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Stuart is at the hospital with Marian, his wife.  They are volunteering because of the strike.  Stuart is concerned about Adam’s state of mind since he has lost his family. 

Adam is in his study sitting and remembering Charlotte.  He thinks about Stuart’s words saying that Adam loves Charlotte and that he still love Krystal.  He flashes back to Krystal words, as well, saying that she loves Adam.  Krystal appears to Adam and asks for forgiveness.   Adam adamantly responds “no”.  Adam’s big concern is how can he trust and forgive Tad. 

Emma sits on Ryan’s lap as he reads the story about Queen Annabelle.  Annie enters the room.  Ryan tells her how wonderful the story is.  Annie wanted the story to be a wedding present and is a little disappointed that Ryan read it and ruined the surprise. 

Bianca asks Zach if she could be transferred to the Paris office.  Zach teases her about the closeness of the Paris office to London.  Zach asks her if her request has anything to do with Zoe.  They laugh about it.  Bianca asks Zach to break the news to Kendall.  Zach promises to get the paperwork started for the transfer. 

Zoe is at “New Beginnings” in Erica’s office.  They are feeding each other’s ego with compliments.  Erica says that she heard Zoe’s demo and wants to have her on her show.  Zoe thinks about it then says, “How can I turn down Erica Kane?” 

The hospital is in chaos as the temporary nurses try to learn the procedures and location of items.  Colby, Babe, J.R., and Tad are in Krystal’s hospital room to help her get ready to leave the hospital with Jenny Colby.  Krystal starts to tear up as she thanks all of them for being there for her.  She tells them that she dreamed of leaving the hospital with her new baby and going home to her husband.  She knows that that isn’t going to happen now, but is glad that she is in better shape now than when she was admitted.    

Opal walks into Krystal’s room and asks about her new grandbaby. 

Jamie walks into Adam’s study and asks, “Where is she?” 

Opal asks Tad what is the expected time of arrival for the new baby Jenny.   

J.R. and Tad talk about the strike and Tad accuses J.R. and the board.  J.R. blames management.  He tells Krystal that he wanted to stop by with the keys to the condo and Colby says that it is going to be like living in a sorority.  Krystal tells her that this “sorority” has strict rules about school attendance and sends her off to school.  J.R. is astounded and pleased that Colby listened to Krystal. 

Opal makes amends with Krystal, citing the grandbaby as the reason.  Opal gives Krystal a sterling silver, engraved rattle engraved with the name “Jenny.”  It belonged to Opal’s daughter, Jenny for whom Krystal’s baby is named. 

Tad and J.R. head to the nursery to pick up baby Jenny since the nurses are taking their time bringing her to Krystal’s room.   

Jamie asks Adam where Janet Dillon is.  They exchange accusations.  Jamie warns Adam to back off.  Jamie leaves Adam with a cutting remark.  He tells him that his little sister, Jenny, looks just like her dad. 

Annie and Ryan are discussing the reversal of the vasectomy.  She asks him not to reverse it for her.  Ryan explains the reason for getting the vasectomy, and the reason for his change-of-heart.  Ryan states that he wants lots of kids.  They tease about how many.  Annie gets serious and asks Ryan to adopt Emma. 

Zach has worked it out with Bianca.  They pretend that he asked her to relocate to the Paris office.  Kendall walks in and overhears part of the conversation.  She appears to be pleased, because she wants to separate Zoe and Bianca.  Zach and Bianca fool Kendall into thinking that it was Zach’s idea to transfer, not Bianca’s.  Zach looks amused as he gets a kiss from Kendall. 

Zoe agrees to be on “New Beginnings.”  Zoe states that she cannot say no to Erica Kane. 

Tad advises J.R. to get out of Joe’s face about the strike.  Jenny’s crib is empty, no baby.  Tad asks, “Where is she?  Where is Jenny?”  Tad and J.R. tell Joe that Jenny is gone.  Joe tells them that the hospital does not lose babies.  Tad replies that hospital with temps do.  Tad tells Joe that he will tear the place apart. 

Kendall tells Zach that he is transferring Bianca to Paris because he loves her.  He cannot say no to her because he loves her and Zach just smiles.  Derek walks into “Fusion” and tells Zach that he has news about his father.  Kendall leaves to join Bianca and Erica at “New Beginnings.”   

Ryan agrees to adopt Emma.  He thinks that it is the best wedding present ever.  Annie and Ryan kiss.   

Stuart figures out what Adam might be up to.  He tells Marian that he must protect Jenny from Adam. 

Joe puts security on finding Jenny.  Tad is angry.  Tad asks, “Where is my daughter?”  Tad looks afraid.  Tad states out loud, “No, this cannot be happening.” 

Derek tells Zach that his father is being moved to the Psychiatric Center.  Zach tells Derek that he does not care where his father is as long as he is locked up and does not kill anyone else.  Derek wishes that he could get his head where Zach’s head is.  He wants Alexander to die by lethal injection because of what he did to Dani and the others.  He wants Alexander to go straight to hell.  Zach tells him that it can still happen.    

Bianca, Zoe, and Erica are talking.  Bianca tells Erica she is moving to Paris.  Erica and Zoe look surprise.  Erica asks Bianca to give the move more thought.  Erica is concerned about how Kendall will feel. 

Someone is reading the news on the Internet.  There is an article about the Satin Slayer and his insanity.  A green butterfly is on the table.  A flashback is made to Ryan giving the pin to Greenlee.  The person makes a call to book a one-way ticket to Pine Valley.  They show the face of the new Greenlee.   


Kendall walks in and is shocked that Zoe is with Bianca.  Zoe and Bianca are talking about visiting each other while Zoe is in London and Bianca is in Paris.  They talk about sharing their favorite places and eating their favorite foods in Paris and in London.  They look at each other lovingly.  Kendall walks in, sees their joy and she shows a look of concern. 

For some reason that Opal, Krystal, and Babe do not know, the baby has not been brought up.  Opal has to leave to return to her shift.  She will return when they call her to tell her that the baby is in Krystal’s room. 

Joe confirms to Tad and J.R. that Jenny is missing.  She is not in the hospital.   

Adam is talking to a man named Mr. Gates.  He tells the man that he understands that he places babies for adoption with no questions asked.  He tells the man that he has a newborn baby girl that he might be interested in.  Nearby, Baby Jenny is asleep in her car seat.

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