AMC Update Thursday 4/19/07

All My Children Update Thursday 4/19/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At ConFusion, Hannah gets drunk while Ryan, Annie, and Di celebrate Ryan and Annie's engagement.  Del is angry that his friends are so happy despite Alexander not going to trial.  Di tells Del that Alexander won't ruin their fun.  Derek and Tad toast Jenny.  Derek goes to the table where Ryan, Jonathan, Annie, Del, and Di are and warns them not to take matters into their own hands, regarding Alexander.  Jonathan believes Derek's comments are only directed at him.  Jonathan assures everyone he won't go after Alexander.

Erica arrives at Jack's house and tells him and Aidan she saw Ava at the hotel instead of Lily.  When they walk into the house, Lily introduces them to her sister, Ava.  Ava starts to think it's best to leave when Jack and Erica question her motives.  Lily says that if Ava leaves, she'll leave too.  Lily goes into the kitchen to make Ava a sandwich.  That gives Jack, Erica, and Aidan the chance to talk to Ava in private.  Ava apologizes to Erica for lying, but says she was star struck when she met her.  Jack is afraid she might hurt Lily.  Ava says Di was the only person in Pine Valley who's been nice to her.  She figures out that Aidan made Jack and Erica think she's a hooker but, she explains, she's only a thief.  Sean comes in and is introduced to Ava.  Jack tells Ava that she can stay, but will kick her out if she causes any problems.  Lily comes back with Ava's sandwich.  Ava goes outside and has it out with Aidan.  Speaking to Erica, Jack refers to Lily as "their daughter.  Erica tells Jack that Bianca and Kendall had a rough start, but eventually became friends so she's confident of the current situation.

Jeff tells Julia that the board hasn't made a decision.  J.R. overhears Julia complaining, and explains that the hospital needs new equipment.  Julia says that the nurses need more money or they'll walk.  Jamie walks up to J.R. and says he considers him an enemy as long as he stays with Adam.  Julia's upset because Jeff says the hospital has called in temporary staff.  J.R. tells Jamie he shouldn't act so holier than thou, since Tad slept with Krystal.  Jeff shakes his head to Julia, indicating that the nurses aren't going to get paid more so they go on strike.

Babe and Colby leave to get Krystal some ice cream.  Josh stops by to check on Krystal.  They have a conversation and she tells him how heartbroken she is over losing Adam.  Babe overhears Josh telling Krystal that he's letting go of Babe and starting a new life.  Krystal says she understands why he wanted her to tell Adam the truth about Jenny's paternity.  As Josh walks out, Babe thanks him for his kind words.  J.R. comes to see Krystal, who's eating ice cream with Babe and Colby.  He tells them that he has leased out Ryan's old condo for them.  J.R. and Babe go off to discuss visitation arrangements for Little Adam.  Babe goes back with the girls, feeling like she's finally free.

Adam continues to deny being the cause of Jamie's car accident.  He tells Amanda they should be lucky they're alive.  Adam tells Amanda that the box he gave her was useless.  She tells him that she thought the box had important information.  Amanda asks how Janet is doing, but Adam refuses to tell her anything until she gets him dirt on Tad and Jamie.  Adam throws the box across the room in anger and kicks Amanda out.  Stuart stops by to check on Adam.  He's surprised to learn Colby has moved out also.  Stuart hands Adam a note from a messenger.  The note is from Tad who wants Adam to make it clear that Jenny isn't his daughter.  Adam thinks that doing this will embarrass him.  Stuart tells Adam that he's going to the hospital and will tell Jenny that Adam loves her, even though he won't admit it.  Adam swears to get Jenny out of his life.

Jamie finds Derek at ConFusion and tells him about Adam running him off the road but Derek can't go anything without evidence.  Amanda asks Jamie to leave Adam alone so they can search for Janet.  Julia parties with Jamie at ConFusion in order to forget her problems.

Tad visits Jenny at the hospital.  He tells her about his sister and promises he'll always protect her.  Tad rushes to tell Krystal his experience of feeding Jenny.

A woman sits at her computer looking at an article which contains pictures of Ryan, Kendall, Zach, and Alexander.  She enlarges the picture of Ryan.  Next to her computer is a green butterfly pin. 

Adam visits Jenny at the hospital, and he is pretending to be Stuart.

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