AMC Update Monday 4/23/07

All My Children Update Monday 4/23/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall was upset when Erica told her that Zoe and Bianca were both moving to Europe.  Erica and Zoe had to leave for a sound check on the set.  Alone in Erica's office, Bianca defends her decision to Kendall about returning to Paris.  Erica comes back in to get her notes, and Bianca accuses her of planning to humiliate Zoe.  Before Erica can answer, she gets called back to the set.  After Kendall leaves, Bianca warns Zoe that Erica might make things difficult for her during the interview but Zoe assures her she can handle Erica.

J.R. and Jamie try making Tad feel better since Jenny is missing.

Adam visits Janet and Jenny in the attic.  Janet asks if he took Krystal's baby.  He admits it, which angers Janet since he's involving an innocent baby in this.  Adam then talks Janet into taking care of Jenny.

At the Cambias building, Hannah tells Zach how unfair it is that Alex isn't going to prison.  Zach is choosing not to think about it since he wants to be free of his father.  Hannah asks what he would've done if he had known about her pregnancy.  He said he would've protected both her and their child.  Zach then tells her that Kendall's pregnant.  Kendall walks in and Hannah wishes her the best.  She then storms to her own office, throwing things around.  Josh comes in and asks if she's okay.  Hannah tells Josh to mind his own business.  After threatening to fire him if he told anyone what happened, she told him to leave.

Stuart goes to see Krystal at the hospital.  Krystal tells Stuart to tell Adam to stay away from Jenny.  Babe tells Stuart about Adam leaving Krystal while she was in labor.  Tad questions a nurse and she tells him the man in the nursery had white hair and might have looked like Stuart.  Babe overhears the conversation and realizes the Jenny is missing.  Babe agrees not to tell Krystal what happened.  Tad, Jamie, and J.R. leave for the attic.  Babe returns to Krystal's room.  Krystal senses that something's not right.  Krystal decides to go to the nursery, but the guard won't let her through.  She manages to get past him as Joe shows up.  Krystal asks where her daughter is and Joe tells her that Jenny is missing.

Tad, Jamie and J.R. go to the attic, but Janet, Adam, and the baby were already gone.  Adam is downstairs talking to a man about adopting Jenny.  Tad comes in and grabs Adam by the collar.  He threatens to kill him if he doesn't return his daughter.

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