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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Amanda blasts a Pine Valley police officer for the department’s failure to locate her mother.  After abruptly closing her door on him, she helps Julia go through Kathy’s belongings in their living room.  Julia hastily opens one of the boxes.  She nonchalantly tosses some documents on the sofa, without reviewing them.  When Amanda gets up to play with Kathy, a close shot on the paperwork reveals that Kathleen Mershon was adopted in 2002 with Greg Madden as her attending physician.

Colby goes to visit Baby Jenny, at the hospital.  When Sean meets her there, Colby tells him she is glad Adam is not Jenny’s father.  Disgusted with her father, Colby adds he does not deserve to have Jenny as his child.

Adam surprises Krystal with a visit.  Assuming he came to the hospital to apologize, Krystal preemptively rejects him.  In response, Adam defensively assures her that "an apology" is not the purpose of his visit.

Alexander’s victims stand motionlessly, as he is wheeled past them by escorts into the courtroom.  Now seated, Zach, Kendall, Jonathan, Babe, J.R., Tad, Ryan, and others are rendered speechless by the spectacle.  As the Judge convenes court for Alexander’s Competency Hearing, Josh slips in the courtroom without Babe noticing him.  When the Judge addresses Alexander, he begins spouting nonsensical riddles and rises from his wheel chair.  As the Judge tries to maintain order through Alexander’s counsel, a shackled Alexander remains standing and begins screaming louder and louder.  His victims try not to react to Alexander’s efforts to appear deranged.  Alexander’s counsel attributes his behavior to his diminished mental capacity.  In response to counsel’s representation to the court, Jack advises the Judge that Alexander is malingering.  When the Judge comments on the strength of psychiatric reports, Del has an outburst about Dixie.  The Judge calls a recess, and the court deputies escort Del out.  Di advises Aidan that she must check on Del.  Jonathan picks up where Del left off, and Annie tries to quiet him.  Babe finally notices Josh, as he walks up to Zach and whispers in his ear.  When Zach reacts with a slight smirk, Kendall becomes curious about Josh’s whispered comment.  Zach just tells Kendall that Josh will be back.

Amanda and Julia talk about her missing mother.  Julia assures her everyone at Wildwind is behind her.  Julia is getting ready to leave Wildwind with Kathy and she quickly throws Kathy’s adoption paperwork back into the box without noticing the subject matter of the papers. 

During the court recess, Zach grows restless and walks out.  Tad empathizes with him.  Kendall looks to Babe for comfort, and Babe tightly squeezes her hand.  As J.R. walks outside of the courtroom, Tad stops Jamie from following him.  As Di attempts to calm Del, J.R. approaches them.  Presuming that J.R. is going to be confrontational, Del shuns J.R.  Despite Del’s presumption, J.R. manages to thank him for his words regarding Dixie.  In return, Del quiets down.

Colby and Sean gaze in wonderment at Jenny.  Sean offers comfort and support to Colby when she advises she has joined the ranks of J.R. as “non-child” to Adam.  Meanwhile, Adam accuses Krystal of taking his daughter away from him.  Krystal justifies Colby’s decision.  Adam hurls a repertoire of insults regarding Krystal and her two daughters.  Krystal then terminates the conversation.  Adam menacingly leans over Krystal’s bed and threatens her with Jenny.  With strong conviction, Krystal warns Adam he will suffer grave consequences, if he touches her daughter.  Adam insists that Colby will stay with him, since Krystal does not have any legal rights to her.  Krystal retorts Colby will embarrass him, in the event of a court proceeding.  To support her position, Krystal reminds Adam of Colby’s courage, despite his efforts to turn her against Krystal.  As Krystal threatens to call security on Adam, he evilly chuckles and finally leaves.

Jack’s voice echoes in Kendall’s ears, as he cross-examines one of the psychiatric witnesses.  Realizing Kendall is not holding up, a pensive Zach encourages her to go home.  Kendall excuses herself to go the restroom and declines Babe’s help.  Hannah follows Kendall.  With strong assurance, Hannah promises a distraught Kendall, “Alexander will longer be a threat, after today.”

Colby excitedly relays to Sean part of the details of Jenny’s delivery.  Although very proud of her, Sean is not enthusiastic to hear the “gory” details.  Delivering Jenny gave Colby perspective about the true meaning of love.  She now recognizes that common DNA does automatically make people “family.”  Sean holds Colby from behind and opens his home to her.  Adam is lurking in the area and eavesdropping, unbeknownst to them.

Julia approaches Joe Martin about the impending nurse’s strike.  Joe requests Julia to give him 24 hours to attempt to meet the nurses’ union demands.  Julia observes Josh in a restricted area of the hospital.  She catches him with a drug vile and cautions him not to remove it.  Josh justifies his actions, as a means to prevent Alexander from getting away with his charade.  Joe walks in on the situation and requests privacy with Josh.  Once alone, Joe forbids Josh to break the law.  Josh then reminds Joe that he “bent the rules” with respect to Babe.  Joe differentiates the two situations and again prevents a frustrated Josh from committing this criminal act.

Colby and Sean are both confronted by a cross-armed Adam.  Colby ignores his warning to stay away from Krystal and Sean.  As Colby walks off, Adam physically stops Sean from following her.  Sean flippantly disregards Adam’s caution concerning Colby.  Now alone, Adam stares at Jenny through the nursery window.

When Josh returns to the courthouse, he bumps into Kendall in the hallway.  He evades her curiosity by rushing into the courtroom.  Zach nods, as Josh again whispers more information.  Jack calls Alexander to the stand, just as Kendall walks back inside passing Hannah.  Hannah gives Kendall a confident look.  Alexander is completely non-responsive to Jack’s questions.  As Jack throws his heinous crimes at him, Babe and Kendall flash back to their near deaths.  Tad, Jamie, and J.R. flash back to Dixie’s final moments.  Jonathan and Ryan start flashing back to Erin’s murder scene.  Tad flashes to a kiss from Simone, and Aidan thinks about Erin.  Derek flashes to Dani in the hospital.  Josh looks over at Babe, as he flashes to Babe’s resuscitation.  When Alexander does not even wince, the Judge stops Jack’s examination.  The courtroom begins to buzz, when Jack calls Zach as his next witness.

Colby goes to see Krystal who reminds her that Adam adores her.  Colby then perceives Krystal is now rejecting her.  To convince Colby that she misunderstood her point, Krystal lovingly embraces Colby and refers to her as Jenny’s big sister. 

Adam obsessively stares at Jenny.  Joe notices Adam and questions his presence there.  When Adam ignores Joe, Joe forewarns Adam about his future intentions towards him.

Zach takes the stand.  Jack slowly works up to a bombshell.  In hopes of baiting Alexander into dropping his “act,” Zach testifies that DNA proves he is Raymond’s son not Alexander’s.  Kendall looks flabbergasted.  Commotion begins in the courtroom, as Alexander slowly rises.  Everyone anxiously anticipates Alexander’s demise.  Instead, Alexander stares down Zach and begins chanting his maniacal rhymes.  Ryan shakes his head in disappointment.  While awaiting the Judge’s decision, Hannah fixedly watches Kendall comfort Zach.  Annie soothes Ryan in the hallway.  When Jack doubts his own performance, Jonathan assures him that he fought mightily.  The Judge regretfully pronounces his ruling.  Alexander maintains his composure.  The courtroom audience collectively shouts out, “NO!” as the Judge commits Alexander to a sanitarium.  Even though the courtroom starts emptying, Tad remains frozen in his chair.  Zach, Babe, and Kendall watch the deputies wheel him away.

Amanda is shocked to discover Adam seated in her living room.  With foreboding doom in his voice, Adam strikes fear in her for failing to follow through.  Amanda unsuccessfully attempts to appear unshaken.  Using her mother as leverage, Adam forces Amanda to produce information about Jamie and Tad.  Amanda grabs for anything to placate Adam.  She hands him Kathy’s box not realizing its contents.

Krystal holds dearly onto Colby, as she welcomes her to the Carey family.

Annie, Ryan, Kendall, and Zach discuss their frustration with the outcome.  Babe joins them in the hallway and compliments Zach’s efforts to break Alexander.  After acknowledging he truly is Alexander’s son, Zack excuses himself from the rest.

Aidan sits next to a solemn Tad and opines on his concept of “justice” being “a bullet to the head.” 

Meanwhile, a gloved hand reaches for an assault rifle.

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