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Written By Linda
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Proofread by Fran

At Fusion, Babe and Annie encourage Bianca’s romantic gesture, as Zoe’s “secret admirer.”  Kendall, on the other hand, does not agree.

While both are in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, Zoe reluctantly engages Ryan in conversation.  Ryan then attempts to apologize for his previous actions towards her. 

Much to Erica’s protest, Jack drags her to the Yacht Club without giving her a reason.

As Di shows a skittish Ava on a tour of Wildwind, Aidan emerges, demanding to know “what she has done.”

Zach and Hannah are working at Cambias and, although Lily tries to stop them, J.R., accompanied by Josh, bursts in and confronts Zach. 

Krystal begs Adam to take her to the hospital, since her “water broke.”  An unrelenting Adam begins squabbling with Krystal, despite her pleas.  Krystal begins to fear that she is unable to make it out of her bedroom.  Adam reacts coldly to her condition and continues hurling insults.  Before Adam can turn his back and walk out, Krystal tearfully attempts to force Adam to admit he still loves her.  Adam appears somewhat receptive, when he places his hand on Krystal’s shoulder and then stops dead in his tracks as Krystal starts to double over in pain.

Josh undermines J.R. as he accuses Zach of a personal attack, since Cambias acquired a microchip company that Chandler Enterprises was interested in buying.  Zach plays dumb and chalks the acquisition up to good business sense.  Hannah intervenes and advises J.R. that it was her decision, thereby, removing J.R.’s “personal attack” accusation.  Before leaving, Hannah introduces herself as CFO of Cambias and jabs J.R. for blowing the microchip deal.  Josh sits quietly in the background, as Zach laughs at the now humbled J.R.  Zach fluffs J.R. off before he can skulk away.  Zach then condescendingly asks Josh why he is still there, and Josh arrogantly replies that he wants a job from his “brother-in-law.”

Kendall mocks Bianca, as she discusses her next “gift” to Zoe with Annie and Babe.  Despite Kendall’s efforts to rein them in to work, the three continue their giddy “girl talk.”

Zoe welcomes Ryan’s apology for wrongfully suspecting her as the “satin slayer.”  They both begin to laugh, after Zoe points out that they have very “different” reasons for “seeing the doctor.”

Jack stands back quietly, as Erica prattles on about Barbara.  He then stuns Erica into silence, when he informs her of the imminent sale of the yacht.

Krystal again implores Adam for help.  Adam coldly hands her his cellular phone and advises her to call Tad, before walking out.  Now alone, Krystal sits on the bed and becomes immobilized from pain.

Kendall reluctantly joins the conversation, as she tries clumsily to reference that Zoe’s “anatomy” is incompatible with Bianca’s preferences.  Bianca laughs at her sister’s awkward comments and becomes somewhat embarrassed.  As Babe chimes in, Kendall reminds her that their “truce” is in the early stages.  Annie follows Bianca and offers support for Bianca’s “relationship” with Zoe.  The two begin discussing romance, and Annie reveals Ryan’s romantic gesture involving “oatmeal.”

After realizing the cell phone battery is dead, Krystal cries for help through the door.  Colby passes by Krystal’s room with earphones on and cannot hear Krystal’s screams. 

Ryan and Zoe discuss their mutual surgical procedures.  Zoe then mentions her lack of desire to procreate.  Zoe is surprised, when Ryan relates to her decision and then points out the irony of his decision to reverse his vasectomy. 

Realizing that Kendall’s intentions were good, Bianca accepts her apology.  It becomes “too much information” for Kendall, when Babe mentions “great sex” comes from “connection.”  J.R. enters while the women are in the midst of this “conversation” and stumbles over his inability to refer to Babe as his “wife” when he asks the others for a private moment with her.

Di justifies her actions of helping Ava to Aidan.  Ava starts chiding Aidan, during his conversation with Di.  After Ava goes to the kitchen, at Di’s invitation, Di and Aidan continue arguing.  Aidan understands that Di relates to Ava’s situation but demands that Di remove her from their house and offers the Miranda Center as a possible alternative.

After Zach compliments Lily on her work, he becomes dismissive towards Josh’s job inquiry.  Despite Zach’s reaction, Josh expresses his respect and gratitude towards him for saving Kendall and reminds Zach of his inherent relentlessness. 

Kendall slowly digests Jack’s abrupt decision to sell the yacht.  As she tries to collect herself, the “purchaser” arrives and he is Adam Chandler.

As Krystal barely manages to crawl out of the bedroom, she runs into Colby.  She instructs her to call “911” and tells Colby she has to assist her.  Colby reacts in fear and suggests anybody else but her to assist. 

Adam smugly asks Erica for congratulations on his purchase, as Erica hesitantly signs the deed.  After Jack abruptly excuses himself, Erica angrily regards Adam’s actions as “pay back” for her refusal to testify against Krystal.  Adam emotionlessly retorts that all he has is “his yacht.”

J.R. warns Babe about Zach’s acquisition, since his actions may affect her shares in Chandler.  Kendall reacts disdainfully to J.R.’s concerns.  Babe thanks J.R. as she wistfully watches J.R. walk away.  Bianca recognizes Babe’s sadness and walks up to comfort her.

Josh rattles off his qualifications to Zach, and Zach, in turn doubts Josh’s commitment abilities.  Zach relents, after Josh pledges to work for Cambias for two years.  Zach assigns Josh to Hannah, and they appear amenable to “working together.”

Aidan and Di frantically search for Ava, after they believe she left Wildwind.  Di chastises Aidan for his poor treatment towards Ava.

Ryan and Zoe continue their conversation.  Ryan urges Zoe to explore her options citing his change of heart towards parenting as an example.  As Zoe relays her doubts of finding a mate to create a child with, the scene shifts to Bianca wrapping another “gift” at Fusion and then back to them in the waiting room, as Ryan says, “you never know.”  Ryan leaves Zoe to mull over his advice, after he is called back to see the doctor.

While Adam contemplates “taking off” for parts unknown, Erica becomes sympathetic to his vulnerable state.  He begins to tear up, as Erica places her hand on his and recognizes his achievement of giving his “whole heart” to his relationship and then suffering the betrayal.

Colby is frightened of the responsibility of helping with the delivery.  Realizing Colby will have to assist, Krystal remains calm and attempts to give Colby the strength and encouragement she needs.  Colby gains courage from Krystal and affirms she can help her.

Erica encourages Adam to stay and “fight.”  When Adam quips that Erica is “just trying to get her yacht back,” Erica smiles and acknowledges, “the old Adam is back.”  After she jokes with Adam about the sales price, they clasp hands in the spirit of friendship.

Bianca hears the sadness in Babe’s voice and again offers her comfort and support.  Kendall, in contrast, points out Babe’s ability to forge a new chapter in her life.  Babe tries to hold back tears and encourages Bianca to be the one to embark on something new.  Ryan and Zoe smile, as they walk in on the conversation.

Aidan finds Ava rummaging through a jewelry box in one of the bedrooms.  She resists, as he forcefully searches her for stolen items.  Not jumping to conclusions, Di tries to stop Aidan.  Jonathan cannot believe his eyes, as he walks in on the situation.

Ryan seats Annie on his lap, while Zoe teases him about his taste in wedding attire.  Annie agrees with her comments, and Babe and Bianca laugh in the background.  Ryan whisks Annie out of Fusion, and Bianca runs after them.  Kendall, still in curmudgeon mode, tries to keep Bianca at work.  Babe then hands Zoe the “admirer’s” second gift and Zoe is not sure how to react.  Babe encourages a reluctant Zoe to respond to the “admirer’s” invitation to meet at the Yacht Club.

Josh tries to impress Hannah with his self-proclaimed knowledge of investments.  Hannah, in response, advises him to be quiet “and learn something.”  Realizing he has met a challenge, Josh smiles, as Hannah gives him her back and walks away.

Krystal instructs Colby to get the necessary items to deliver Charlotte.  Colby gathers everything and becomes strong for Krystal.  Colby soothes her, as Krystal has contractions.

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