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All My Children Update Monday 4/2/07

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Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In Philadelphia, Aidan discovers a prostitute who looks like Lily.  She tries flirting with Aidan, but he backs away.  When the woman kisses him, he realizes she's not Lily.  She asks if Aidan is a cop, to which he answers no.  Aidan asks for a date and she leads him down an alley.  Aidan takes her to a hotel and buys her food.  She tells him her name is Ava.  Aidan only wants to talk to her, but Ava is interested in getting down to business.  Aidan asks Ava about Pine Valley but she tells him that she's never been there.  Ava wonders why Aidan is asking so many questions.  Thinking he could be a social worker, Ava tells him she doesn’t want to be saved, just his money.  As Aidan pulls out his money, she takes off.

On the yacht, Erica wakes up Barbara and Jack with breakfast.  She's talking in a fake French accent, and asks if they’re hungry.  Jack decides to eat, but Barbara is angry and wants Erica to leave.  Jack offers Barbara some of the food, which gets her more upset.  She decides to leave to take a shower.  Now that they're alone, Jack asks Erica what she's up to.  She claims it's her way of saying how happy she was for him but Jack doesn’t believe it.  Barbara returns and once again tells Erica to leave the yacht.  Sean calls Jack, telling him Lily is missing.  Erica wants to help, but Jack tells her it's none of her concern.  Erica says she's still Lily’s stepmother, but he leaves without her anyway.  Erica gathers her things and leaves but not before exchanging harsh words with Barbara, and telling Barbara she's not done with Jack.  A few minutes go by, and Barbara realizes that she's locked inside the boat, and it’s leaving port.

Jack comes home and calls Derek to begin the search for Lily.  Before he can get through, Lily returns home.  Sean asks where she went and Lily says she was getting the newspaper to look for a new home.  She wants to move out to get away from Barbara.  Lily tells Jack all the things Barbara does to upset her.  Sean agrees with her and asks Jack to make her leave.  Erica arrives and is happy to see that Lily is okay.  Aidan comes over and tells everyone about the girl who looks like Lily.  Sean and Lily begin researching on the internet to find out who this girl is.  Jack, Erica, and Aidan try to figure out who Ava might be.  Aidan tells them Ava is a hooker.  Jack wants him to find her.  Erica is about to leave.  Before she can, Jack expresses anger for what she did at the yacht and tells her she has no longer has any rights to him, because she is with Jeff now.  Erica lets Jack know he's wrong about some things and leaves the house.

At the Chandler Mansion, Josh refers to Adam as his dad.  Colby is upset about the way Adam is acting.  Babe tells Josh he should leave.  Tad thinks he should stay because at least Krystal will have medical care.  Adam tells Josh their first plot is to dissolve Chandler Enterprises.  J.R. reminds Josh that dissolving the company will ruin Babe’s business interests too.  Krystal comes in and tells everyone to leave Adam alone.  She thinks Adam will calm down if everyone stops provoking him.  Colby storms from the room, angry because she wants this feud to end.  Krystal leaves, too.  J.R. tells Adam his plan won't work and Adam tells him to realize that Josh and Babe are not really over.  Babe tries convincing Josh to leave the mansion.  He claims he wants to make sure she's okay.  She doesn’t want him around her though.  Josh decides to leave to check out his new home and cars.  Upstairs, Krystal is sleeping in Adam's bed.  He walks in to find her.  Krystal wakes up saying he still loves her.  Adam tells her his love for her no longer exists.  Adam walks out of the room but Krystal continues to believe he still loves her.

At Wildwind, everyone asks Derek how Janet escaped from the mental institution.  Derek asks Amanda when she saw her mother last and Amanda tells him about the visit she made to the institution.  Jamie says he was there too.  Derek has the police officers search the house and the grounds.  The group leaves to make sure that the children are okay.  Jamie tells Amanda that Adam might be behind Janet's disappearance and goes to the Chandler mansion to find out.  Jonathan arrives, telling Amanda that they will find Janet.  Amanda asks him not to let anyone hurt her.  Amanda searches for Janet, but finds Adam instead.  He asks her to help him and Janet get revenge on Krystal and Tad, but Amanda refuses.

Back at the Chandler Mansion, Tad asks Josh what his motives are for helping Adam.  He compares Josh to J.R. and says they're both users.  Josh leaves the house, running into Jamie on the way out.  Jamie warns Tad that with Janet escaped, and with Adam on the rampage he needs to leave.  Tad tells him he can’t leave.  He goes upstairs and talks to Krystal again, but she doesn't want to talk to him.  She believes she's safe and that Adam will come back to her.  Tad receives a phone call, telling him his house is on fire.  Downstairs, J.R. comes into the parlor and asks Babe if she's all right.  She tells him she's fine, and says they need to start working on the divorce and a custody agreement.

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