AMC Update Thursday 3/29/07

All My Children Update Thursday 3/29/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Annie tries not scratching her chicken pox by wearing mittens.  Ryan comes into her room with food, telling her not to give into the urge to scratch.  Emma wanders into the room, saying she also has chicken pox, but hers are drawn on with a marker.  Ryan and Emma distract Annie from scratching by putting on a show for her.  Soon after Ryan leaves, Annie takes off her mittens and starts scratching.  Ryan prepares an oatmeal bath for her.  Annie's unsure about this, but tries it anyway.  When Annie finishes her bath, Ryan tells her how happy he is with her.

Zach introduces Kendall to Hannah.  Kendall tells her how worried she and Zach were that Alex might have gotten to her.  Even though Hannah escaped Alex, she never got to know her son, Ethan.  Kendall tells her a few things about Ethan's life.  Zach leaves to handle business.  Hannah thinks that Zach abandoned Ethan, but Kendall explains that Zach was trying to protect Ethan by keeping his identity a secret.  Kendall then tells her details about the Satin Slayer murders.  She assures Hannah that Ethan knew she loved him before his death.  As Zach returns, Hannah says she'll think about his job offer and leaves.

Hannah visits Alex in jail.  He doesn't recognize her at first, so she brings up their past to get him to remember who she is.  Hannah mentions how he tried to make her abort her child, and how she had no choice but to run away.  She adds that giving up Ethan for adoption was worth the sacrifice because he didn't end up like Alex.

Jack pushes Barbara away when she tries kissing him.  He tells Barbara that he's not moving on with her despite being divorced from Erica.  Barbara offers to help him, but he leaves and goes to the yacht.  At the yacht, Barbara walks in to find him sitting on the bed.  Jack doesn't reject Barbara's advances.

Erica tells Jeff their relationship over, but he refuses to believe that.  Erica says they'll always be connected because of Josh but Jeff wants it to be more.  Erica tells him that her divorce to Jack was finalized today.  It made her realize that she still loves Jack and always will.  Jeff asks what she'll do if Jack won't take her back.  She answers that she will fall on her face, but won't resort to running to another man to heal the pain.  Jeff gives Erica a kiss on the cheek and leaves.  She goes to the yacht and finds Jack and Barbara in bed together.

At Fusion, Zoe is making one of three deals she promised for Kendall, but is interrupted by her momís (Mrs. Luper) visit.  Mrs. Luper hugs Zoe, explaining how she wanted to come when she heard the police thought she was the killer but was confused by rumors of her being transgender.  Zoe's mom tells her it's wrong for her to be this way.  Zoe says she tried being a man, but it wasn't the right choice for her.  Mrs. Luper asks Zoe to come home where they can be closer and he can be a man again.  Zoe runs out of the building upset, as Bianca follows.  Bianca catches up to Zoe at the park and tells her how negatively Erica reacted when she discovered she was gay.  Zoe doesn't think her mother loves her.  Bianca admits that she hopes Miranda never has to deal with this kind of reaction from society because of sexuality.  Bianca talks Zoe into giving her mother a chance.

At the Fusion office, Josh tries educating Mrs. Luper about Zoe, but she believes she knows Zoe better than anyone else.  She asks Josh to fix her son since he's a doctor but Josh explains that in Zoe's mind, she is a female and that she wants the outside to match.  Mrs. Luper thinks she's to blame, but Josh tells her it's not her fault.  Zoe returns and asks his mother to be happy that she has finally found true happiness.

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