AMC Update Monday 3/26/07

All My Children Update Monday 3/26/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the Chandler Mansion, the lights go out.  Krystal goes to the parlor where Adam is.  He says that he'll turn the power back on when she leaves.  Krystal realizes he did something with Tad, but Adam won't say what.  Tad is upstairs tied up.  Krystal searches the rooms and finds him.  She unties him tells him Adam's plan to make her leave.  Tad insists she leave the mansion.  Krystal doesn't want to leave the love of her life, despite the way he's acting.  Tad refuses to leave until she does.  Tad goes to the door, but they've been locked inside.  Krystal tells him Adam would calm down if Tad left.  Tad tries to make Krystal realize that Adam will never accept the baby as his own.  Tad notices she's tired and tells her to rest.

At Bianca's penthouse, Babe comes in as Zoe and Bianca are on the verge of their first kiss.  She tries leaving but they invite her in.  Little Adam and Miranda play and Zoe decides to leave.  She runs into J.R. on her way out.  Zoe tells J.R. it's best not to go inside because Babe wants to be alone with Bianca.  Inside, Bianca and Babe talk about the night Miranda and Little Adam were born.  J.R. comes in, but assures Babe he didn't follow her.  He just wanted to wish Miranda a happy birthday.  He agrees to leave if they would rather be alone.  Babe goes home with him.  Zoe returns with another gift for Miranda that is a music box that plays the song she sang at the party.  As Zoe is about to leave, Bianca stops her and they share a kiss.

J.R. and Babe arrive home and see that the power is off.  Babe says that she and Krystal have gone without lights before, so his plan to get rid of them won't work.  She then mentions how Krystal used to make grilled cheese by candlelight when they couldn't pay their bills.  Adam leaves the room, telling them that Little Adam's crib is in his suite.  Adam goes by Krystal's room.  J.R. takes Little Adam to bed and then goes to talk with Babe.  He gives her an envelope from the desk.  It's a land deed for them to build a house together but he also gives her the option to stay in it with just their son.  He leaves soon after.

At Wildwind, Annie tells Ryan to leave her alone.  She doesn't want him to look at her.  He leaves and from outside the door begs to be let back inside.  Annie won't let him, but asks him to send Julia up to see her.  Downstairs, Julia is preparing for a board meeting at the hospital while Amanda, Del, Di and the others prepare to play poker.  Jonathan asks what happened with Annie.  Ryan believes he ruined things.  Di tells Ryan that Annie needs the total package.  Everyone wonders what's going on and Jonathan tells them Annie kicked out Ryan.  Upstairs, Annie lets Julia in.  Julia takes her temperature and tells her she has chicken pox.  Annie asks Julia to get rid of Ryan.  Julia returns downstairs, asking who has had chickenpox and Ryan realizes that's what's wrong with Annie.  He goes back upstairs and picks the lock when Annie doesn't let him in.  Annie hides her face under the cover.  He takes the covers off so he can see her face.  He gives her a kiss.

Everyone downstairs tries getting Julia to take a break from working, with no success.  Lily stops by, asking Aidan if he'll help her to blackmail Barbara.  She feels that Barbara's upsetting her family.  Aidan won't help her since it's illegal, so she thinks of other options.  Jamie is trying to distract Julia, but she's focused on her work.  Amanda and Jonathan talk, and he mentions still having feelings for Lily.  Amanda understands about Lily and that he's leaving ConFusion.  They play another game of cards.

Lily arrives home and sees Barbara.  She tells Barbara that she wants her to leave Pine Valley.  Lily tells her how she considered blackmail, but that she has decided to handle this differently.  Barbara then offers to take her shopping, but Lily refuses and leaves the room.

Zach and Kendall are at the cemetery.  Zach asks Kendall not to let him ever waste time with their children.  Someone is watching them from the bushes.  They sit on a bench and talk about Ethan.  Zach is concerned that the Cambias Curse will reach their children, but Kendall assures him there is no such thing.  He promises to raise them well with her help.  They go home and play with Spike before getting him ready for bed.  Zach talks about having twins and mentions "Butch" and "Tank" as good names for them.  Kendall thinks one child is okay with her.  Zach tells Kendall his hopes for the future.  They begin to kiss and then make love.

At the cemetery, the woman in heels touches Ethan's headstone.

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