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Kendall and Zach are in the kitchen but are not speaking to each other.  They converse through Spike since Kendall is still mad at Zach for not helping to get Bianca away from Zoe. 

Bianca rushes into Zoe and Josh’s apartment and asks to speak with Zoe.  Josh tells her that Zoe has already left for work and adds that she told him about the romantic evening that went awry the night before.  Bianca wants Josh to help her convince Zoe to give her a chance and agree to start dating.  Josh tells her that Zoe is leaving Pine Valley. 

As they enter the computer convention at the Valley Inn, Lily asks Sean to help her to find out if someone is lying to her. 

While Di listens in, Aidan informs Jonathan that Ava did not get on the plane even though Jonathan gave her the money to do so. Di defends Ava’s actions.

Erica is at the Pine Valley Inn when she spots Lily.  She looks straight at Lily while calling her name but gets no answer.

Bianca tells Josh that Zoe can’t be leaving Pine Valley because this is where she lives and where her doctors and support group are.  She asks Josh why she wasn’t told that Zoe was leaving.  Josh states that Bianca and Zoe need space from each other.  She accuses Josh of being just like Kendall and wanting Zoe gone from her life. 

Aidan, Jonathan, and Di argue about Lily meeting Ava.  Di compares the Lily/Ava situation to her and Dixie, but Jonathan and Aidan think that Ava is evil.

Erica hears the hotel employees addressing Ava as Ms. Lavery and is surprised that Lily is using Jonathan’s last name again.  Erica mistakenly believes that Lily moved into the Valley Inn to get away from Barbara and tells “Lily” that she will take care of the situation so that she can return home. 

Kendall and Zach continue to discuss the pros and cons of getting Zoe out of Bianca’s life. 

Lily tells Sean that she believes Aidan is keeping some information from her and since he is the best liar that she knows, she needs his help to find out if she is right and what that information is.  She tells him that Jonathan lied to her because he thought that by doing so, he would be saving her from pain.  Lily says that it didn’t work that way because when she found out that he had lied, it hurt her even worse. 

Jack and Barbara enter the lobby of the Valley Inn and he tells her that the manager will get her anything that she wants.  Barbara doesn’t want to move to the Valley Inn but would rather stay at his house to be closer to her son.  Jack is not going to lose his daughter because Barbara is living in his home.  She urges him to make the living situation a temporary measure. 

Babe and Zoe discuss Bianca’s past, Miranda, and love.  Babe encourages Zoe to give Bianca a chance at love.  Zoe wants to take time out for her transition without relationship complications.  Zoe is also afraid of hurting Bianca.

Bianca talks to Josh about her love of Zoe. Josh understands how difficult Zoe’s sex change will be and warns Bianca to back-off.   

As Erica leaves “Lily’s” room, she spots Barbara.  Barbara claims that it was her idea to leave Jackson’s home and move to the Valley Inn, but Erica knows better.  

Di, Aidan, and Jonathan inform Jackson about Ava and her situation.  Aidan asks Jackson if he supports Lily meeting Ava.  Jackson is unsure what to do next but does think that Lily and Ava should meet.

Kendall continues to believe that Zoe is not what Bianca needs right now.  Zach reminds Kendall that Bianca does not like interference in her life.  Through Spike, Zach tells Kendall to mind her own business and to let Zoe and Bianca decide what is best for them.

Bianca explains to Josh that she wants to be a helpmate for Zoe as she tackles her transgender issues.  Bianca wants to offer Zoe love and support but Josh thinks that she should take advantage of Zoe going to London to record an album and rethink their friendship.

Babe encourages Zoe to pursue Bianca and not to let her fears keep her from being happy. 

When she sees Sean and Lily in the lounge at the Valley Inn, Erica is confused since she just saw her upstairs in her room.  She tells Lily that Barbara has taken a room there, so Lily can move back home.  After Erica walks off, Lily asks Sean if he understands what is going on.  Lily thinks that Erica seeing her earlier was a mystery, and she wonders whom Erica saw. 

Zach leaves the room and Kendall hears a scream.  It appears that Zach is afraid of spiders.  The taunting and teasing over the spider breaks their silence.  Zach suggests that Kendall have faith about Bianca and Zoe.  When Kendall looks shocked, Zach explains that Myrtle told him to have faith that things will work out.  Zach mentions that he knows more about Zoe than Kendall knows.  Zach informs Kendall of the night he returned from Vegas when he was upset over the murders his father had committed.  Zoe showed him compassion and understanding of his pain when they encountered each other in the cemetery.  Zach admits that after that encounter he understands Zoe better.  Zach thinks that Zoe has insight into others’ pain and she is a good listener.  This trait would make Zoe a good mate for Bianca.

Zoe arrives at her apartment and is surprised to find Bianca there.  Bianca tells her that Josh urged her to give up on her.  Zoe tells Bianca that she spoke with Babe who encouraged her to pursue Bianca.  They ponder what they should do.

Erica sees Jackson and suggests to him that Lily move back home since Barbara has moved to the Valley Inn.  Jackson insists that Lily has not moved to the Valley Inn but is attending a conference there for Cambias.  Erica is very confused because as she was exiting the Valley Inn she saw Sean and Lily.  She told Lily that she had just seen her. 

Sean encourages his mother to return home to Seattle and leave his Uncle Jack alone.  She is hurt by his comments but he stands his ground and tells her that he was never really a son to her but rather just a bone marrow donor to Molly. 

Lily sits on a step in the lobby making a list of facts that she knows about the mystery that has just presented itself to her.  The manager mistakes her for Ava and asks for her credit card to make an imprint for the bill.  Lily realizes that if she gives him her credit card, she can find out what room this mystery look alike is staying in and find her.  When she goes to that room, she is stunned to see Ava.  Each woman is surprised to see her look-alike standing face-to-face with her. 

Zach gets a phone call and is in disbelief at what is being said.  Zach yells, ”He might actually get away with murder."  The “he” being referred to is Alexander Cambias, Sr.  He also states that he had a chance to kill his father and did not take it. 

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