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All My Children Update Thursday 4/12/07


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On the boat, Zoe's turns Bianca away when she tries removing her wet clothes.  Zoe is still not comfortable being in a man's body.  Bianca says she's attracted to Zoe's soul, not her body.  Zoe admits to being worried about possibly disrupting Bianca's life, since she's going through a lot of changes.  Bianca says she'll be at Zoe's side during every step of her journey.  Bianca soon runs out of the room because she feels shut out.  Zoe goes after her and apologizes for hurting her.  Bianca feels that Zoe is making excuses for why they can't be together.  Zoe loves Bianca, but doesn't think she's worthy of her affection.  Zoe offers to take Bianca home.

Lily asks Aidan if he found her sister, as Ava listens in the living room.  Di invites Lily inside, and Ava hides.  Aidan tells Lily there's nothing new to tell.  Aidan warns her that Ava's has a different lifestyle, so she might not be interested in being friends.  Lily senses Aidan is hiding something but he assures her he isn't lying.  After Lily leaves, Aidan tells Di it's Jack's decision whether or not they tell Lily about her sister.

Jonathan drags Ava outside because he doesn't want her around Lily.  Ava and Jonathan have an argument.  Jonathan tells her to lower her voice so no one can hear them.  Jonathan grabs her before she tries to go back inside the house.  Jonathan books Ava a flight to Los Angeles and gives her money to start a new life.  He comes back into the room after Lily leaves and tells Aidan and Di he sent Ava to a new town.  Di is upset because no one is considering what Lily wants.

Jamie tries removing the restraints on his arms.  J.R. walks in the room and Jamie asks him to free him.  J.R. refuses, which makes Jamie think he's trying to protect Adam.  J.R. says he's through with Adam since he left Krystal during labor.  He won't release Jamie because he might do something he'll regret later.  Jamie tells J.R. about Janet and Adam's conspiracy to kill him, but J.R. doesn't believe it.  J.R. says he'll handle Adam and leaves.

Colby asks Julia about the baby's condition.  Julia says the baby is fine.  She suggests that Colby pursue a career in medicine since she did such a good job delivering the baby.

Babe and Krystal are with the baby.  Krystal tells Babe she now realizes how much Adam hates her, since he turned his back on her while she was giving birth.  Babe reminds her how she continued to go back to J.R. many times before finally deciding to get a divorce.  Babe leaves Krystal so she can get some rest.  She then runs into J.R.

At the Chandler mansion, Tad says he won't forgive Adam for leaving Krystal when she was in labor.  Tad tells him Colby was the one who delivered the baby.  Adam then realizes Krystal was in danger, so he asks what happened.  Tad tells him the whole story.  Adam is relieved that Krystal and the baby survived.  Tad informs Adam he knows he ran Jamie and Amanda off the road and threatens to kill him if he ever hurts his children again.  Adam sits alone in the dark.  Winifred comes by with Little Adam.  Babe and J.R. follow her, saying they're all moving out of the mansion.  Winifred quits, and is hired by Babe to be Little Adam's nanny.  J.R. tells Adam he is no longer Little Adam's grandfather.  Adam remembers the good times he shared with Krystal.

Tad returns to the hospital and holds the baby as Krystal sleeps.  Tad says he'll be there for her every minute and everyday of his baby's life.  Krystal wakes up and hears Tad promise to be in the baby's life always.  Tad asks Krystal if they can name the baby after his sister, Jenny.  She agrees to the name.  Colby, J.R. and Babe walk in.  Krystal decides to make Jenny's middle name, Colby.  Julia brings Jamie into the room in a wheelchair to see Jenny.  Adam watches everyone from outside the room.

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