AMC Update Monday 4/16/07

All My Children Update Monday 4/16/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
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Bianca and Zoe decide not to end their relationship but they didn't know how they were going to have a relationship.  Zoe says Bianca was her inspiration, but she still has other priorities.  Bianca understands because of her priority to Miranda as a mother.  Bianca is still sad about Zoe going to London.  Zoe takes out her hormones and gives them to Bianca.  Zoe wants Bianca to share the moment with her while she takes the pills so, Bianca pours a glass of water for Zoe.  Zoe is both afraid and excited, but took the pills.  After that, they cuddle together and watch a movie.

Lily asks Ava who is she.  Ava explains that they're half sisters.  Ava tells her that Aidan found her first.  Lily then realizes that Aidan lied to her.  Ava thinks it was because of her lifestyle but Lily doesn't care about that.  Lily notices Ava's bruise and asks if Ava was attacked because she didn't want to have sex.  Lily then tells her how she encountered a creep also.  Lily agrees to teach Ava math if she teaches her how to read someone's face.  Lily and Ava decide that they want to have a relationship as sisters.

Zach is upset that his father might get away with murder.  Zach explains to Kendall that Alexander is going to plead insanity.  Zach leaves in order to stop his father.  Kendall calls Ryan and he stops over with Annie.  Kendall tells them the situation and asks Ryan to stop Zach from doing something stupid.  Ryan agrees and leaves.

Adam finds Colby in her room but Colby isn't happy to see him.  She's angry with Adam for leaving Krystal.  Colby tells him she's moving in with Krystal and the baby.  Adam threatens to disown Colby if she leaves but Colby leaves in disgust.

Krystal is in her hospital room with her baby.  Tad comes in and tells her he created a trust for child support and reserved a room for Krystal at the Pine Valley Inn.  Tad then says he wants Krystal and Jenny move in with him after his house is fixed.  Krystal is upset and tells Tad he isn't in charge of her life.

Babe and J.R. are at the hospital.  Babe thanks J.R. for his help, but reminds him that they're still getting a divorce.  Babe asks about a delay in their divorce because J.R.'s attorney misplaced their tax returns.  J.R. promises he'll look into it.  J.R. spots Jamie and asks if he still plans to get revenge against Adam.  Jamie says he'll leave Adam alone if Adam does the same.

Babe goes into Krystal's room.  Tad leaves after getting a phone call.  Babe promises to take care of Krystal.  The nurse comes and takes Jenny.  Babe turns on the TV and the news is talking about Alexander's trial.  Babe leaves for the courthouse.  Krystal falls asleep.  She wakens and finds Adam standing in front of her.

At the courthouse, Jack replaces the district attorney since he led the special task force that helped catch Alexander.  Di, Del, Aidan, and Jonathan arrive, upset that Alexander might not go to prison.  Jack tells them Alexander got three psychiatrists who will testify that he is mentally unstable to stand trial but Jack feels that he has a good chance of proving this to be false during the hearing.  Ryan arrives and tries calming Jonathan down.  Jack asks Ryan to research the doctors who are testifying for Alexander.  Zach shows up and sees Tad.  Kendall enters and Zach tells her to leave.  Kendall refuses because she wants to prove to Alexander that their relationship was stronger than ever.  Kendall then puts Zach's hand on her stomach.  They enter the courtroom together and see Hannah.  Hannah warns Kendall not to antagonize Alexander because they don't know who his next target might be.  Zach discusses the case with Jack.  Jack tells Zach he might have to bust his father's act on the stand.  Alexander is wheeled into the courtroom, and he is singing like a child.  Everyone in the courtroom stares at him.

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