the water and notices it is not in its usual spot. To calm Jamie and Tad, Jack goes to make some “calls”, and Erica offers to help.  Harbormasters arrive and Tad and Jamie are hopeful they have information.

Zoe and Bianca go to the hospital to comfort Babe and Krystal. Krystal sobs, when she sees Bianca. Despite Bianca’s warmth and empathy, Krystal believes her misery is Karma for taking Miranda from Bianca. Now feeling the same pain, Krystal deeply apologizes to her. Bianca assures Krystal that her baby will be returned to her. Zoe offers to put off her flight to remain with Babe. Although she will miss her, Babe does not want Zoe to disrupt her plans. Both women cry, as they embrace.

Tad becomes frustrated with the lack of detailed information from the harbormaster. Tad flips, when he learns Adam’s yacht left earlier this afternoon. Tad frantically asks Jack how to reach the Coast Guard.

As music plays:

Babe holds Krystal outside of the baby nursery.

Adam drinks alone.

Zoe, Bianca, and Babe help Krystal back into bed.

Jamie hugs Tad now suited to board ship.

Ryan and Annie sway in the moonlight. As they kiss, Greenlee tearfully watches in disbelief. She begins hearing Ryan’s words to her, “You are all I’ll ever want and need. No one can replace you”.

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