AMC Update Friday 3/30/07

All My Children Update Friday 3/30/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

In the Chandler Enterprise boardroom, J.R. calls an emergency board meeting. He says that his father is crazy.  Adam opens the door and walks in and asks does he get a vote too.  Adam begins to tell the board that he was set up.  J.R. disputes what Adam says.  J.R. calls Adam a pathetic piece of crap.  Adam call J.R. names as well.  Adam accuses J.R. of wanting money and power.  Adam points out to the board that J.R. is an alcoholic and was recently charged with murder. J.R. asks the board for a minute along with his father.  J.R. tells Adam to hit since he has done everything else. Adam is furious and dares J.R. to hit him.  J.R. fakes an attempt to hit Adam.  J.R. blames Adam for everything.  J.R. tries to explain to Adam what it cost Krystal to tell the truth.  Adam is not interested in Krystal’s reasons.  After the board returns to the room, J.R. wins with the deciding vote.    J.R. discussed the chandler corporate takeover with Babe.   J.R. tells babe that the takeover was initially a ploy to get Adam to take forgive Krystal, but Adam call J.R.’s bluff.   Babe warns J.R. that Adam will be out for blood for losing his company and his power.

On Erika and Jack’s yacht Jack is asleep with Barbara in his arms.  Erica is standing in front of the bed looking at them.  Erica is devastated.  Jack opens his eyes and looks into Erica’s eyes.  Barbara asleep snuggles up closer to Jack.  Erica leaves.  Jack asks Barbara to leave.  Barbara tries to console Jack as she did last night, but it is not working.  She lets Jack off the hook.   Barbara does not leave immediately, so Jack tells her that he will leave.  Jack tells Barbara to remain in bed. Jack tells Barbara that he will not discuss Erika with her.  Barbara convinces Jack to get back in bed. Erica returns to the yacht in a little French maid’s costume and a blonde wig.  Erica says she has breakfast in a French accent.  Erica states that Barbara and Jack must have worked up an appetite as she encourages them to eat up. 

Krystal calls the asylum searching for Adam.  At the Chandler mansion, Tad and Krystal are arguing. Babe walks in and asks them if they have seen J.R.  Tad tells Krystal that he will sue her for the custody of Charlotte, the baby.   Tad and Krystal are arguing about raising their daughter up in the Chandler mansion.  Tad angrily states that he’ll be damned if he let that monster (Adam) raise his daughter.  Krystal tells Tad that she will not allow Charlotte to be a part of the Adam/Tad feud.  Babe gets Krystal to settle down and sit.  Babe asks Tad to back off until the baby is born.  Tad agrees.

Lily and Sean are together looking for Jack. Sean tells Lily that Barbara wants Jack.  Sean welcomes Lilly to his hell of Barbara Montgomery.  Lily is at home packing to move. She has decided that she does not want to live with Barbara. Lily Tells Sean that she is leaving.  Lily says she is eighteen and can now do what she wants.  Sean tells Lily that she should talk to her dad first.  Lily does not like how Barbara moved in on Jack.   Aidan comes over to check on Lly.  Aidan thought that Lily looked stressed the last time he saw her.  Aidan tells Lily that she cannot leave.    Lily is not taking Aiden’s advice, and continues to pack.  Aidan demands to know where is Jack. Sean discovers that Lily has left.  Aidan leaves and runs into a hooker that looks just like Lily.  The hooker’s name is Ava.

Josh while undressed, turns on the news to see Erika discussing her family as a new beginning.  Erika, later, knocks on Josh’s door and asks for Bianca.  Josh noticing that Erika seems disturbed invites her in.  Josh senses that Erika is disturbed, and asks if he can help.  Erika tells Josh that she called things off with Jeff.    Erika expected Josh to chew her head off about not choosing Jeff.  She asks Josh about it.  Erika states she still wants Jack.   Erica wanted to talk to Bianca about the Paris apartment.  Josh told Erica that she was fleeing and surrendering.  Erika asks about Babe.  Josh tells Erica that Babe is at the Chandler mansion. Erica asks Josh if he is letting Babe go.  Erica states that she never surrender and she always survive.  Erica thanks Josh for getting her back on track, and then leaves Josh’s apartment.  Adam knocks on Josh’s door.  Adam tells Josh he wants to talk.  Adam explains something secretively to Josh.  Adam proposes a-what-if-game to Josh.  Adam returns to the Chandler mansion and informs everyone that he has adopted Josh. 

Annie put the ring from Ryan on her finger.  Ryan arrives with soup.  Ryan and Annie are together when Emma rushes into the room.  Annie tells Emma that she gets one last story. The story is about a sugar cookie castle.   The story turns and is now about Ryan (Sir Ryanovich), Annie (Queen Annabelle) and the ring.  Annie shows the engagement ring to Emma and tells her that the ring is the key to her heart.  Anna tells Emma that Ryan and she are getting married.  Emma is told to tell everyone at Wild wind about Annie and Ryan’s engagement.  Everyone from Whirlwind rushes in to see Annie’s ring.  The Wildwind group begins to celebrate the engagement in Annie’s bedroom.  Ryan appears to have slept over.  Amanda sees Derek. Derek tells Amanda that Janet has escaped.  Derek has a warrant to search the premise at Wildwind.  The Wildwind group discuss the possibility of a wedding at Wildwind.  Annie tells the Wildwind group that a wedding date has not been set.

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