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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall goes to Ryan’s to drop off Spike and while she is in the midst of rattling off instructions regarding Spike, Ryan interrupts her and tells her that Annie accepted his marriage proposal.  Kendall becomes silent and tries to gain composure.  Hoping this development will magically go away, Kendall wonders how Annie is willing to forgo having more children.  Prepared for the assault, Ryan relays his plans for reversing his vasectomy or in the alternative, adopting children.  Kendall gives her half-hearted blessing.  Ryan, in response, promises his relationship with Spike will not be affected. 

At Cambias, Lily begs Zach for an advance on her salary because she wants to retain Aidan to assist her in locating Ava, her presumed relative.  As Lily rambles on, Zach asks Aidan to explain.  Aidan discourages Lily, since Ava is a “working girl.”

On the streets in Philadelphia, Ava solicits a prospective “client.”

Krystal responds to a knock on her bedroom door.  Growing tired of the usual barrage of questions concerning her pregnancy, Krystal tells the visitor to go away.  Josh enters the room “to check her blood pressure.”  Krystal informs Josh that she knows his real motive is to keep Babe from J.R.

In the Chandler living room, J.R. points out the coincidental timing between Josh moving in and Babe filing for the divorce.  As Babe denies his suspicious accusation, J.R. then pointedly inquires if she is “pushing for divorce to be freed up for Josh”?

Firefighters sift through the rubble, at Tad’s house, looking for an accelerant and the cause of the blaze.  When they are unable to make a determination, Tad and Jamie conclude that it was arson committed by Adam.

Adam goes to Wildwind to present Amanda with his “proposition.”  He offers Janet’s safe return to the sanitarium in exchange for Amanda’s cooperation concerning Jamie and Tad.  When Amanda again resists, Adam threatens to ensure that her mother will go to prison instead of returning to the mental health facility.

With an exaggerated tone, Kendall expresses “happiness” for Ryan.  As Kendall is about to leave, Hannah unexpectedly arrives to get more information about Ethan from Ryan.  Ryan is shocked, when he learns that Hannah is Ethan’s mother.  As they stand in the doorway, Ryan asks Kendall for her sincere support for his up coming marriage.

Both Zach and Aidan convince Lily to allow Aidan to perform the “detective work” without her involvement.  Zach then assures Lily he will help her financially, if the situation arises.  After Lily leaves his office, Zach warns Aidan that digging up Ava could be a huge mistake.

Krystal advises Josh he is overly persistent with Babe.  In an effort to get through to him, Krystal coldly asks why Josh cannot accept the fact that “Babe does not want him there.”  Krystal leaves herself open for Josh to criticize her for doing the same thing with Adam.

Babe attempts to make J.R. recognize that their relationship “does not work anymore.”  J.R. insists their marriage is salvageable and begs her to hold off until their parents resolve their situation.  Babe feels that they are delaying the inevitable.

Tad grows more and more devastated, as he and Jamie assess the destruction.  After Tad finds a charred baseball glove that his sons fought over, he begins feverishly to look for his only vestige of Kate, her knit baby cap.  He sighs with relief, when he locates it.  Tad admits that he did not believe that Adam was capable of such acts.  Jamie is determined to shut Adam down, even though Tad tries to discourage him.

Amanda maintains resolve and refuses to assist Adam.  Adam then sarcastically advises Amanda that she cannot look to the Martins for help, since Tad and Jamie have their own “smoldering problems.”  Amanda doubts the feasibility of Adam’s threat, since Janet was previously declared incompetent.  Adam, in turn, provides Amanda with a possible scenario that could enable him to send Janet to prison.  At this point, Amanda demands to see her mother.  Adam continues to layout his plan.  Derek arrives at Wildwood and asks Adam to explain why he is there.  In an effort to intimidate Amanda, Adam offers to provide Derek with his explanation rather then “hers.”  Amanda interjects and quickly advises Derek that Adam is merely concerned for his family’s safety.  Adam now realizes that Amanda is “on board,” since she did not tell Derek about Adam’s coercion.  Derek assures them he will find Janet.  Once he leaves, Adam presses Amanda for her cooperation.  Now vulnerable, Amanda begs to see her mother.

J.R. implores Babe for a “second chance.”  He tries to convince Babe he has permanently changed.  To persuade her further, he attributes his alleged changes to his believing she was dead.  As Babe softens, J.R. mentions their “dream house.”  Babe then begins to resist J.R.’s tempting persuasions and advises she cannot continue repeating the same mistakes.

Aidan tells a concerned Zach about Lily’s biological family.  The scenes flash back and forth between their conversation and Ava trying to steal her “client’s” wallet.  As he relays Lily’s biological father’s sordid history, Aidan recognizes the potential problems in pursuing Ava.  As Aidan tells Zach his concerns that Ava is trouble, the scene shifts to Ava striking her client and running with his wallet.

Ryan welcomes Hannah’s questions about Ethan.  When she shifts her inquiry to Zach, Ryan coyly evades her questions.  As Hannah again presses him, Ryan responds with a smile.

Zach again points out the pitfalls and warns Aidan that “helping” Ava could “hurt” Lily.  Despite the advice, Aidan decides to pursue Ava and declines Zach’s compensation.  Aidan tells Zach to tell Lily otherwise.

Babe and J.R. continue to review their respective mistakes.  Babe wants to resolve their situation amicably and offers not to enforce J.R.’s custody agreement.  Babe leaves the door open for J.R. by telling him his ability to handle the custody matters civilly will serve as proof he has changed.  Jamie interrupts them and demands to see Adam.

Adam blindfolds Amanda as he leads her on foot to Janet.  Once inside the darkened hiding place, Adam removes the blindfold.  Amanda hugs her mother.  Janet appears contented and trusts “her friend” Adam.

Due to their stained relations, J.R. does not know Adam’s whereabouts.  As Tad and Jamie ask Babe if Adam is with Krystal, Josh enters the room and confirms that she is alone.  J.R., Josh, and Babe question Tad and Jamie’s urgency.  Tad then apprises them that Adam burned down his house.

Ryan gives vague responses about Zach to Hannah.  When she asks if he is like his father, Ryan carefully selects his words.  Hannah attributes Ryan’s parsing to respect for his relationship with Kendall.  Ryan then compliments Zach’s ability to share fatherhood in regards to Spike.

Kendall arrives at Cambias and she enthusiastically tells Zach about Ryan and Annie’s impending marriage and plans a wedding party.  Zach gives her “a look” and Kendall knows that Zach is “on to her” and admits to being a “fake bitch” that “does not want anyone else to be happy except her and Zach.”  Zach teasingly placates Kendall.  Kendall realizes how happy she is with Zach and kisses him.

As Tad impresses upon J.R., Josh, and Babe the imminent threat to Krystal, Krystal eavesdrops from the hallway.  Krystal then barges in the room more stubborn than ever to remain with Adam and points out all of their transgressions against him.

With Amanda as his audience, Adam continues to dupe Janet.  Amanda is horrified by Adam’s manipulation, especially when he informs Janet that Tad and Jamie are responsible for her initial arrest.  Once alone, Adam again threatens Amanda to gain her cooperation.

Ryan questions the fortuitous timing of Hannah’s return, since Zach just acquired Cambias.  Hannah admits to having a “soft spot” for Zach.  Hannah then wonders whether Ryan’s concerns stem from his protective instincts towards Kendall.  Ryan advises he will always look out for his son’s mother.  Hannah assures Ryan her motives are purely work related.

Aidan begins his search for Ava again.  As he shows her photograph to other “working girls” in the same area that he found her, Ava’s “client” recognizes her.  As the man threatens to go after her, Aidan spots Ava and manages to scare the “client” away.  Now feeling more secure, Ava emerges.

Adam forcefully reveals to Amanda the details of how he will set-up her mother, if she refuses to “get the goods” on Tad and Jamie.  Amanda becomes sickened by Adam’s evilness.

Despite Tad efforts, Krystal believes Adam’s actions stem from pain not rage.  She still maintains that Adam loves her and their marriage is reconcilable.  Babe refuses to leave her mother alone with Adam, and Tad vows to protect his baby from him.  Krystal, with fire in her eyes, threatens to deprive Tad completely of his child, if he attempts to remove her from the Chandler residence by force.  Jamie and Tad leave the room and decide to find Adam without Krystal or Colby’s knowledge.

Aidan tries to get Ava to leave with him willingly.  Ava sasses back at him.  After his unsuccessful attempt, Aidan threatens to call the police on her, if she does not comply.

Hannah returns to Cambias to find Zach and Kendall embracing.  Zach looks up and again offers her the position.  Hannah smoothly smiles, as she holds out for a high salary.

While Ryan talks to Spike and gets him ready to play outside, the phone rings.  Ryan is confounded by a hang-up call.  A green butterfly offers a clue to the identity of the caller.

Babe firmly requests a reluctant Josh to give her privacy with J.R.  Once alone, Babe anxiously waits for J.R.’s response concerning their shared custody of Little A.

After noticing an opened door outside, Tad and Jamie sneak up behind Adam.  Tad hits Adam over the head and knocks him unconscious.  Tad and Jamie are pleased with the alternative to “moving” Krystal, and decide to “move” Adam instead.

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