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Adam returns home with Kathy’s box, given to him by Amanda.  Curious to know its contents, Adam haphazardly riffles through it and misses Kathy’s adoption documents, bearing Greg Madden’s name as attending physician.  J.R. tries to avoid further confrontation, as he passes Adam on his way out.  Surprisingly, Adam stops J.R. from leaving and tells him, “I’m going to work things out.”

To alleviate his anger from the results of Alexander’s hearing, Tad visits Krystal and Jenny in Krystal’s hospital room.  As Tad joyously cradles Jenny, Krystal starts in on him about “their situation.”  Krystal backs off, when Tad tells her that Alexander escaped prosecution.

Kendall, Babe, and Annie try to distract themselves from the court ruling by working at Fusion.  Ryan notices the women are unable to concentrate and tries to calm them.  Babe offers to take Kendall home.  Appearing queasy, Kendall rushes out of the room.

Zach goes to see Alexander in his holding cell to “compliment his performance.”  Alexander maintains his charade.  Zach, in an ominous tone, then advises him, “you’re as good as dead.”  Zach continues to bait Alexander without success.  He then taunts him about the freedoms he is giving up to maintain his  psychosis. 

Despite Kendall’s insistence that she is self sufficient, Annie stays with her in the bathroom.  While waiting for the two women, Ryan and Babe start talking about Annie.  Babe compares Annie’s initial work situation to hers.  Babe tells Ryan that Erin protected her from the others at Fusion.  Ryan becomes upset and requests Babe to stop.

Krystal and Tad continue their conversation.  Tad marvels at his beautiful new baby and compliments Krystal.  Krystal thanks Tad for not throwing his accurate “call” about Adam in her face.

Out of curiosity, J.R. gives Adam an opportunity to speak.  Shortly after Adam proceeds, J.R. grows impatient with Adam’s syrupy comments about Dixie.  J.R. again listens, as Adam empathizes with their shared “loss of a son.”  Infuriated that his father referred to him in that context, J.R. starts to walk out.  Adam stops J.R. by telling him, “I believe this family is salvageable.” 

Krystal acknowledges to Tad she endangered their baby by ignoring his warnings.  Tad, in turn, tries to make light of Krystal’s mistakes.  Krystal promises to legally establish Tad’s paternity and “to make things right.”  Krystal admits that she is thankful Tad is Jenny’s father instead of Adam.  Familiar with Tad’s excellent parental instincts, Krystal then realizes why Dixie wanted Tad to raise the baby and not Adam.

J.R. negatively reacts to Adam’s comment about “family.”  He begins to scorn Adam for his recent conduct regarding Krystal and Jamie.  To forge a bond with J.R., Adam reminds J.R. he is the only one “who truly understands him,” not the Martins.  Adam wants to rekindle their father-son relationship and leaves the ultimate decision to J.R.

Babe apologizes to Ryan for her unintended insensitivity.  Ryan’s reaction to the apology surprises Babe.  Realizing Babe feels guilty for living, Ryan wanted her to stop talking about Erin for Babe’s sake not his.  As Babe admits those feelings of guilt, Ryan reminds her of her contributions and how many people love her.  Ryan encourages Babe to go enjoy herself, and before leaving, Babe gives Ryan an appreciative hug. 

At Cambias and after the “ruling,” Hannah slams her files on her desk out of sheer frustration.  Hannah then rejects Josh’s empathetic offer “to shoot hoops.”  Josh backs off and “gets to work” with Hannah.

Still in the bathroom, Annie comforts Kendall, now fearful Alexander is still a threat.  Annie relates to Kendall’s mental state, since she felt the same way about Terry.  Annie reaches out to Kendall and shares a confidence she has never repeated to anyone.  Kendall feels consolation, when she learns Annie prayed for Terry’s death and thanked God for answering her.  Kendall wonders if she should pray for Alexander’s death.

Zach does not give up on goading Alexander.  He leaves Alexander with two parting “gifts,” first, the thought he may be Raymond’s son; and second, his childhood wind-up teddy bear that plays “Lets Go to Red Rock.”  As Zach walks out, he tauntingly hums the melody.  Alexander clenches his hand to the wheel chair, in response.

Annie encourages Kendall “to fight” for her happy future.  Zach finds Kendall and Annie bonding in the lavatory. 

Colby thoughtfully brings Krystal “room service,” and then cradles Jenny in her arms.  Babe arrives and joins the “party.”  Krystal worries about the effects of the “ruling” on Babe.  Babe assures her that she is all right and smiles agreeably in reaction to Colby moving in with them. 

J.R. questions whether the ball is truly in his court.  Adam then predicates their “father-son reunion” on J.R.’s return of Chandler Enterprises to him.  J.R. does not believe that Adam only has one contingency.  J.R.’s instincts are accurate, since Adam requires “one more thing.”

Now alone, Zach ascertains that Kendall is okay.  Kendall notices that Zach appears relieved.  Zach attributes his mind set to “his family.”  After further pressing from Kendall, Zach adds his visit with his father oddly “empowered him.” 

Hannah tries to be “all business” as Josh attempts again to reach out to her.  Hannah shuns his efforts and storms off.

At Confusion, Tad and Derek commiserate about the day’s events over a drink.  Although he would love to seek retribution against Alexander, Derek decides to change the course of their conversation.  Derek smiles and toasts Tad in celebration of Jenny’s birth.  Tad then raises his glass to Derek’s.

Even though she regrets hurting her father, Colby cannot condone his actions towards Krystal.  Krystal embraces her and refers to Colby as her daughter.  Babe assures Colby, with a warm hug, that she wants Colby to live with them.  Krystal smiles and tears at the sight of them hugging.

Adam springs his second condition on J.R.  Adam tearfully asks J.R. to convince Colby not to live with Krystal.  Still leery of Adam, J.R. tries to clarify what Adam will “do in return.”  Adam pledges his loyalty.  J.R. pauses, when Adam asks for a commitment.  After consideration, J.R. does not buy Adam’s “act.”  J.R. chastises Adam for making his company a “priority” over Colby.  Both men hurl mutual insults at each other.  Satisfied he read his father accurately, J.R. smiles as he leaves.

Colby excitedly discusses her plans for Jenny’s future with Babe and Krystal.  When she mentions planning Jenny’s “sweet 16”, Krystal and Babe simultaneously laugh and yell out, “No!”  Krystal throws food at her for extra measure.

Zach and Kendall emerge from the restroom.  Kendall announces to Annie that she is assigning her to head a national campaign.  Annie is overwhelmed by the opportunity, and Ryan proudly strokes Annie’s shoulder.  Kendall then sincerely asks for rain check to Annie’s dinner invitation.  Zach and Ryan are amazed with the apparent bond now forged between the formerly adversarial women.

With raised soda cups, Krystal and Babe officially make Colby an honorary “Carey woman.”  Colby is touched.  Babe and Krystal initiate Colby with the “pinkie pledge.”  All three women clasp pinkies and say, “We deserve the best, and together we can always get it.”

Now infuriated, Adam continues ripping through the box, and the adoption documents get thrown to the floor.  Desperate to get leverage over Tad and Jamie, Adam summons Amanda to his house.  He threatens her with “grave” consequences, if she does not comply.

Still at Fusion, the two couples try to ignore the positive television coverage of Alexander’s hearing.  After Zach and Kendall leave, Ryan confides in Annie his concerns about Jonathan’s reaction to the “ruling.”

At ConFusion, Hannah tears, as she flashes back to Alexander’s contemptuous words when she was pregnant with Ethan, her recent confrontation with him through cell bars, and the court’s decision remanding him to a sanitarium.  Hannah orders a drink to shut out her thoughts.

The identity of the gloved hand reaching for the assault rifle is revealed, as Del picks it up.

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