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Even though Annie is amazed that Ryan was able to reproduce every detail of her original enchanting fable in Emma's bedroom, she also wants to strangle him.

When Kendall informs her mother that she is expecting, Erica hugs her, extending her congratulations.  Standing nearby, Zach wonders if her happiness includes him.

Bianca blames her brother for encouraging Krystal to come clean and fears Adam's reaction toward Krystal and the baby, but Josh believes that Tad deserves to know he has a daughter.  Bianca doesn't buy that excuse and believes that Josh's motives for destroying the Chandler family were more selfish, but his desire to get Babe has failed miserably.  Zoe walks in on the loud conversation carrying balloons and other party supplies and admonishes her feuding friends to start decorating for Miranda's birthday party before the little girl arrives.

Since Krystal won't leave Chandler Mansion, Tad decides to move in with his trusty toothbrush, but Adam threatens to kill him unless he takes his adulterous wife with him.  While J.R. holds Adam back, Tad defends himself with a hammer.  As Colby fears her dad will have another stroke, Sean offers to take her to his niece's party, but she feels she should stay.  Meanwhile, Krystal calls Chief Frye asking for Tad's arrest, but Derek refuses to get involved in the Chandler family issues again.  Afraid for his baby's safety, Tad insists on remaining where Krystal is.

As Josh and Bianca continue to shout at one another about Babe, Zoe suggests they concentrate on decorating the place instead of fighting.  Being in the middle of all this sibling strife makes Zoe grateful she was an only child.  When Lily, Myrtle, and Jack arrive, Bianca asks them to help with the preparations.  After being introduced to Zoe, Lily naively asks why she looks like a man but is dressed like a woman.

After Kendall excuses herself to make a phone call, Erica agrees with Zach when he asks if she hates that her new grandchild is connected to him and that she wishes Kendall had seen the light and run back to Ryan.

Ryan apologizes for redecorating Emma's room without permission, but Annie declares he is just too perfect and is making it very difficult for her to keep refusing him.  When she was going through the whole ordeal with Terry, she wrote stories for Emma as a promise that life would be good again and her wishes and dreams would come true no matter what.

Although he is different from Ryan, Zach promises Erica that he will always protect Kendall, Spike, and the new baby.  While Zach fetches his wife's coat so they can all go to Miranda's party, Kendall assures her mom she is happy to be having Zach's baby and asks her to share in their joy.

Krystal assures Adam that they're not all conspiring against him, but he thinks she's keeping Tad around just to drive him insane.  Tad doesn't appreciate it when J.R. tries to defend him.  As Babe tries to bring order to the mayhem, Winifred and Colby enter carrying Little Adam and a birthday cake.  Immediately switching gears, everyone joins in the singing of the birthday song and helps Little Adam blow out his candles.

As Bianca watches, Zoe explains to Lily that she thinks like a woman and agrees that different doesn't have to be bad.  Crashing the party, Barbara apologizes to Bianca for her abominable behavior at the Valley Inn, and then claims to have something of Travis' (Bianca's father) for the "granddaughter she's never met."  After Bianca agrees to let her stay, Barbara insists to Jack that she is a member of this family.  When Erica, Kendall, Zach, and Spike arrive, there are hugs and kisses all around followed by congratulations after Kendall announces that she and Zach are having a baby.  Everyone goes silent when Lily loudly asks Jack if she'll still be the baby's aunt after his divorce from Erica is finalized.  The awkward moment passes when Miranda and her nanny Claire arrive.

Apparently having forgotten her son's birthday, Babe apologizes to Little Adam for having been away and promises never to leave him again.  Colby saves the day by presenting her nephew with a bunch of gifts from everyone in the family.  Babe is grateful to J.R. when he gives his son a toy he's been wanting and tells him that it is from Babe.  Adam asks Tad to meet him in the library so they can negotiate.

Annie marvels at the similarity between the stuffed dog Ryan bought and the one she drew in Emma's book.  Proposing some new stories of adventure featuring a wandering rogue named Ryanovich and his super studly sidekick, Sir Spikeman, Ryan encourages Annie to write him into her book, so he can be part of her magic.

While Miranda opens her presents, Lily complains to Erica that she dislikes Barbara, because she ruined the family's schedule and rearranged the kitchen cabinets without permission.  Meanwhile, Sean takes his mother aside and tries to get her to leave, but she acts hurt that her son doesn't make her feel welcome.  Bianca praises Zoe for the way she spoke to Lily and agrees that they are both rare and beautiful.  Sitting with Myrtle on the sofa, Zach fears he will "screw this up," but she assures him he is a wonderful father to Spike and will not be a disappointment to his new baby if he just decides so.  While talking to Kendall about trampy Babe, Erica notices Barbara coming on to Josh and pulls her away, warning her to leave before they "start playing pin the tail on the floozy." 

J.R. stares at their San Diego pictures as Babe reflects that too much has happened since he gave them to her as a wedding gift a year ago.  Though J.R. thinks their love is still there, Babe feels that their relationship isn't love, so they shouldn't be together.

Krystal tries to thank her stepdaughter for Little Adam's birthday party, but Colby is disappointed that she broke her trust by having Tad's baby.  When Colby bemoans Charlotte's loss, Krystal suggests she can still have her little sister, because she still loves Adam, but Colby thinks that Krystal's kind of love hurts and orders her to stop hurting her dad.

Adam proposes that if Tad gets his wife out of his house and life, he will make sure Tad gets his baby away from Krystal.  Doubtful that Adam can get a judge to take Krystal's baby away from her, Tad refuses to cooperate with a man he can't trust and calls his quest for revenge stupid.

Myrtle suggests that Zach show his gratitude for his new child by not focusing on what might go wrong but rather having hope in the future.  Jack apologizes to Kendall for the way he treated her when he thought she was carrying Greenlee and Ryan's child, and then he congratulates her on this pregnancy and hugs her.  Wondering why she ever left Jack, Myrtle encourages Erica to find her way back to him.

Everyone happily listens to Zoe singing a special song for Miranda about the treasure of love, hope, and happiness.  Meanwhile, at Chandler Mansion, J.R. wistfully watches Babe go upstairs while Adam avoids Krystal as Tad keeps an eye on her.  In Emma's fanciful room, Annie and Ryan enjoy snow cones and kisses. 

When Lily remarks that Zoe should pursue a music career, Sean promises to update her MP3 player.  Erica is not happy when Barbara asks Jack to give her a ride home.  Sensing that Zach wants to stop at the cemetery, Kendall offers to go with him.  Meanwhile, a woman in high heels caresses Ethan's gravestone.

As they clean up the apartment, Zoe and Bianca gently touch hands.  After Bianca thanks Zoe for her inspirational song, she leans in for a good-bye kiss.

Annie's giddy mood suddenly changes when Ryan suggests they ask the mirror about their future.  Abruptly pulling back, Annie tells him to get away from her.

Someone watches as Kendall and Zach stand in front of Ethan's gravestone.

After Tad offers Krystal a glass of milk, J.R. announces that Babe and Little Adam are missing.  Krystal screams as the lights suddenly go out.

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