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All My Children Update Thursday 3/22/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the police station, Adam tries convincing Erica to be his witness to Krystal and Babe committing a crime.  Babe collapses as Erica makes the decision to lie.  Josh tries reviving her.  When no one's looking, Babe tells Bianca and Josh to get Erica off Krystal's back.  Tad takes Adam to another room and tells him that locking up Krystal and Babe is not the answer.  Adam tries to get Tad to take Krystal off his hands with the suggestion of moving her in with him.  They go back to the room with everyone else and Tad asks Krystal why she insists on staying with Adam.  Bianca talks in private with Erica and tries to convince her not to help Adam.  To get Bianca on her side, she tells her the truth about Charlotte's paternity.  Bianca tells her that by siding with Adam, she'll lose Josh.  Josh tells J.R. his plan to get Babe back won't work.  Babe tells them both to stay out of her life.  Josh tries to follow Babe when she walks away, but Zoe stops him.  J.R. threatens the insurance man.  Erica then comes back to make her statement.  Derek asks if Erica spotted Babe and Krystal but she denies seeing them commit a crime.  She also tells Adam that he can't manipulate her.  Adam swears they won't set foot into his home again and leaves.  Krystal thanks Erica but she expresses anger toward her for keeping it the secret that Tad is Charlotte's father.  Derek tells everyone they can leave now.  Tad confronts Krystal and says he'll sue for custody of the baby.  Krystal tells him she'll fight him on this.  Babe comes over and takes Krystal away.  Erica tells Josh she lied for him but he walks away since he's still upset with her.  Zoe advises Erica to give Josh space.  Jack goes to Erica and says he's ready to move forward with their divorce.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby asks Sean to help save her family.  Adam comes home and orders Winifred to have the locks changed.  Adam tells Sean to grab a hammer.  Adam and Sean start boarding up the doors, windows, and entrances to the tunnel.  Colby tries to stop them.  Sean seems excited and thinks he should have done the same to keep Barbara away from Jack's home.  J.R., Babe, and Krystal come home, but the doors won't open.  J.R. breaks through a door and lets Krystal and Babe in.  They all head for the parlor and find Tad there, sitting with his feet propped up on a table. 

At Fusion, Kendall tells Annie that turning down Ryan's proposal is the smartest thing she's ever done.  Annie is upset about Kendall's reaction, but a little of her anger is eased when she discovers Kendall is pregnant.  She accuses Kendall of obsessing over Ryan.  Kendall sees it as caring for the father of her son.  She doesn't think Ryan loves her the way she loves him.  Annie doesn't think Kendall will hire her because of Ryan.  Kendall surprisingly hires her.  Di comes in and welcomes Annie.  Kendall is angrily moving around the office when Zach walks in and sees her.  Kendall tells him about the argument with Annie.  Zach tells Kendall that Annie's not the only one who thinks Kendall wants Ryan all to herself.  He says she wants to run his life.  She then admits it's the truth.  They kiss and talk about the baby.  Erica walks in and happens to hear them.

Annie expresses anger to Di about Kendall.  Di tells her she should say yes to Ryan.  Annie doesn't think a marriage with Ryan could work.  Annie has somewhere to be and leaves.

In the Wildwind stables, Jonathan tells Ryan to fight for Annie and Cambias.  Ryan doesn't think that quitting Cambias is a loss.  Ryan realizes that Jonathan is upset about losing Lily.  Jonathan doesn't know how he can move forward.  He asks Ryan to fight for Annie so he won't end up like him.  Ryan encourages him to get a better job.  He also says he's not giving up on Annie.  Ryan suggests asking Zach for a job.  Jonathan tells him about some negative things he said to Zach.  Ryan tells him he should ask anyway.  They both hug as Emma comes to the stables.  Jonathan leaves.  Ryan takes Emma into the house and reads her a story before putting her down for a nap.  Annie comes home to find her room designed like a queen's room from Emma's story.  Ryan hugs her, welcoming her to her castle.

At Cambias, Zach thinks about if he really wants his job.  Lily stops by with a resume, looking for a job.  Zach asks about her plans.  She wants to work at Cambias, earning her way through PVU, and then transferring to MIT.  Zach is impressed and gives her a job.  Lily gets to work at his desk.  Jonathan arrives and doesn't expect to see her.  She tells him about her new job.  She offers to set up a meeting with Zach the next day but Jonathan changes his mind about applying for a job there and leaves.

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