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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/24/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Before Erica reaches the stage for her show, “New Beginnings,” she evades questions from reporters in reference to her show’s guest, Zoe.  Erica exuberantly enters the stage to announce her guest as, “Zoe formerly known as Zarf.”  Bianca remains with a nervous Zoe, in the wings, to provide support.  Since the show is filmed before a live studio audience, the audience gives Zoe thunderous applause.  Zoe appears queasy, before she walks out on stage.

Since Krystal misinterpreted Joe, she insists upon remaining in the baby nursery to find out “which nurse has her baby.”  Both Babe and Joe attempt to coax her away, before she completely understands that Jenny was removed from the hospital.  When Derek arrives with forensic technicians, Krystal suspects something is wrong and becomes hysterical. 

Accompanied by J.R., Tad and Jamie grab Adam in his living room, while demanding answers as to the whereabouts of Jenny.  The three are shocked to learn Adam retained bodyguards for his “protection.”  After Adam instructs the bodyguards to stand down, he starts playing “victim” and denies he kidnapped Jenny.  Adam drops the “act,” when Jamie springs on him that they have a “witness.” 

Babe tries to calm her mother but Krystal is completely unable to process that Jenny has been taken.  Once out of the nursery, Babe manages to relay to Krystal the actualities concerning Jenny.  When the facts finally resonate, Krystal yells out that Adam is responsible and wants Jenny dead.  Unbeknownst to the two women, Colby is present in the hallway and overhears the conversation.  Colby appears sick with worry.

In reaction to Jamie, Adam begins to dismantle their so-called evidence.  Jamie firmly stands his ground.  Adam counters with Jamie’s record of seeking out missing children, like Little A, rather than stealing them.  Tad then begs Adam to put aside his animosity towards Krystal and return Jenny.  Adam tries to dispel their accusation by expressing condolences to Krystal and faulting Tad for his “carelessness.”  J.R. lags behind the other two and informs Adam he is a “Martin now.”  Adam appears wistful, after J.R.  leaves.

Zoe confidently enters the stage and greets Erica with a hug.  The audience responds with an uproarious ovation.  Erica begins her interview.  Zoe provides witty and articulate responses to Erica’s pointed questions in reference to her trans-gender status.  The audience reacts supportively and positively.  While crediting Bianca for her “bravery,” Zoe blows a kiss to Bianca, now seated in the audience.  Bianca smiles and tears in response to Zoe’s acknowledgment

Colby, Krystal, and Babe hold hands, as they listen in on Joe’s physical description of the “temps” present in the nursery to Derek.  When Joe advises him that the security video was comprised, Krystal approaches Derek with her supposition that Adam is the kidnapper.  After Derek suggests the culprit could be a childless woman, Krystal tries to impress upon him the danger involved if Adam is the perpetrator. 

Adam calls Janet to check on Jenny.  Janet profusely thanks Adam for the baby.  To keep Janet cooperative, Adam continues to manipulate her.

Erica allows questions from the audience.  Initially the process goes smoothly without a hitch.  Without revealing the identity of the “parties,” Bianca poses as a questioner to gain insight from Zoe about their relationship.  Zoe’s general answers give Bianca the “green light” to pursue her.  The final questioner directs the last question to Erica, and asks why she would allow “this filth from a pervert.”  Zoe appears unmoved, Bianca becomes upset, and Erica struggles to collect herself.  The woman continues her negative barrage of questions posed to Erica.  Bianca stands next Zoe on stage and encourages her to leave.  As Zoe and Bianca watch with pride, Erica thoughtfully responds by incorporating her personal challenges with accepting Bianca’s sexuality and reminding the audience that Zoe agreed to this appearance to help others.  The audience enthusiastically and supportively applauds.  Erica warmly embraces both Zoe and Bianca. 

Tad approaches Derek at the hospital and informs him they checked Adam’s house for Jenny without success.  After Derek chastises him and J.R. for “doing things without the police,” Tad quips that the police “need to kick it up a notch” and then walks to Krystal’s room.  Now derailed by Adam, J.R. mentions Janet as a suspect to Derek.  At this point, an officer approaches with Jenny’s identification bracelet which was found in elevator three.  Derek takes this opportunity to stick it to J.R. and the board for being “cheap” and causing the strike.

Stuart confronts Adam about Jenny’s disappearance.  Seated in front of his chessboard in his living room, Adam makes a smug remark about Tad.  Uncharacteristically, Stuart swipes the chessboard pieces to the floor to show Adam “he’s not playing.”

Krystal strikes Tad out of frustration that he could not find Jenny.  Tad tries to console her and asks Babe for some privacy with Krystal.  Babe waits outside the door and becomes more and more distraught.  Amanda happens by, and Babe tells her about the situation.  Amanda gives Babe a supportive hug and wonders if her mother is a suspect.  Babe tells her they are suspicious of Adam.

Since Stuart can read Adam better than anyone, he does not buy Adam’s claims of innocence.  He points out that Jenny is just an innocent baby.  Without success, Adam tries to guilt Stuart for not believing him.  Stuart hopes to get through to Adam by invoking their sister, Charlotte.  He leaves Adam with her likely condemnation of his acts.  Adam begins to reflect.

Tad assures Krystal that Adam will be held accountable, if he is responsible.  Tad then informs her Aidan is tailing him.  Krystal becomes angry, when Tad equivocates about whether Adam is the kidnapper.  J.R. joins Babe and Amanda in the hall, as they watch Krystal’s meltdown through the hospital room window.  J.R. tries to stop Babe, as she runs off in desperation.  At this point, Jeff approaches them.  As Tad attempts to reassure Krystal, the other four enter her room.  Jeff has a sedative, and Krystal refuses the shot.  Jeff manages to sedate her anyway.  Before it takes effect, Krystal screams out her fears about Adam.  Without anyone noticing, Amanda goes in the hall and calls Adam.  Adam answers, believing she has leverage material for him.  Instead, Amanda blasts him about his sadistic acts.

Erica announces Zoe’s performance.  The audience cheers and dances, as Zoe performs her new song, “The Me Inside”.  Erica and Bianca are thrilled.

The sedative takes effect.  Before Krystal goes out, Babe and Tad again reassure her.  J.R. follows Babe outside the room.  Babe expresses regret for her actions, as J.R. reflects on his memories of looking for Little A.  J.R. tells Babe his theories that Janet is responsible.  As Babe questions the soundness of J.R.’s suspicions, Jamie grabs him from behind.  Jamie goes off on a tirade and blames J.R. and the board for the kidnapping.  J.R. calmly responds.  Jamie will not relent, and the two begin to fight physically.  Babe is able to break them up, as Derek approaches, looking for Tad.  Tad comes out and Derek shows a saddened Tad the evidence found in the elevator.  Amanda is still standing nearby, and insists that Adam retrieve the baby from her mother.  Adam breaks Amanda with a reminder of Janet’s fragile state, and she begins to sob. 

Adam cuts her off to answer another call.  The caller gives him information concerning the anxious “adoptive parents.”  Janet beeps in and gives Adam a list of “necessities” for “their baby.”  Unexpectedly, Colby walks in, and Adam abruptly ends his conversation.  Colby works Adam, and tells him she wants to return home.  As Adam excitedly embraces her, Colby startles him with her request to return Jenny to Krystal.

Joe checks on Krystal, while Babe and J.R. stand in background.  Jamie talks to Amanda outside of Krystal’s room.  During their discussion about Jenny, Jamie becomes suspicious that Amanda is withholding information.  Amanda reacts defensively and storms off.  Jamie follows her.

Seated next to Krystal’s bedside, Tad begins to cry about Kate and Jenny.  Joe consoles his son.

The “adoptive parents” excitedly look at Jenny’s photograph and refer to her as “theirs.” 

Janet cradles Jenny, and warmly talks to her.

Bianca watches Erica with admiration, as she summarily fires her producer, Leon for “setting up” Zoe.  Despite her former statements to the contrary, Bianca tells Erica she could only hope “to be like her” and hugs her appreciatively.

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