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In the stables at Wildwind, Annie confesses to Ryan that she has loved him since the moment he thought she was an intruder in his house.  Ryan makes a remark about his luck.  Ryan is puzzled by Annie’s response that she does not believe that they are “so lucky.”

Josh slams his door in Erica’s face, when she arrives at his house.  Josh ignores her, as she knocks and yells for him outside.  Josh thinks she is breaking in, when he hears a key turn in his lock.  He looks up and finds that Zoe has let Erica in.  Zoe tries to make Erica comfortable, while Josh remains silent.

Bianca stops her work, when she is startled by the sound of footsteps in the Fusion office.  She is relieved that it is only Kendall.  Kendall begins flashing back to the voices of the “Fusion women,” when the company first began.  Both Bianca and Kendall comment on how quiet Fusion has become in the aftermath of the murders.  As they talk about restoring “the hubbub” back into Fusion, Di shows up to join them.

Josh refuses to listen to Erica’s explanation.  He begins addressing Erica through Zoe.  Zoe encourages Josh to give his mother an opportunity to be heard and leaves them to hash things out.  Josh requests that Erica leave with Zoe and Erica stubbornly remains.

At Joe’s office in the hospital, Tad meets with Olivia and his father to discuss his shocking situation.  Livvie and Joe are stunned, when Tad tells Joe that he is an expectant grandfather and asks Livvie how he can gain custody of an unborn child.

Adam, now true to form, coldly stands by, as Babe and Krystal are arrested for “conspiracy to defraud” in the foyer of their home.  J.R. denounces Adam’s actions and insists that he stop the process.  Adam plays the innocent bystander routine and states he is relying on the authorities.  J.R. believes Adam was able to orchestrate this situation by paying off these so-called “authorities.”  Adam retorts that these charges are legitimate, and says that Babe and Krystal are now facing several years in prison.  When Krystal begs Adam to have Babe released, Adam begins to taunt the women about the gourmet food they will be missing.  Hearing the commotion, Winifred enters the foyer.  As they women are whisked away, J.R. assures them he will retain counsel and have the charges dropped. 

Adam orders Winifred to discard Babe and Krystal’s clothing.  J.R. asks Winifred to check on little A, thus releasing her from the odious chore that Adam assigned to her.  Adam hopes the women are “permanently” removed from the life of his grandson.  Adam then reacts with small regard for J.R.’s admonishment concerning Krystal’s condition and Babe’s close death.  In true Chandler style, J.R. threatens Adam with retribution should anything happen to these women.  In response, Adam promises to unleash his wrath, in the event J.R. carries out his threat.  J.R., in turn, goads Adam to “bring it on” and leaves the room.  Bewildered by the sight of Babe and Krystal in handcuffs, Stuart rushes in and tries appealing to Adam’s conscience for the sake of Krystal’s well being.  Adam responds viciously to his good intentioned brother by degrading his wife.  Unable to withstand Adam’s fury, Stuart skulks off.  Adam appears somewhat regretful for pushing Stuart away.

Erica tries to convince Josh she had his best interest at heart.  Josh believes Erica’s motives for telling J.R. were to keep him from Babe.  Erica tries to assure Josh that she supports his relationship.  Josh regards Erica’s claim as disingenuous.  Despite Josh’s doubts, Erica maintains she does not regret her actions and hopes Josh will someday understand them.  Erica then lovingly kisses her son.  Before she leaves, Josh informs her that Babe is now free from J.R.’s blackmail.  Erica tries to appear sincerely happy for Babe.  Erica receives a call from Adam, as she closes Josh’s front door.  Erica listens intently, as Adam advises her how to rid Babe from Josh’s life.

Livvie advises Tad that his paternity must be established beyond Krystal’s admission.  Tad then informs Joe that his DNA sample and Krystal’s baby’s sample are within the hospital records.  Joe facilitates a comparison to be performed on these samples.

Kendall is frustrated by her inability to find courageous Fusion employees.  Bianca reminds her that their former employees’ fears are legitimate.  With perfect timing, Zoe shows up at Fusion.  Bianca smiles, when Zoe offers her assistance.

As Ryan helps her get dressed, Annie expresses her concerns that their relationship is “out of sync.”  Ryan assures her he is equally devoted to her and that their marriage will work.  Ryan again offers Annie “the ring.”  Ryan then attempts to alleviate all of Annie’s doubts.  Annie points out that they have not seen each other’s “real” side.  Before he can thoroughly convince her, they run out of the stables, in response to Emma’s scream.

Regardless of the test results, Joe worries about Adam’s inevitable vindictiveness towards Tad.  Tad assures his father he can handle Adam.  Tad’s main concern is the welfare of his daughter.  Joe and Tad smile, as they think of Tad being the father to a little girl.  As the two men become more excited by this new addition, Livvie cautions them to wait for confirmation.  Shortly afterwards, Joe receives the comparison.  Joe reviews the results and happily confirms to Tad that he is the father.

Derek approaches them, as Babe and Krystal discuss their fate at the Pine Valley police station.  With Jack at his side, J.R. questions why Derek has these two women, in their respective conditions, handcuffed.  Jack then demands that Derek remove the handcuffs from “his clients.”  As Jack is trying to ascertain whom the victim is, a man enters the station and replies that the two Mrs.  Chandlers colluded to defraud his life insurance company.  Neither Mrs. Chandler can believe what they are hearing.  Adam enters the station, as this gentleman advises he received this information from an “informant.”

Zoe tries to sell herself to an arms crossed, non-receptive Kendall.  Bianca reminds Kendall they need Zoe’s help and enthusiasm.  Kendall insists that this “conversation” should be between the two of them in private.  As the sisters go for their “discussion,” Zoe worries about the imminent clash.  In a separate office, Kendall scolds Bianca for “falling” for Zoe, and Bianca’s jaw drops in reaction to Kendall’s accusation.  Bianca begins to humor Kendall.  The more Bianca ridicules Kendall’s assumptions, the more Kendall alerts Bianca to the pitfalls of getting involved with Zoe.  While the sisters talk, Di tries to occupy Zoe.  Josh arrives to offer his assistance to Bianca and Kendall as well.  Josh asks Di, if she has heard from Babe.

Tad goes to the Chandler’s to talk to Krystal.  Winifred tearfully greets him and informs him about the arrests.

The insurance representative advises Derek that Krystal, as Babe’s life insurance beneficiary, filed a claim against the policy, with the knowledge that Babe was alive.  As Krystal proclaims her innocence, the representative produces a claim bearing Krystal’s signature.  Krystal then recalls that Adam gave her a stack of paperwork to sign, while she was legitimately mourning Babe’s death.  As a result, Jack requests that Derek release the two Mrs.  Chandlers.  J.R. chimes in that the women are being set-up.  Adam then states his “witness” will testify that Krystal knew Babe was alive, when she signed and submitted the claim.  Right on cue, his “witness”, Erica, makes her grand appearance at the station.

Although she appreciates Kendall’s concern, Bianca firmly advises her sister to mind her own business.  Kendall regards her reaction as an admission of Bianca’s feelings for Zoe.  When Kendall comments on Zoe’s image, Bianca tells a shocked Kendall, if Zoe does not meet the Fusion criterion, neither does she.

Josh chastises Zoe for letting Erica in the house.  Zoe makes Josh realize that he should be grateful he has a mother who cares about him.

Derek begins questioning Erica.  J.R. tries to convince her not to allow herself to be used by Adam.  Erica then looks at Adam, and he encourages her to “answer” Derek.  Jack suggests to Erica that perhaps she cannot recollect the events.  Erica then wants to speak to Adam privately.  J.R. jabs Adam for not preparing his “witness” more thoroughly and warns Erica not to wrongfully condemn two innocent women.  As Krystal announces the underlying motive for their arrest, Tad walks in and finishes her sentence.  In one fell swoop, Tad humiliates Adam and stuns Erica with the “news.”

Annie watches Ryan make Emma’s “boo-boo” disappear.  Emma runs off to play again with Kathy.  Although Annie marvels at Ryan’s ability to comfort their daughter, she ultimately turns down his marriage proposal and leaves the stables.  Ryan is completely confused by Annie’s actions.

Bianca faults Kendall for overlooking Zoe’s courage.  Kendall tears, when she realizes Bianca is equally relentless as she is.  While waiting for the outcome of the sisterly battle over Zoe’s employment, Josh bets on Kendall, and Zoe bets on Bianca.  When the sisters emerge, Josh is surprised to learn that he lost the wager.  As Bianca begins training Zoe, a reporter approaches Kendall for comment on the arrest of Babe and Krystal Chandler.  All four of them are stunned into silence.

As Jack and Babe discuss the situation, Jack questions her about her delayed return, after the murderer was apprehended.  J.R. overhears Babe reveal her initial plan to run off with Josh.

Tad wants Krystal to get off her feet.  Krystal sharply questions Tad’s so-called concern for her.  Tad quips back that his concern is for their child not her.

Erica and Adam have their private conversation.  As Erica chastises Adam for dragging her into this mess, Adam reminds her that this is her golden opportunity to get rid of Babe.

Jonathan is surprised to see Ryan in the stables.  Jonathan is disappointed, when he learns that Annie has turned down Ryan’s proposal once again.  With Jonathan’s help, Ryan tries to come up his best approach to win over Annie.

Annie arrives at Fusion to seek employment.  Even though Annie presumes Kendall cannot stand the sight of her, she tries to persuade Kendall to give her a position anyway.  During their conversation, Annie informs Kendall she is not going to marry Ryan.  Annie stiffens from shock, when Kendall grabs hold of her to hug her.

Babe anticipates a negative reaction from J.R.  Much to her amazement, J.R. understands her initial reasoning.  Although Babe sincerely appreciates J.R.’s willingness to defy his father, she remains resolved to go forward with the divorce.  Despite the foregoing, J.R. still assures Babe he will get them “home.”

Derek is amused by Tad’s “affair.”

Jack is unable to convince Adam simply to end his marriage in a dignified manner.

Erica tries to provoke Krystal.  Seeking a definitive response from Erica, Derek interrupts the escalating argument.  Knowing the case rests with Erica, all concerned parties anxiously wait for her answer.  As Erica is about to speak, Josh, Bianca, and Zoe arrive at the station.

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