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All My Children Update Friday 4/6/07

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Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal receives a text message from Adam telling her that he is moving on, and that he will not return to the Chandler mansion until she has left.  It was really Tad sending the message.  Tad is covering up for having locked Adam in a room in the Chandler Mansion.

As Aidan is walking into the door at Wildwind, Di meets him and informs him that Lily is waiting to talk to him.  Lily wants to know about Ava.  Aidan explains to Lily that Ava is not like her and advises Lily to not contact Ava.  

Ava is in the hotel room with a potential customer (a trick). 

J.R. asks Tad about his father.   J.R. tells Tad that he understands about his anger towards Adam, but also states that Adam is his father.  Tad explains to J.R. that he does not intend to hurt Adam.

Adam is trying to escape the room in the Chandler Mansion where Tad is keeping him locked away.   He verbally threatens Tad with vengeance. 

Janet makes romantic advances towards Adam.  He of course resists, as well as tries to discourage Janet. 

After receiving the cell phone message, Krystal realizes that Adam means business, and that they are truly over.  Babe consoles Krystal by telling her that all is not lost. 

Janet explains to Adam the betrayal she felt while being locked up in the sanitarium. She also explains how she wanted to give up.  She thanks Adam for saving her.  Janet begins to make sexual advances toward Adam.  While sitting in her rocking chair making lanyards, Janet ask Adam what does he want her to do for him. 

Amanda, because of Adam’s prodding, is looking through Jaime’s car for some type of evidence of his intentions toward Adam.  Jaime catches Amanda searching his car, and asks for an explanation.

Tad gives his word to J.R. and Babe that Adam is someplace safe.  He also states that Adam will be released as soon as the baby is born.

Aidan, while speaking to Lily, tries to explain the differences between Lily and Ava.  Aidan states that there is a difference in their ages, their lifestyles and how they are related.  The commonality is that they look alike.  Lily explains to Aidan how interesting it would be to know someone with a biological connection to her.  She is fascinated with the biological connection between Kendall, Josh and Bianca.

Di discusses Ava with Aidan.  She talks about her experiences with the legal system, and her lack of exposure to her sister Dixie, and what it cost her. 

Janet tells Adam that he is using her and she calls him “A Good Time Charlie”.  Adam apologizes to Janet and then asks her about her talent with the lanyards.  He explains to Janet that he wants her to take sheets and tie them together just as she has done with the lanyards.  He wants to use the tied sheets as a rope so that he can escape out of the window.    Janet makes a long lanyard.  Adam uses it to escape out of the window.  While Adam is escaping Janet calls him her strong, errant and bold knight.

Amanda questions Jaime wanting to know what did he and Tad do with Adam. 

Di and Aidan have differences of opinions about Ava.  Di understands Ava’s pain while Aidan notes Ava’s wrong doings. 

Babe has stated to J.R. that tomorrow she will be leaving the Chandler mansion to stay at the Valley Inn.  She explains to J.R. that he will have visitation rights to see Little A.   J.R. brings her a suitcase and she begins to pack.  They start to look at pictures, and paintings while they reminisce. 

Tad and Krystal are in her bedroom, and she blames herself for being stupid and consoling Tad.  She berates herself while crying with regret.  Tad consoles her by telling her that it was not her fault.  Adam is peeking through Krystal’s door while Tad is consoling her.  Adam immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion.

J.R. insists that he and babe tell Little A bout their break up while they are still at the mansion.

Adam returns to Janet crying about what he saw.  He tells Janet that Tad stole Charlotte, his wife and his home.  He vows vengeance.   Adam vowed that Tad would lose everything! 

Amanda demands that Jaime take her to see Adam.  She is worried about her mother, Janet.  She wonders what would Janet do if she runs out of her meds.  Amanda states that Janet must be returned to the asylum before something bad happens.  Amanda wants to make sure that no one gets hurts.

Janet calls Jaime on a ruse from Adam.  She encourages Jaime to meet her at a given place.  She insists that Jaime does not bring Amanda.  

J.R. and Babe tell Little A about their separation and the need to find separate housing.

Amanda jumps into Jaime’s car to travel with him to meet Adam. 

Janet clearly has a crush on Adam.  She praises him and hugs him as he leaves to meet Jaime. 

Lily wants Aidan to find Ava but Aidan wants to leave it alone.  Di agrees with Lily and want Aidan to find Ava as well. 

Little A insisted that Babe and J.R. put him to sleep in their bed. 

Tad tucks Krystal into bed.

Di walks out the door, of Wildwind, on a mission. 

Beat up by her customer (trick), Ava is lying on the floor. 

Amanda and Jaime are in the car driving as a maniacal Adam is chasing them.  He is driving fast and bumps Jaime’s car again and again with a murderous look on his face. 

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