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Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Cambias Industries, Hannah gives Lily some papers to file and copy.  Lily tells Hannah she has to stay on schedule with Zach's work.  Hannah puts her hand on Lily's arm, and Lily starts to panic.  Zach rushes out of his office when he hears Lily's screams.  Zach tries calming her down.  He takes her into his office and asks her where she feels safe.  When she tells him of her hollow tree, he suggests that they find a place that she can use and go to when she is feeling panicky.  He gives Lily a key to a supply closet down the hall and tells her that he will have it cleared out so that she can use it as her “hollow tree” at work.  Hannah comes in.  Zach apologizes to Hannah for not telling her of Lily's condition.  Hannah then asks Zach how he could treat Lily better than his own son.  Zach tells her he thought Ethan would have a better life without him.  Hannah tries getting Zach to tell her about the night Ethan died.  Zach tells her he knew Ethan was dying when he said he saw his mother.  She asks him if Ethan meant her or Edith, but Zach doesn't answer.  Hannah walks out.

Aidan tells Ava he knows all about her.  When he goes into details about her life, she tries running away but Aidan grabs her arm and tells her she has a half-sister named Lily.  He shows Ava a picture of Lily.  Aidan explains that Lily is autistic, and has a different view of the world.  Aidan tells Ava that Lily knows about her, but he isn't sure that the two should meet.  Ava tells him she isn't a hooker nor does she abuse drugs.  She only flirts with men and takes their wallets.  Ava tries seducing Aidan, but he pushes her away.  Aidan asks Ava to join him in Pine Valley.  She refuses, but asks Aidan to tell Lily hello for her.

Ryan visits Erin's grave to tell her he's marrying Annie.  He thanks Erin for bringing Annie into his life and wishes she could be at the wedding.  Ryan takes out his Dynamite Kiddo comic book and puts it on her gravestone.  He leaves after telling Erin she was his hero.

At Wildwind, Kendall brings Annie flowers and congratulates her on the engagement.  Annie isn't sure that she trusts Kendall since she wasn't thrilled about the marriage in the first place.  Kendall says that she thinks it's time to be nice to one another.  Kendall wants to get along for the children's sakes.  Annie shows Kendall the fairy tale she wrote for Emma, but also as a wedding present for Ryan.  Ryan soon walks in, and is surprised to see Kendall and Annie getting along.  Kendall hides the story and congratulates Ryan on his engagement.  Kendall tells them she wants to throw a huge engagement party and leaves.  Ryan and Annie get in bed and discuss Erin.

Zoe comes out of her room dressed as a man.  She tells Bianca and Josh she wants to speak with her mother alone.  After they leave, Zoe tells her mother she doesn't want to dress like a woman anymore.  Zoe calls himself Freddie and offers to go home with Marjie.  Marjie senses that Zoe is lying about wanting to be a man, but Zoe assures her that she wants to be a man again.  Zoe takes a pair of scissors and attempts to cut her hair, but Marjie takes them from her.  Marjie admits that she's afraid of Zoe's change because of the way others will treat her.  Zoe confesses that she, too, was scared at first and tried making it go away by doing manly things, such as playing sports.  Zoe says she finally realized she couldn't stop what was happening to her, unless she committed suicide.  Zoe tells her mother that she has always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body.  Zoe remembers crying when she got a haircut as a child because people would no longer mistake her for a little girl.  When Marjie asks Zoe if she still feels like dying, which she answers she doesn't when she's dressed as a woman.  Zoe tells her mother she can no longer be her son, only her daughter.  Marjie accepts Zoe and calls her by her new name.

Bianca and Josh go to her apartment and talk.  Bianca tells Josh about Zoe putting make-up on to appear as half man and half woman.  Bianca doesn't think it's right for Marjie to try dictating Zoe's life or to try to make Zoe someone she's not.  Josh tells her that Zoe will get past this but Bianca worries Zoe will go back to being Freddie just to please her mother.  Josh thinks that the time alone with Marjie will help her and Zoe reconcile.  Bianca starts showing Josh the things she bought to show Zoe that she's not alone in the transgender process.  Josh realizes that Bianca has a crush on Zoe.  Bianca admits she's beginning to fall in love with Zoe and she doesn’t want to stop.

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