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All My Children Update Friday 3/23/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Adam, J.R., Babe, and Krystal enter the living room at the Chandler Mansion, to see Tad sitting in a chair with his feet on a stool.  Krystal is angry with Tad for being there.  Krystal will not share the house with Tad.  Adam says that Krystal can share her bed and bodily fluids with Tad.  Krystal tells Tad to get out.  Tad requires a wide screen TV and says he will not get out.  The group starts to argue.  Colby is upset over the arguing as she talks to Sean about it.  Jack phones Sean to remind him about Miranda’s party.  J.R. asks everyone to calm down.  Krystal phones Chief Frye to complain that Tad is guilty of breaking and entering.  Chief Frye tells Krystal that the Chandler family is off-limits to the police and that they are on their own.  Tad does not trust the Chandlers, and vows to live with them until the baby is born.  Adam blames Krystal for Tad being in the mansion.  Adam tells Krystal that she wants Tad to be her bodyguard.  Winifred and Colby walk into the room with a birthday cake, and little Adam.  Winifred and Colby are singing the happy birthday song.  Adam, Tad, Krystal, Babe, and J.R. join in singing happy birthday to little A.  Krystal looks at Adam as she is standing next to him, but he does not look back at her.  Little A is dressed up.  Colby brings all of Little A’s presents.  J.R. talks to Little A about one special present as he gives it to him.  J.R. and Little A open the box together.  Tad is eating a slice of the birthday cake.  Adam tells Tad to join him in the library to negotiate.  J.R. is in the living room with Babe.  J.R. is looking at one of their wedding gifts.  Babe tells J.R. that too much has happen between them.  Babe tells J.R. that they are different people now.  Colby tells Krystal that she thought Krystal loved her dad and that she messed things up.  In the Chandler Mansion Library, Tad tells Adam that he is the hostess with the mostest.  Adam asks Tad to join forces to get Krystal out of his life.  Adam promised Tad that he would make sure that Tad would get his baby for good.  J.R. tells Babe that their life is a huge mess that they cannot take back.  J.R. tells Babe that through out all of the problems he still loves her.  Babe says that lies and backstabbing is not living.  Babe says that J.R. and she should not be together.  Colby tells Krystal that she used to be jealous of Charlotte, but now she can’t wait for Charlotte to get here.  Krystal tells Colby that she loves Adam and that she will make it right.  Tad tells Adam that no judge would take a girl baby from her mother.  Tad tells Adam that he would work with him when hell freezes over.  Adam states that he wants Krystal out.  He asks if Tad will help him or not.  Tad, in a loud voice, tells Adam that his ego about the baby is stupid not smart.

Zach and Kendall are at Fusion when Erica walks in the door.  Erica asks Kendall if she is having Zach’s baby.  Kendall tells Erica that she is pregnant.  Erica walks over and hugs Kendall, while stating that she was happy for her.  Zach asks Erica if she was happy for him also.  Kendall leaves Erica and Zach while she makes a call.  Erica asks Zach if Kendall left the room so that they can talk.  Zach says that he knows that Erica wishes the connection to the new baby and he did not exist.  Zach tells Erica that he knows she wishes it was Ryan’s baby and that Kendall was with Ryan.  Zach questioned Erica’s parenting skills.  Zach tells Erica that he is not Ryan, he makes different choices, and that he is not a white knight, nor will he ever be.  Zach promises Erica that he will protect Kendall, Spike, and the new Baby with his life.  Kendall tells Zach that they should be going to Miranda’s party.  Zach asks Kendall where her coat is, and leaves to get it.  Erica asks Kendall if she was interested in what she and Zach talked about.  Kendall says no.  Erica states that she forgot about Miranda’s party and has to go home to pick up Miranda’s gift.  Zach returns with Kendall’s coat.  Kendall wants to stop home and change.  Zach tells Kendall that she looks just fine, and he put on Kendall’s coat as he wraps his arm around her.  Zach, Kendall, and Erica leave Fusion.

Zoe and Josh are with Bianca in her apartment.  Zoe has a bouquet of balloons mixed with different colors.  Josh is discussing the splits in the Chandler family.  Bianca blames Josh for the Chandler family splits.  Bianca and Josh are arguing over who caused the split.  Zoe decorates the apartment.  Myrtle, Lily, and Jack arrive at Bianca’s apartment.  Zach, Kendall, Erica, and Spike enter Bianca apartment.  Kendall places a lot of presents on a table.  Erica puts down her present.  Erica pulls Kendall and Zach to her side and tells everyone that Zach and Kendall have a big announcement.  Kendall announces to everyone that Zach and she are going to have a baby.  Bianca kisses Zach, and Kendall.  Myrtle kisses Zach, and Kendall.  Miranda smiles as she enters the room.  Lily asks if she will be the new baby’s aunt if Jack and Erica get a divorce.  Miranda is brought into the room by her nanny.  Zoe introduces herself to Lily and then kisses her on the cheek.  Zoe says hi to Myrtle and kisses her on her hand.  Lily is looking at Zoe perplexed.  Zoe explains to Lily, in detail, what it is like to be a transgender.  Barbara crashes Miranda’s birthday.  Barbara apologizes to Bianca for things said at their last meeting and Bianca thanks Barbara for the apology.  Barbara tells Bianca that she has a special gift for Miranda.  Bianca thanks Barbara and tells her she can stay.  Jack walks over to Barbara, and tells her that she is not invited.  Erica states to Bianca that Barbara should go home.  Everyone at the party is watching Miranda open some gifts to exclamations.  Lily says that she does not like Barbara.  Sean grabs Barbara by the hand and pulls her to the side while asking her to leave the party.  Barbara tells Zoe that she is worried about Lily and her illness.  Zoe tells Barbara that Lily is rare and beautiful.  Zach is sitting on the couch next to Myrtle with his arm around her shoulder.  Zach tells Myrtle that he cannot screw up.  Zach says that Ethan was disappointed with him and he does no want that to happen with Spike and the new Baby.  Myrtle tells Zach not to screw up.  Erica sees Barbara talking to Josh and she tells Bianca that Barbara is one big tramp.  Erica states that Josh is off-limits for Barbara.  Erica and Barbara exchange words.  Erica states that they should pin the tail on the floozy.  Zach tells Myrtle that he is grateful for his life.  Zach hugs Myrtle while sitting on the sofa.  Myrtle tells Zach he is blessed and to count his lucky stars.  Myrtle tells Zach that he is very lucky.  Kendall tells Jack that the last time she was pregnant there were a scene at the Thanksgiving dinner.  Jack tells Kendall that he takes back everything that was said to her at the Thanksgiving dinner.  Jack tells Kendall that he is happy for her and Zach.  Myrtle and Erica look at Jack with Kendall.  Myrtle asks Erica why she left Jack.  Myrtle tells Erica that there is always a way back and she should find it.  Erica looks at Jack.  Miranda thanks everyone for his or her gifts.  Zoe tells Miranda that there is one more.  Zoe says he wrote a song, and then sings.  Montage:  The camera shows Spike, Zach, and Kendall listening to the song and smiling.  The camera shows Erica, Bianca, and Miranda smiling and listening to the song.  The camera shows Sean with Lily smiling and listening to the song.  The camera shows Jack smiling and listening to the song.  The camera shows everyone in the Chandler Mansion while the song plays.  Krystal walks up next to Adam while the song is playing.  Adam walks off.  The camera shows Annie and Ryan eating snow cones, and kissing.  Jack offers to take Myrtle home.  Barbara tells Jack that she will tag along for the ride.  Zach tells Kendall to ride with Rachel because he has a stop to make.  Kendall gives Spike to Rachel and tells Zach that she will go with him.  Kendall tells Zach that she knows where he wants to go.  Bianca tells Zoe that the song was amazing and that it reminds her of when she and Miranda lost each other, and found their way back.  Zoe and Bianca reach for each other’s hand.  Zoe tells Bianca that she should go and thanks her for the wonderful evening. 

Ryan and Annie are at the penthouse in Emma’s room.  Ryan redecorated Emma’s room to reflect where a princess would live just like in the “Princess Emmaline” story.  Annie wrote the story for Emma.  Annie tells Ryan that he is great.  She exclaims over the room and is very happy.  Ryan begs Annie to say yes to his marriage proposal.  Ryan says that they can have a magical life, and purple lemonade just like in the story “Princess Emmaline.”  Ryan picks up a pink stuffed poodle whose name is Pepe.  Annie becomes teary-eyed but still refuses to marry Ryan.  Ryan tells Annie that she hurt him.  Annie says that she wrote the story to promise Emma that things would be good and to let her knows that dreams do come true.  Ryan tells Annie that together they could have new stories of adventure.  Ryan says that they could tell stories of Spikeman and hidden treasures.  Ryan asks Annie to let him be part of the magic.  Annie storms out of the room telling Ryan to get out. 

There is a woman at Ethan’s gravesite.  The woman approaches the head stone and rubs her hand over it.

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