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Jonathan returns home and finds Di trying to pry Aidan from Lily's look-a-like, Ava. Not realizing the circumstances, Jonathan intervenes by yanking Aidan from Ava and yelling, "Get off of her."

At the close of the day's business, Lily enters Zach's office to submit her report in advance. Even though Zach is impressed with Lily's expediency, he is anxious to leave work. Zach's departure is delayed, when Kendall shows up to ask him for an unusual favor. She wants him to "get rid of someone" - her sister.

Before her surprise "date" with Zoe, Bianca arrives at the Yacht Club to make sure the staff's arrangements meet her expectations. Bianca is pleased with the table setting and outside ambiance.

At the Yacht Club bar, a now-bitter Adam drinks a toast "to a life devoid of Krystal and her Martin baby."

Tad tries to force Jamie to get medical attention, since he refused treatment at Penn General and lost consciousness while en route to Pine Valley Hospital. Agitated from being run-off the road by Adam, Jamie resists Tad and Julia's advice and vows revenge. Amanda remains quiet in the background.

Meanwhile, Adam continues leisurely sipping his drink, at a poolside table. Adam stops Zoe with a sarcastic comment and an invitation to sit with him, when she arrives. As a result, Zoe believes Adam is the so-called "secret admirer." Adam pours Zoe a 'single malt' scotch. Zoe flabbergasts Adam by throwing the drink in his face and requesting champagne instead.

Colby becomes nervous again, since EMS has not yet responded to the Chandler mansion to assist with the delivery of Krystal's baby. Realizing Charlotte's birth is imminent, an unwilling Colby is forced to verify how far the baby has emerged from the birth canal. Although still paralyzed with fear, Colby marvels at the sight of the baby's head. Colby wishes she could run and hide as Krystal prepares for the next contraction. Colby finally rises to the occasion and encourages Krystal to push. When the baby is almost completely through the canal, Colby gets cold feet again. Krystal somehow manages to maintain calm by pledging her faith and trust in Colby's ability. Krystal's reassurance provides Colby with the necessary strength to deliver Charlotte.

Jamie is placed on a stretcher. Before being treated, Jamie notes the coincidence between Janet's call to him and being forced off the road. Believing Adam was still confined at the time, Tad disagrees with Jamie's suspicions. As Jamie points out the circumstances supporting his suspicions, Amanda flashes back to Adam's threat concerning her mother. Jamie tries to leave, when Julia informs him his examination room is ready. Despite his determination to avoid treatment, Jamie collapses after getting up from the stretcher.

Before Aidan and Di can explain, Jonathan begins 'protecting' the person he perceives to be Lily. Jonathan becomes confused, when Lily's double ridicules and rejects him. Di manages to bring order by advising Jonathan that Ava is Lily's half-sister. Jonathan is completely struck by the remarkable resemblance. Ava tries to leave as Aidan relays the details to Jonathan. While Di prevents her from leaving, her jewelry drops from Ava's person. Aidan is not the least bit surprised, but Di, on the other hand, is shocked.

As Kendall requests Zach to wear his "boss hat" and send Bianca on a much-needed "vacation," Zach questions his wife's motives. Realizing her husband is 'onto her,' Kendall admits she does not want Bianca involved with Zoe. Although amused by Kendall's efforts to protect her sister, Zach does not share her viewpoints concerning Zoe.

In response to Adam's mockery, Zoe upsets the table causing the plates to crash. Before matters escalate, Bianca quickly reveals her identity as the "secret admirer.' Stunned by this revelation, Zoe freezes. With obvious disapproval, Adam begins to laugh disdainfully.

Colby encourages Krystal to keep pushing, since the baby is stuck. Krystal then instructs Colby to pull Charlotte gently from her. Colby worries she could hurt the baby. Krystal with the same, calm reassurance, provides Colby with needed confidence.

Adam departs from the women with his usual sarcasm. Zoe begins processing Bianca's revelation. Bianca is startled, when Zoe reacts in disbelief.

Colby manages to free Charlotte. Krystal pushes once more, and the baby starts crying. Colby, with tears of joy and relief, holds Charlotte in her hands. Krystal is now anxious to see her baby. Colby follows Krystal's instructions and wraps Charlotte in a blanket. Krystal and Colby smile with tear-filled eyes, as they both hold Charlotte. Reeling with self- pride, Colby exclaims, "I did it."

Julia informs Tad and Amanda that Jamie has a mild concussion and will soon recover. Tad asks Amanda about her observations, during the incident. Amanda assures a doubtful Tad that Adam is quite capable of hurting "all of them.' Tad becomes curious as to why Amanda included herself as Adam's potential target. Realizing she said 'too much,' Amanda does not know how to respond to Tad's resulting questions.

Aidan ridicules Ava's excuse that she found the jewelry in the garbage. Di forgives the transgression and advises Aidan to 'let it go.' Jonathan becomes judgmental towards Ava, as he contrasts her to Lily. As Ava angrily resents the contrast, she claims to feel sick. Di and Aidan are concerned and rush to help her.

Zach and Kendall continue their discussion about Zoe and Bianca's budding relationship. Zach gets Kendall to admit that her reservations stem from Zoe's trans-gender issues.

Zoe thinks Bianca assumed the role of 'secret admirer' to spare Zoe from being hurt by Adam's "joke." Bianca finally convinces Zoe when she points out the subtle touches she used as Zoe's "admirer." Zoe is deeply touched by Bianca's thoughtfulness.

Colby hands Charlotte to Krystal. In response to Colby's voice mail message, J.R. and Babe rush into Krystal's room. Both marvel at the sight of Krystal holding baby Charlotte. Babe is amazed by Colby's bravery. Colby humbly credits Krystal. Babe crouches next to Krystal to meet her new little sister. When J.R. tells Charlotte, 'you have one hell of a momma,' Babe looks up at him lovingly. Colby and J.R. smile and watch Babe and Krystal interact with the baby. Colby brims again with pride in her accomplishment. In response to Babe, Colby explains that Krystal coached her through the whole delivery. J.R. cannot understand why they did not go to the hospital. When Colby explains to J.R. and Babe that Adam 'bailed on Krystal' in the middle of labor, Krystal reaches out to Colby and grabs her hand. J.R. and Babe look shocked and troubled by Adam's actions, under the circumstances.

Kendall qualifies her feelings regarding Zoe. Although she accepts Zoe "as is," she fears that others' intolerance will ultimately hurt Bianca. As Zach plays 'devil's advocate' with Kendall, Lily walks in and inadvertently lends support to Kendall's position.

Zoe apologizes for her initial reaction and becomes overwhelmed that Bianca truly is her admirer.

Di and Aidan have Ava lie on the sofa. Ava becomes uncomfortable with Jonathan starring at her. Di takes Jonathan into another room. Jonathan expresses concern about Lily's reaction to Ava. Meanwhile, Ava asks Aidan to tell her about Lily. After hearing Lily's background, Ava understands why people are protective towards Lily. Ava appears to soften, when Aidan assures her of his genuine concern for her and willingness to help.

Tad keeps pushing Amanda for answers concerning Adam. While Amanda begins to explain, Krystal and Charlotte are brought into the hospital. Tad walks up, as Colby asks the medical personnel to, "take care of our baby." J.R. turns and congratulates a stunned Tad.

Zoe gladly accepts Bianca's invitation to dance. They both laugh, when it begins to storm.

Zach tries to bow out of Lily and Kendall's discussion about Zoe and Bianca. Lily's uncommon insight again bolsters Kendall's concerns. Feeling victorious, Kendall attempts to draw an unwilling Zach back into the conversation. Lily hands Zach additional reports and leaves the office. Zach ultimately understands that Kendall merely wants happiness for Bianca.

Tad is delighted to meet his new baby girl. After the nurse takes her to the nursery, J.R. is forced to tell Tad why Charlotte was delivered at home. Tad then storms away furiously.

Ava loves the attention from Di and Aidan. Aidan then answers the front door to Lily and she begins to inquire about her 'relative.

Even though Zach recognizes Kendall's pure intentions, he declines her request to send Bianca to Paris. Clearly disappointed, Kendall embraces him and pouts, as she leaves for home. With a smirk, Zach watches Kendall walk out.

Zoe and Bianca giddily rush into their hotel room to get out of the storm. They warmly gaze at one and other, and Zoe gently strokes Bianca's face.

Julia softly startles Jamie from his sleep. After she tells him about his condition, Jamie persists in his endeavor to go after Adam. Jamie is frustrated, when he realizes he is restrained to his hospital bed. To stop Jamie from wriggling, Julia quiets him with the news of his new little sister.

In the waiting room, J.R. hugs Colby and expresses his pride in her.

With Babe at her hospital bedside, Krystal waits for information about Charlotte's condition. After the nurse gives her good news, Krystal picks up her baby and welcomes her to the world. Babe then gladly takes hold of her new baby sister. Krystal looks at Babe and comes to the sad realization that her and Adam are over.

Adam solemnly gazes from the window of his empty home. With a stroke of lightening, the electricity goes out. Adam turns and sees Tad's menacing face, illuminated only by another bolt of lightening.

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