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Written By Linda
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Zoe silently watches Bianca work at Fusion, with adoration in her eyes.  Bianca looks up and is surprised and happy to see Zoe.  Bianca tells Zoe that Miranda is “over the moon” with Zoe’s gift.  With a sparkle in her eye, Zoe tells Bianca she is “over the moon” too.  Bianca is curious about Zoe’s euphoric state.

Jack invites Erica inside their house.  They have an opportunity to talk alone before the lawyers arrive.  Erica is surprised to learn that Lily is working for Cambias.  As Erica walks around the living room, she flashes back to when Jack bought her the house, as a surprise.  Jack notices that Erica is emotional and offers to move the proceedings to the lawyer’s office.  Erica assures him she is comfortable.

Jeff examines Krystal, now lying prone on her sofa, and determines she is not having contractions.  As Babe and J.R. anxiously stand by, Krystal blasts Tad for his actions towards Adam.  Tad tries to justify having Adam committed.  Jeff attempts to calm Krystal in order to reduce her pulse rate.

Janet walks up to Adam, now restricted by a straight jacket in the middle of the waiting room.  As she pokes him to confirm it is really Adam, Amanda arrives to visit her.  Shocked by this scenario, Amanda wonders why Adam is there.  Jamie emerges from around the corner and tells Amanda that Adam “deserves it.”

Kendall calls Cambias to reach Zach.  Kendall is frustrated, when Lily refuses to put her through based on Zach’s literal orders not to disturb him.

Zach does not recognize the “mystery woman” in his office.  Once she gives him a verbal clue, he immediately figures out that she is Hannah.  As they warmly embrace, Zach, now overwhelmed, can barely manage to speak.  Hannah admits to following him to Ethan’s gravesite and begins tearing up over their son’s death.

After getting nowhere with Lily, Kendall jokingly refers to her as the “Secret Service” to Bianca.  Josh then arrives at Fusion looking for Babe.  As Zoe remains silent in the background, Josh is deluged by his sisters’ request to forgive their mother in light of her impending divorce.  Josh resists then seeks Zoe’s neutral input.  Zoe reluctantly involves herself and urges him to forgive Erica.

Erica notices Barbara moved the family photographs.  When Jack awkwardly offers Erica lunch, Erica flashes back to one of their romantic picnics.  Erica is startled back to reality by the doorbell.  Realizing their respective lawyers have arrived, Erica collects herself.  Erica and Jack are very amiable, as their lawyers discuss the division of their assets.  While the attorneys continue negotiations, their clients sadly stare into each other’s eyes.

Colby goes to see her father.  After being denied access, she threatens the attending nurse, Shelly, with a battery of litigation.  Amanda pulls her mother away from Adam.  Jamie takes this opportunity to warn Adam to stay away from Krystal and his new sister.  Adam, in turn, vows revenge.

Jeff encourages Krystal to move around.  While J.R. reads little Adam a story, Babe helps her mother.  Jeff runs into Tad outside and assures him that Krystal is stable.  Tad adamantly proclaims he will get Krystal out of the Chandler mansion.

As Hannah and Zach get reacquainted, Hannah explains she left Ethan behind with another woman so that Alexander could not find him.  Hannah further explains she feels safe returning to Pine Valley, since Alexander, by virtue of Ethan’s death, can no longer pursue him.  Zach begins to comfort a visibly distraught Hannah.

Jamie taunts Adam about Tad’s baby and Adam tries to provoke Jamie.  In response, Jamie leans over him and menacingly repeats his warning.

The lawyers wind down the settlement to the final assets and Erica wants Jack to keep the yacht.  She then has a flashback to the day she surprised him with it.  As the attorneys prattle on, Jack and Erica continue looking at each other with regret.

After they discuss the murders, Zach assures Hannah that Alexander cannot hurt her.

Hannah finally refers to him as Zach, not “Alex.”  As she reminisces about their past, she marvels that Zach took over Cambias in light of his feelings towards his father.  Zach then questions why she returned, and Hannah, with a flirtatious look, informs Zach he “invited her.”

Despite Bianca and Kendall’s repeated efforts, Josh remains resolved never to forgive Erica’s betrayal.

Jeff goes inside to check on Krystal and Babe approaches Tad outside.  Babe implores Tad not to threaten Krystal with legal action based on her fragile condition.  Tad maintains his position.  Krystal’s pains subside and Jeff surmises she was experiencing indigestion and leaves.  When J.R. comes in to see her, Krystal chastises him for his complacence with Adam’s commitment.  J.R. insists his motives were to protect her, and Krystal suspects his intent is to win over Babe.

Amanda walks in, as Jamie starts walking away from Adam.  Jamie decides to tell Amanda the details concerning Adam at home.  Before Amanda walks out with Jamie, she sarcastically wishes Adam good luck.  Adam stops her and sweetly asks for a favor.

Babe tries to soften Tad’s position with Krystal.  Tad remains unmoved, and regards J.R., Babe, and Krystal’s deceit as indefensible.

J.R. insists his efforts to reconcile with Babe stem from genuine love.  To gain Krystal’s support, J.R. compares his situation with Babe to Krystal’s with Adam.  When Krystal begins to respond positively, J.R. offers to “help her” reconcile with Adam.

To evoke sympathy from Amanda, Adam tells her about Krystal’s deceit and mentions their familial connection through his daughter, Haley.  Adam’s efforts are unsuccessful, when he tries to get “dirt” on Jamie from Amanda.  Frustrated and angered by Amanda’s refusal, Adam throws Amanda’s “mother’s rampage” in her face.  Adam entices Amanda with a payoff, and Amanda tells him to go to hell.

Colby calls for Adam’s attorney from the reception area, as Jamie asks the attending nurse to locate Adam’s doctor.  Colby confronts Jamie about Adam.  Jamie relays Adam’s history of negative treatment towards the Martin family.  Colby ignores Jamie’s suggestion to avoid involving herself.

Hannah coyly explains she is responding to a posted position at Cambias and hands Zach her previously submitted resume under a different name.  Zach offers her the position, since he already reviewed her credentials.  Hannah shows conditional interest in Zach’s offer.

Zoe laughs as Kendall and Bianca chase after the fleeing Josh.  A disgruntled customer approaches Zoe.  When the customer realizes Zoe is trans-gender, he treats her with disdain.  The other three return and overhear the conversation.  Josh begins to defend Zoe, and Kendall insists that she handle the situation.  As Zoe offers to quit, Kendall swiftly and forcefully throws the customer out.  Realizing she acted in haste, Kendall worries about her debt to Erica.  She then orders Zoe to make up for the loss with three new accounts or quit.  Zoe mouth drops open wide in reaction.

Livia tries to get Erica’s attention, as she flashes back to a romantic moment in bed with Jack.  Before Erica leaves, Livia notes the civility between these parties and tries to confirm their respective certainty.  When Jack does not respond, Erica assumes he wants the divorce and reluctantly assures Livia she is certain.  Erica, clearly upset, rushes out, and Jack sadly watches her leave.

Sean catches up with Colby at the park.  He regrets sleeping with Colby last summer and encourages her not to be promiscuous for the sake of respect from her potential future children.  Colby initially does not understand his point and then realizes his “issues” stem from his mother’s actions.  Sean also expresses disappointment with Erica’s adultery as well as Barbara’s attempts to pursue Jack.  Colby begs Sean to stay “for her,” when he decides his only option is to leave and take Barbara with him.

As Jack wistfully stares at Erica’s picture, Barbara returns.  Barbara is shocked when Jack declines her offer to give him privacy.

Erica goes to her office to find Jeff waiting for her.  Worn out from the divorce, Erica cuts off Jeff’s efforts to “clear things up.”  Erica tells Jeff she understands his motives were to help their son and “everything is done and over.”  Jeff misunderstands Erica’s comments and invites her to dinner.  Erica clarifies and firmly tells Jeff their relationship is “over.”

Barbara seizes on Jack’s vulnerability and passionately kisses him.  Jack responds and returns the gesture.

Zoe reflects upon the way Kendall valiantly defended her and tells Bianca she now understands Bianca’s love for her sister.

Hannah tells Zach she wants to learn more about Ethan, before she decides to stay in Pine Valley.  Kendall bursts in on their conversation.  After Zach introduces them, Kendall is shocked into silence.

Babe seeks Tad’s forgiveness.  Tad becomes somewhat receptive when Babe mentions her difficulties with forgiving J.R. for his blackmail.

Krystal empathizes with J.R. when he mentions his alienation of “both fathers” and that Krystal, Babe, and his son are his only family.

Amanda catches up with Jamie in the reception area and warns him about Adam.  Jamie assures her he is prepared to take him on.

Although Adam previously rebuffed her, Janet returns to see Adam in the waiting room.  Adam happily welcomes her since he is running out of resources.  Adam accepts Janet’s willing offer to help him and offers to help her in return.

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