AMC Update Monday 4/9/07

All My Children Update Monday 4/9/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Krystal dreams that Adam is with her in bed and he tells her he wants to be with her and Charlotte.  Krystal then opens her eyes.  Tad is sitting in the room.  He reminds her that Adam left her.  Krystal then decides it's time to leave.  Tad offers to help her pack, but Krystal wants to be alone.  In another room, J.R. and Babe are in bed together.  J.R. watches Babe sleep and kisses her.  When Babe wakes up, J.R. asks for another chance and gives her another kiss.  Babe stops him and assures him their marriage is over.  J.R. walks out and Babe starts crying as she remembers the happy parts of her marriage.  Tad comes in and comforts Babe.  J.R. is on the phone, telling his lawyer to stall the divorce.  After that, J.R. goes to see Krystal and tells her that he regrets that she lost Adam and that he lost Babe.  J.R. tells her he wants a peaceful divorce.  J.R. also says that he'll still be a part of her baby's life because she is his stepsister.  J.R., Tad, and Babe come to help Krystal pack.  Colby comes in, too, upset that Babe and Krystal are giving up.  Colby asks to be contacted when Adam comes home and she leaves for school.  J.R. gets an important call from work and leaves.  Krystal tells Babe to go to work since Tad is there to help.  After Babe leaves, Tad gets a phone call from Amanda who tells him about the accident and that she's in the hospital with Jamie.  Tad rushes to see if Adam is still locked in the room.  Tad discovers Adam is still there and is relieved that he had nothing to do with the accident.  Adam then brags to Janet about tricking Tad and having the upper hand.

Bianca arrives at Zoe's apartment, glad to see her dressed as a woman.  Zoe says that her mother accepted her as a woman.  Zoe thanks Bianca for her help.  Josh comes in and gives Zoe a gift that was delivered for her.  The gift is from a secret admirer.  Zoe didn't want to open it because she thought it was from an obsessed fan.  Bianca talks her into opening it and inside she finds a scented candle.  Josh wonders if Babe would like a candle like this as a gift.  Zoe and Bianca tell Josh to give Babe some space and to get his own life.  Zoe leaves for work and Josh asks Bianca if she's the secret admirer.  Bianca admits to it and said this was only the first phase.  After Bianca leaves, J.R. arrives and accuses Josh of plotting to steal a big deal from Chandler Enterprises.  Josh denies any involvement, but J.R. shows him a fax that could lead him to the real culprit.

Ryan and Annie watch Emma practicing being a flower girl at Wildwind.  Then, Emma leaves to eat breakfast.  Ryan tells Annie he wants his vasectomy reversed.  Annie is happy about that, but won't be upset if it doesn't work.  They leave and head for Fusion.  Del and Jonathan come home with boxes of Kathy's belongings from her old house.  Julia asks if they had seen Jamie.  They said they haven't seen Jamie or Amanda.  Julia gets a call from Tad, telling her about the accident and that he is going to the hospital right now.  Julia feels guilty because she thought Jamie stayed out all night.

At Fusion, Kendall wants to repay Erica for helping her company during the murders and Erica doesn't want to accept the money, but Kendall insists.  Barbara comes in and calls Erica a bitch for locking her on the yacht.  Erica denies doing this and claims that Barbara stole the yacht for a joy ride.  Barbara says that her relationship with Jack was only beginning.  After she walks out, Kendall asks Erica if she did this because she hated Barbara or because she wants to win back Jack.  Ryan and Annie arrive and announce their engagement to Erica.  After they leave, Erica tries convincing Kendall to save Ryan.  Bianca and Zoe come in and Erica tells them about Ryan and Annie.  Bianca is happy for them.  Babe walks in and attacks Erica for ruining lives.  Erica tells Babe she should be grateful for saving her and Krystal at the police station.  Babe claims Erica only did that to get on Josh's good side.  Erica says it's Krystal's fault since she was an adulterous tramp.  Jack walks in and drags Erica out of the room by her arm.  Zoe receives another gift from her secret admirer.  It was a beautiful crystal.  Zoe decides not to keep it because it could be from a stalker so she gives it to Annie and walks away.  Bianca lets on to the other women that she's the secret admirer.  Kendall, Babe, and Annie encourage her not to give up.

Adam enters Krystal's bedroom, happy to see her packing.  Adam says he saw her and Tad hugging the night before.  Adam also accuses her of stealing, because he paid for all the clothes she owns.  Adam threatens to call security and Krystal tells him she hates herself for betraying and hurting him.  She says that she wishes the baby was his and they could be happy again.  Adam calls Krystal a lying slut.  Krystal begs Adam not to disown J.R. for keeping her secret.  Krystal also tells Adam to give their marriage another chance.  Krystal's water breaks and she goes into labor.  She asks Adam to help her.

Kendall gets a phone call at work, saying that Simone's shares of Fusion were missing.  Kendall is upset because a quarter of Fusion's shares were out there somewhere.  Meanwhile, Simone's shares are on a desk next to a green butterfly pin.

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