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All My Children Update Friday 3/30/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Annie sits alone in bed admiring Ryan's engagement ring when he arrives at her door professing chicken soup and love.  Hiding the ring, Annie lets him in with a big smile.

On the phone, Krystal screams at someone from the institution to release Adam while Tad helps himself to a drink and suggests that some electroshock therapy treatments would do him good.  When Babe interrupts the screaming to ask where J.R. is, Tad guesses that his stepson is trying to cash in on this mess.

At Chandler Enterprises, J.R. explains to the board members that his father has been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation and advises them to remove him from his leadership position in order to avoid panic among the stockholders.  Just as he calls for a vote, Adam enters the conference room.

While undressing, Josh clicks on the TV and sees Erica hosting "New Beginnings." Putting the picture on pause, he recalls his mother asking for a chance to be a family with his father and sisters.

As Erica stares at Jack and Barbara in bed together, he opens his eyes and sees her but doesn't react.  When Barbara moans and snuggles up closer to Jack, Erica turns around and leaves.

Adam assures his company's board that rumors of his insanity have been grossly exaggerated and explains that he was drugged unconscious and dragged naked into that very room by two of his son's friends, so he can stage a coup d'etat.  He then urges them not to side with J.R., because he is a thankless vicious drunk.  When J.R. asks to be with his father alone, all the board members file out.  Calling J.R. a "pathetic, lying little piece of crap," Adam reviles him for not having the courage to stand up to him face-to-face and for being a failure despite the fact that he was given everything.  After J.R. counters that he's just like his old man whose addiction is power and money, they accuse each other of marrying the wrong women.

After Krystal refuses to move out of Candler Mansion, Tad accuses Babe of not backing him, even though J.R. blackmailed her, and yells at her for trying to make his baby Adam's.  When Babe insists she was only thinking of what's best for Charlotte, Tad orders her not to call his baby by that name.  Babe doesn't want Tad to take her mom's baby away from her and advises her mother to see that Tad has parental rights, but Krystal doesn't think that two minutes of his involvement gives him any say in what they name the little girl.  Since Adam had no part in the baby's existence, Tad is suing for custody and hands Krystal the court papers.

Arriving home, Sean finds Lily trying to restore order to the surroundings and declares that his mother has won by moving in on Jack.  Lily decides she doesn't like living there anymore and begins to pack.

Seeing him dressing, Barbara encourages Jack to return to bed, but he refuses and won't discuss his reasons with her, especially not Erica.

When Erica goes to Josh's apartment looking for Bianca, he sees how upset she is and reaches out to his mother with concern.  Hearing that Erica wants to flee to Bianca's Paris apartment, Josh asks what set this off.  Erica asks Josh if her own life is in shambles because of the way she interfered in her son's life.

Declining the soup, Annie asks Ryan to close his eyes and is about to pull out his ring when Emma bounces in asking for another story.  Annie invites her little girl into bed with her and makes up a fairy tale about the Land of the Sugar Cookie Castle where an evil wizard has covered the lovely Queen Annabelle with ugly red spots.  Even when she was well, the queen lacked worthy suitors special enough to unlock her heart until Sir Ryanovich solved the riddle with a beautiful lagoon full of oatmeal where a dolphin presented her with a ring which was really the key to her heart. Ryan looks down at Annie's hand and sees that she's wearing his diamond ring.  When Annie declares that they're getting married, everyone erupts with joyful shouts as Ryan showers Annie with kisses and Emma runs to tell the Wildwind gang the happy news.

Hearing that his dad accepted Erica's rejection like a gentleman, Josh realizes he didn't inherit that genetic disposition, since he can't let go of Babe.

Krystal accuses Tad of not doing what's best for his baby by upsetting her, but he doesn't want his daughter subjected to Adam's brand of parenting.

Adam strikes below the belt when he tells J.R. that Dixie left him because he wasn't worth her time and love, and he proved that was true by ignoring his dying mother's wish in favor of "those Carey whores."  J.R. offers to rescind the motion against his father if he agrees to keep the family intact, but Adam attacks his son's motivation, accusing him of only wanting to steal what he created.  When J.R. denies it, Adam calls him a liar and a "spineless waste" who waited until he was incapacitated to attack him and threatens to sabotage the company.  J.R. feels that his father caused his own problems by refusing to forgive and created two alcoholic kids, but Adam refuses to accept the credit for how Hayley and J.R. were raised, instead putting the blame on Tad Martin.  J.R. calls Adam impatient and incapable of any normal relationships, needing a dysfunctional family to make himself feel more superior.  As J.R. accuses him of ruining all of his children, Adam grabs him and brings his fist to his face but stops short of hitting his defiant son.

Jonathan comes into Annie's Wildwind room to congratulate her and his brother on their upcoming nuptials, followed closely by Kathy, Julia, and Jamie who hugs the bride-to-be then leaves to get something she needs.  Declaring she already has what she needs, Annie kisses Ryan as the two little girls happily hug each other.

With a beer in his hand, Sean tries to stop Lily from leaving home and is glad when Aidan arrives to talk to her.  Lily believes that her dad and Barbara don't belong together, but she can't think of another plan to get rid of her, because Sean said she's already won.

Back at the yacht, Barbara assures Jack that she just wanted to comfort him and doesn't expect anything more.  Claiming she's different now, Barbara wants to get back to her essential self and promises to leave if he wants her to.

Erica is surprised that her son's ego can take Babe's rejection, but he thinks that pride just gets in the way, and if you want someone badly enough, you will get them.

As Babe tries to get her mother to relax, Krystal and Tad continue bickering over who lied the most and who is going to raise their child. Though Krystal thinks she can do it by herself just fine, now that Tad knows he's the father, he wants his daughter, too, and will let the court decide.  Babe asks Tad to give her mother more time and reduce her stress, because it's not good for the baby.  Finally seeing the light, Tad agrees to cool it and goes upstairs.

Pleading Krystal's case, J.R. insists that she tried to give him her baby out of love, because she didn't want to break his heart, but Adam believes his wife is a golddigger and his marriage was a mistake.  Though Adam declares he doesn't "give a damn" about Krystal, J.R. encourages him to give up the war and continue "to be the God of Chandler Enterprises."  Instead of giving in, Adam asks for the vote to take place, so all the board members file back in and take their places.  When the count is tied, J.R. casts the deciding vote in favor of relieving his father of all his powers and duties. After all the board members depart, J.R. again gives his father a chance to make the right decision about Krystal, but Adam won't talk to the dead.

Krystal blows up at Babe when she tries to plead Tad's case, because she knows who the better man to be her baby's father is.  When Babe tries to get her to face the fact that Tad would be an amazing father, Krystal walks away.

Now joined by Del, Amanda, and Di, the whole Wildwind gang toasts to Ryan and Annie, looking forward to the wedding in the chapel or the terrace or the gardens.  Annie doesn't care where it takes place, she just wants to be chickenpox-free.

When Aidan questions where she's headed so late, Lily admits her only plan is to be gone before Barbara gets back.  Suggesting she just lock herself in her room, Aidan gets Lily to agree to talk to her dad before she leaves, much to Sean's relief.  Aidan informs Sean that he'll be on a stake-out in Philadelphia all night, but he'll call Jack in the morning.

Claiming she didn't mean to make things worse, Barbara invites Jack back to bed for a good night's sleep.

After Josh accuses Erica of trying to escape from her problems, she declares that she never surrenders and always survives.  A grateful Erica suddenly realizes she is very much like her son who wants to do more than just survive.

With Emma dreaming sweet dreams, Annie jokingly wonders if she'll hurt Ryan by hitting him with her huge ring in the middle of the night.  When he offers to take it back, though, she compliments him on his marvelous taste, and they kiss.

After J.R. informs Babe about the takeover of Chandler Enterprises, she's afraid Adam will be out for blood now that J.R. has taken away his father's business and power. Meanwhile, Adam shows up at Josh's apartment, suggesting they play "what if."

In the morning, Annie and Ryan happily wake up next to each other and share their dreams and plans.  Downstairs, everyone's enjoying breakfast when Derek shows up with a warrant to search the premises for Amanda's escaped mother, Janet.

Jack and Barbara are awakened by a loud bang. As they sit up in bed, Erica enters wearing a French-maid costume and announces that she has a little surprise for them.

Unable to find Lily, Sean runs around the house in his shorts calling her name.  Meanwhile, at a seedy location, Aidan ends his stake-out and is about to go get some sleep when a young woman dressed like a prostitute bearing a striking resemblance to Lily approaches him.

While Tad, Krystal, J.R., and Babe are having breakfast, Adam arrives home with his "son," Josh.

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