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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe demands a response from J.R. concerning his willingness to resolve custody issues amicably.  Initially, J.R. does not believe Babe truly wants a divorce.  Josh is lurking, in the foyer of their home, and eavesdrops on the conversation.  After she repeatedly presses him, J.R. reaches for the alcohol decanter.  Babe appears both exasperated and concerned that J.R. will start drinking.

Concerned for Adam’s welfare, Krystal calls his cellular phone.  Adam obviously cannot receive her call, since Jamie and Tad struck him over the head, rendering him unconscious.  At the time Jamie and Tad ran into Adam, he was emerging from a hidden door within the confines of the Chandler estate.  Both men become curious about what Adam may be secretly hiding behind the door.

At her “new home,” Janet merrily paints a portrait of her daughter and marvels at her own abilities.

Amanda serves Zoe champagne, at the ConFusion bar.  Zoe wants the champagne to flow, since she is “celebrating” some event.

Bianca seeks out Zoe’s mother, Marjie, at her hotel room.  Referring to her “son” as “Freddy” (Zoe), she tries to gain insight about “him” from Bianca.

In response to Amanda, Zoe triumphantly announces she is celebrating, “herself, and her uniqueness.”  A troubled, drunken Zoe then helps Amanda “cover the bar.”  When customers approach, Zoe autographs a napkin and signs it “Zarf” for them.  Del and Amanda calm Zoe.  Once seated, Zoe laments her predicament and inability to have “a woman’s soul” like Amanda has.

Bianca encourages Marjie not to leave.  With her son’s baby blanket in hand, Marjie wants to reach out to “Freddy” but fears she “pushed him away.”  She then looks to Bianca for advice.  In response, Bianca advises her just to “love Zoe.”

Josh is still listening to Babe and J.R.’s conversation.  J.R. puts down the drink, as a testament to his sobriety and ability to change.  With tears in his eyes, he begs Babe to recognize she still loves him.  Babe acknowledges her love but lists the fundamental cores lacking in their relationship.  Babe again insists the divorce is necessary to spare little A further damage.  Now gutted, J.R. relents by agreeing to resolve the situation amicably through respective counsel.  Clearly wounded and defeated, J.R. walks out of the living room.

Krystal becomes more frustrated, when her second call attempt goes straight to Adam’s voice mail.  Meanwhile, Jamie searches a still unconscious, Adam for a key to another door within the hidden area.  Tad grows exasperated with all the obstacles.  When the two approach the other door, Janet stops painting, as she apparently hears a noise.  Janet leans against the door to make out the sounds, while Tad and Jamie bicker on their approach.  Tad flings open the door and appears perplexed.  He then asks aloud, “what have we here”?

Babe walks in on Krystal, as she anxiously contemplates her next move.  Krystal is disappointed that Babe does not know Adam’s whereabouts either.  Babe coaxes Krystal to rest and to take advantage of the rare quiet.  Krystal remains agitated and insists, “something is wrong.”

While Jamie and Tad assess the purpose of the hidden area, Janet, now out of their view, listens in.  The men determine Adam may use the area to hide one of them or Krystal.

Babe assures Krystal that Adam is fine and tells her about her divorce decision.  Krystal is not very enthusiastic over Babe’s decision.  Babe remains resigned with the inevitable outcome of her marriage.  Krystal realizes Babe is also making a veiled reference to her marriage and becomes more adamant to save it.

Adam finally comes to and finds Janet hovering over him with a compress.  Janet, apparently, bought into Adam’s con, since she warns him about Jamie and Tad.  In the adjoining other room, Tad and Jamie feel comfortable leaving Adam there and justify their actions.  Realizing he is now confined with Janet, Adam becomes dismissive and barks at her to find his phone.  Janet forces him to lie back down and then gently asks him to allow her to help him.  Adam begins to freak out about his current situation and worries no one will find him.  Janet calmly reassures him with the fact that Amanda knows their whereabouts and Adam reminds her about the blindfold.  Janet nonchalantly continues eating her cookie.

Zoe and Amanda talk about their childhood and their respective mothers.  As Zoe yearns for her mother’s affection, she realizes their conversation is upsetting Amanda.  Zoe offers her support to Amanda, while she anxiously waits for the police to find Janet.  Zoe notices a man staring at her from the end of the bar.  Amanda worries about her mother’s mental condition, since she is without her medication.

Marjie believes she now does not know her own child.  Bianca lists Zoe’s attributes and Marjie joyfully comes to the realization that Zoe is actually the same child she raised.

Tad enters the mansion and encounters a now bitter J.R.  Believing Tad wishes him ill will, J.R. announces his imminent divorce, citing “karma” as the catalyst.  Tad, of course, takes no pleasure in J.R.’s pain and asks, “What happened to the little boy I raised?”  J.R. snaps, “I grew up.”  Tad responds incredulously, “Did you?” and leaves J.R. to do some soul searching.

Babe supports Krystal’s decision “to fight.”  She shuts off the light, so that Krystal will rest.  After Babe leaves, Krystal lies awake worrying that “something is wrong.”

Del stands next to Amanda behind the bar, as she continues to talk to Zoe.  When they start laughing, the staring man approaches Zoe and offers to buy her a drink.  After Zoe accepts, the man begins mocking her and complains to Amanda about the clientele.  Del begins defending Zoe.  Zoe decides “to take care of” the situation herself and rises for the confrontation.  With onlookers, Zoe sarcastically toasts the man’s “masculinity.”  Amanda tries to interrupt Zoe’s poignant tirade.  Del escorts the bigot out and Amanda comforts a distraught Zoe.

Still calling him “Freddy,” Marjie shares childhood pictures with Bianca.  Marjie upsets Bianca, when she relays her husband refrains from mentioning their child anymore.  Marjie explains that she and her husband do not know how to contend with the certain prejudice against their child.  Bianca relates, since Miranda has been teased about her.  Marjie is receptive to Bianca's wisdom concerning the subject.

Adam frantically searches for an escape route and nastily shuns Janet’s efforts to calm him.  He then begins to rage over Krystal, while Janet practices her “breathing exercises.”

Tad peeks in Krystal’s darkened bedroom.  Still awake, Krystal suspects Tad is responsible for Adam’s “disappearance.”  Tad plays dumb and then sarcastically mentions possible means to bring about Adam’s demise.  Intolerant of his “humor,” Krystal demands “the truth” from Tad.  Tad, in response, laughs at her glaring hypocrisy.  He then beseeches her to consider the option Adam is fed-up with her.  Krystal angrily suggests that Tad hopes she is “without” her mate like him.

Josh makes affectionate gestures towards Babe in the living room.  With a somewhat receptive smile, Babe resists him.  Josh persists and claims to have “something for her that she will like.”

Now distraught, Zoe tries to calm herself at home.  She gets agitated and scrupulously gazes at herself in her compact.  Zoe then springs from her sofa.

Although Josh admits he loves this opportunity to “stick it” to J.R., he announces his plans to leave the Chandler’s.  Babe looks warmly into Josh’s eyes.

Janet tries to console a betrayed Adam and compares his situation to hers with Trevor.  When Janet refers to Krystal as “cheap,” Adam angrily defends his wife.

Krystal apologizes to Tad for her reference to Dixie’s death.  Tad solemnly tells her he would never wish such pain on the mother of his child or anyone.  As they sit together on the bed, Tad acknowledges some of his wrongdoing towards her.  Tad avoids Krystal’s question about allowing Adam to be around the baby.  After they pleasantly discuss their child, Tad extends an olive branch to Krystal.

Zoe uses makeup to embellish half of her face as she keeps the other half covered with her hand.  While she stares at herself through tear-filled eyes, she hears a knock on her door.  She does not know how to react to the visitors, her mother, and Bianca.  Her mother apologizes.  Zoe accepts it but pushes her away, despite Bianca’s efforts to reunite them.  As Marjie leaves, Zoe grabs hold of her and cries out that she “needs her.”

In the darkness, Babe quietly reflects on her decision to divorce J.R.

J.R. flashes back to their wedding day.  Afterwards, he calls his attorney and instructs him, “to give her what she wants but to stall the divorce.”

Janet tries to reach out to Adam.  He listens, as she empathizes with his feelings of betrayal.

Tad and Krystal grow “close” again.  Tad is delighted, when Krystal puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby kicking.

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