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As a distraction, Erica interferes at Fusion.  While she reviews market projections with Kendall and Bianca, they both question why their mother is there.

Jack assures Livvy, during their phone conversation that Erica will show up for today’s divorce negotiations.  As he concludes the call, Zach shows up at his house.  Zach wants to make Lily comfortable on her first day at Cambias.  Zach asks Jack, if he has any objections to Lily working for him.

While J.R. and Babe walk through the darkened wings of the Chandler mansion, they hear Krystal yelling through a locked door.  J.R. tries to use the spare key and realizes that the keyhole is glued closed.  Colby enters the hallway to see what is going on.  Tad remains lying on the bed and smiles to himself in the midst of all the commotion.

His office staff finds a naked, sleeping Adam hunched over the boardroom conference table.  As they speculate as to whether it is Stuart instead, Adam is startled from his sleep and awakens to several pairs of eyes staring at him.  Embarrassed and angry, Adam grumbles aloud, “Tad is dead.”

While J.R. uses an ice pick to remove the glue, J.R., Babe, and Colby realize Tad is locked in the room with Krystal.  Worried about her mother’s condition, Babe asks Tad for his assurances that Krystal is all right.  Babe is relieved, when Tad promises that Krystal is fine.  As Babe curses Adam for his actions, Colby does not believe her father is capable of such behavior.  While J.R. struggles to open the lock, he assures Colby that their father is responsible.  Babe grows more and more anxious and halfheartedly vows to “kill Adam.”  Colby chimes in that they “have to find him first.”

Trying to appear unashamed and in control, Adam makes light of his nudity and barks at his employees to go back to work.  As Adam grabs a Chandler Enterprises flag from the pole to cover himself, a security guard shows up to confirm his identity or oust him from his own office.  With all this transpiring, Jamie and Aidan arrive to retrieve Adam, “at J.R.’s alleged request.”  Adam denies he has a son and insists he is being “set-up.”  After Jamie vouches for Adam’s identity, the staff and the security guard leave.  While Aidan assures Adam their purpose is legitimate, the security guard returns with a fur coat for Adam.  Adam gets in the guard’s face and screams, “move.”  As Jamie tries to hold back from laughing, he calls Tad to advise they “have Adam.”  Tad begins laughing and hangs up the phone.  J.R., Babe, and Colby have joined Tad and Krystal in “the room.”  Ironically, Colby then asks Tad to hire Aidan to find her father.  In the background, J.R. promises that he does not know Adam’s whereabouts.  With a calmed assurance in his voice, Tad tells Colby her father will turn up soon and walks out to get something to eat.  Suspicious of Tad’s actions, Krystal follows him.

Erica continues to offer her assistance.  While Bianca feels they could use the assistance with foreign markets, a reluctant Kendall tries to discourage her mother’s help.  Sean arrives and urgently requests that Erica speak to him.  As they leave to talk privately, Kendall chastises Bianca for being receptive to Erica’s input.

Sean insists that Erica’s timing is bad, and begs her not to divorce Jack.

While Jack gives Zach his approval for Lily’s employment, he also expresses admiration for Zach’s protection of Kendall.  As they shake hands, Jack offers his assistance should Zach need help with anything.  Unexpectedly, Lily rushes to the front door to let “someone” in.  Jack wonders to whom she is referring.  When Lily advises them a woman was peeking in their window, the two men exchange curious glances. 

Bianca defends Erica, since she believes Kendall’s reluctance stems from her fear of Erica’s control.  Kendall agrees that they have a great mom and explains why she is hesitant.  Bianca then agrees with Kendall’s concern that Fusion would be over shadowed by their mother’s fame.  They both start to realize they have overcome many respective issues that they previously attributed to Erica’s celebrity.  Kendall firmly tells Bianca she wants to maintain her independence with the company she created.

Sean warns Erica that his mother is swooping in for the kill.  Sean tries to convince Erica that Jack “needs her.”  Believing that her marriage is over, Erica tells Sean that Jack scheduled today’s meeting to discuss the divorce.  Erica begins to tear, when Sean tells her how unhappy Jack, Lily, and he will be if Barbara manages to manipulate her way into their lives.

Colby and J.R. begin to worry when they cannot locate Adam on the grounds.  Krystal and Tad are now sitting comfortably on the sofa.  She agrees Adam will turn-up shortly.  With that, Adam bursts through the front door, clad in his fur coat.  Colby throws her arms around Adam.  Krystal asks Tad “what he did” to Adam.  Adam makes a beeline for J.R. and demands to know whose side he is on.  Babe is protective of J.R., and Adam, in response, hurls insults at her.  Jamie and Aidan remain in the background.  Two men in white coats enter to whisk Adam away to a mental institution, based upon Adam’s “indecent exposure.”  Adam believes those present conspired to drug him and drop him off at his office in the nude.  As Adam avows eventual victory, Tad tries to make things worse for Adam by exacting his revenge.  Krystal rushes to Adam’s side and demands that Tad stop his charade.  Adam appears both surprised and touched by Krystal’s loyalty.

Erica expresses concern for all of them but does not want to give Sean false hope of reconciliation.  Believing he can ultimately convince Erica to try, he keeps drudging up Barbara.  As he tearfully begs her, she hugs and assures him she will “always be there for him” regardless.

Lily gives Zach and Jack a detailed description of the “mystery women” based on her mathematical calculations.  By deductive reasoning, they all conclude that it is not Erica.

After his lack of success with Erica and before leaving, Sean enlists Bianca and Kendall’s help to avoid “global ugliness” and stop the divorce.  Now the women finally realize why their mother was trying to immerse herself in Fusion.  Suddenly, Erica enters the room and asks Kendall to explain her previous “reluctance.”  At the sight of their mother, both daughters supportively rush up to Erica.

Adam lashes out at Krystal, as she defends him and attempts to diffuse the situation.  Krystal still protects Adam anyway.  Babe feels Krystal’s defense of Adam is unwarranted and tells the mental ward attendants what Adam did to her pregnant mother.  Colby and J.R. try to resolve the situation amicably, and Adam tells the attendants he believes Krystal and “her lover” orchestrated these events, so that they can steal his fortune.  Babe interjects that Krystal loves Adam.  At this point, the attendants feel the police should get involved.  Colby again tries to protect Adam, and J.R. begins to think Adam may need some psychiatric help.  As they all start arguing, Adam approaches Aidan and Jamie and chides them for their involvement.  Jamie smirks, as he denies Adam’s accusations.  Adam, now provoked, grabs Jamie and shakes him.  J.R. and Colby argue, as the attendants and everyone else pry Adam from Jamie.  Jeff Martin then conveniently shows up to inquire about Adam’s “psychotic” episode.  To protect Adam, Krystal denounces Tad’s actions.  Tad reminds Krystal that she is a victim of Adam as well.

While comforting their mother, Bianca and Kendall persuade Erica to reconcile her marriage.  Kendall explains her reasons for wanting to “stand on her own.”  Erica is very proud of both daughters.

Barbara tries to win over Jack with an elaborate breakfast.  When she puts her hand on his lap, Jack rejects her efforts by removing it.  At this point, Sean returns home and asks his mother to speak with him.  After Jack excuses himself, Sean uses reverse psychology on Barbara and tells her he wants to return to Seattle with her.  Barbara does not fall for Sean’s idea and thinks he has joined forces with Lily.

At the Cambias office, Zach describes Lily’s duties to her.  Lily mentions her suggestions for a new company name, since it is named “after a murderer,” according to Lily.  Zach is refreshed by her honesty.  Zach is stunned, when Lily notices a heel indentation in the carpeting similar to the one, at her house.  Lily suspects that the “mystery woman” is now there.

While the rest argue, Tad and Adam speak together.  Tad attempts to reason with Adam.  Adam rejects Tad’s plea to avoid further escalation.

Sean shows his disdain for his mother’s efforts to “get” Jack.  Barbara defends her actions, citing Erica’s transgressions against Jack as justification.  As she drops the “Jeff Martin bomb” on Sean, Jack enters the room and cautions her to stop.

Kendall and Bianca again encourage their mother to reconcile with Jack, based on their obvious love for each other.  Erica feels their rift is too wide and details all the ways in which Jack annoys her.  Both daughters offer their blessing if Erica chooses Jeff.  Erica then admits she loves Jack and that it was his decision to proceed with the divorce.  Erica again marvels at how well her daughters turned out and leaves.

Barbara apologizes for her actions.  Sean demands confirmation about Erica’s alleged adultery with Jeff.  Sean is disappointed to learn it is true from Jack but remains contemptuous of his mother.  After Sean walks out, Barbara plays the victim role and blames Erica for Sean’s disdain towards her.  When Jack disagrees, Barbara again tries to plant a negative seed in his head about Erica.

As the attendants take Adam away, Colby and Krystal intervene again on Adam’s behalf.  Jeff advises that Adam is being taken for an evaluation only.  Krystal tells Tad she hates him.  Tad is unmoved and proclaims his actions are for her well-being.  Jamie tells Adam “he could use the help.”  Adam vows revenge.

Erica goes to her former home.  When Jack opens the door, they look at each other in silence.

Lily works on solving the mystery.  As Zach dismisses Lily theories, a woman appears in his office fitting Lily’s heel calculations.  When the woman admits to staring through Lily’s window, Zach wants to speak to the “mystery woman” alone.  Lily cautions Zach about this woman.  The woman cannot believe Zach does not recognize her.

On his way out, Jamie advises J.R. he is far from making amends for his previous behavior.  As Krystal again shames Tad for having Adam committed, she begins cramping.  Babe, Jeff, and Tad become concerned.

Adam is placed in a straight jacket at the mental ward.  While swearing revenge, he looks up at voice calling his name.  He is sickened, when he realizes the voice belongs to Janet Dillon.

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