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As Ryan continues to pack up his office, Kendall and Zach try to convince him to remain at Cambias.  Zach even asks him to “run the company with him.”  Since Ryan is amazed by Zach’s proposal, he looks over at Kendall to confirm its validity.

Babe is startled from her sleep when J.R. leans over and gently kisses her.

Tad goes to Wildwind to see Jamie.  Julia and Jamie notice how distraught Tad appears, and Julia decides to give Tad and Jamie some privacy.  Tad asks her to remain, so that he can share the shocking news about Krystal’s baby with both of them. 

In an effort to save her marriage, Krystal brings Adam his favorite breakfast in bed.  In a fit of frustration, Adam initially aims the breakfast tray at Krystal and then throws it across the room.  Not expecting such a strong reaction, Krystal becomes horrified.

Ryan realizes he is not “hearing things,” when Kendall joins Zach in persuading him to help run the “family” business.  As Ryan resists, Kendall pushes him to reconsider.  Ryan declines and attributes his decision to stress from placating the company shareholders and a desire to start his own “venture capital business.”  When Zach asks if “the taint” surrounding Cambias influenced his decision, Ryan responds, “It’s not my fight.”  Ryan abruptly leaves, when he receives a call from Annie asking him to come to Wildwind.  On his way out, Ryan thanks them for the opportunity and offers to assist in the “transition.”  After hearing Ryan’s decision, Zach begins to regret his takeover of Cambias.

Babe firmly rejects J.R.’s affection.  So that J.R. does not misinterpret her actions of sleeping at the Chandler’s, she insists her motive is solely to protect her mother.  Although J.R. hopes to reconcile with Babe, he also understands her unwillingness to forgive him.  They then discuss the situation between Adam and Krystal, and J.R. tells Babe that he supports Krystal.

To diffuse Adam’s tirade, Krystal tries to make light of the situation.  Adam in turn becomes more disdainful and accuses Krystal of poisoning his breakfast.  Krystal remains resolved to fight for her marriage, and Adam cannot get past her widespread web of deception.  To break the stalemate, Krystal attempts to convince Adam that he still loves her.

Jamie is shocked to learn about his “little sister,” and Julia becomes concerned about Tad’s mental state.  In response, Tad admits that he is experiencing a range of emotions.  When Jamie realizes J.R. selfishly withheld this information from all of them since Dixie’s death, he storms out of the room in anger.  Worried that Jamie is enroute to confront J.R., Tad tries to stop him.  Julia assures Tad his concerns are unwarranted and then pointedly asks Tad, if he wants the baby.

Adam informs Krystal he has commenced divorce proceedings.  Despite her best efforts to reconcile the marriage, Adam maintains his position to end it.  The more Krystal protests that she loves him, the more Adam continues to degrade her.

Babe is skeptical that J.R. is on her side and Krystal’s.  To prove his support, J.R. offers to retain counsel for Krystal and informs Babe that Adam disowned him.  Babe apologizes to J.R. for the extensive damage her mother’s secret has caused him.  Babe then wonders if J.R. regrets withholding “the secret.”  While he worries that Tad will never forgive him, J.R. hopes his actions at least brought him closer to Babe.  Jamie walks in on their conversation and announces that he will never forgive J.R.

While Zach reviews corporate documents in Ryan’s former office, Kendall offers support for his decision to take over Cambias.  To reinforce the soundness of his decision, she gives him a picture frame with an empty spot in which to place their baby’s sonogram.  Both are caught off guard, when Jonathan shows up looking for Ryan.  Not realizing Ryan decided to leave on his own accord, Jonathan scornfully blames Zach for Erin’s death and Ryan’s “unemployment.”

Ryan meets Annie in the stables.  He mistakes her suggested meeting place as a romantic invitation and begins kissing her and again offers her the engagement ring.  Since Annie’s intentions are to dispel Jonathan’s revelation of her “true” feelings for Ryan, she stops Ryan and denies that she is in love with him.  When Ryan nonchalantly reacts, Annie tries to mask her disappointment. 

Jamie blasts J.R. for his “disloyalty” towards Tad.  As Jamie relentlessly attacks him for depriving Tad of his child, J.R. throws Jamie’s hypocrisy in his face by reminding him “he is the last person who should be lecturing him about stealing babies.”

In response to Julia, Tad confides that Krystal’s deceit is clouding his ability to ascertain his feelings toward the baby.  Julia continues to help Tad sort out these feelings.

Krystal tearfully reminds Adam of their mutual true love.  As she remains confident their love can withstand this situation, Adam turns away from facing her to hide his tears.  Somewhat compelled by her persuasion, Adam offers Krystal a very unattractive alternative that would convince him to save their marriage.  He tells her “to give-up the baby.”  Krystal is repulsed by Adam’s ultimatum.  Adam closes communication, after Krystal’s response.  Now alone, Krystal sorrowfully and protectively rubs her stomach.

Julia keeps trying to help Tad.  Julia reaches Tad, when she reminds him of the advice he gave her concerning Kathy, “that it is part of God’s plan.”

J.R. continues to blast Jamie for his past participation in convincing J.R. that his son was dead.  Jamie contrasts his actions from J.R.’s by pointing out that his were purely selfish.  J.R. counters that Jamie’s actions were equally selfish, since they were motivated by Jamie’s relationship with Babe.  As their argument becomes bitter, Babe enters the room.  Relieved to see her alive, Jamie embraces her.  Babe informs Jamie she is leaving J.R., and he supports her decision, in an effort to hurt his brother.  Jamie and Babe remain standing close to each as a show of unity against J.R.

To evade Ryan’s affections, Annie clumsily asks him to teach her how to “ride” a horse.  Ryan plays along with her charade and helps her get on a saddle on a railing in the stable.

Before Kendall fully explains the situation, she chastises Jonathan for his disdain towards Zach.  Jonathan responds sarcastically and leaves the office.  Zach silently reflects upon Jonathan’s words, and Kendall tries to console him.

Jamie and Babe continue discussing her decision in front of J.R. to convince J.R. that she is resigned.  J.R. finally interjects that Babe is equally culpable for withholding this information.  Jamie justifies Babe’s actions but criticizes J.R.’s.  As Jamie reminds J.R. that Tad has been more of a “father” than Adam, Adam joins them.  Adam and Jamie hurl mutual insults towards each other.  When Babe asks Adam about Krystal, Adam coldly responds she is “dead.”  Both J.R. and Jamie chastise Adam for his remark, and Jamie leaves.  Babe goes to look for Krystal.  Babe expresses her concern to Krystal that this stress is not healthy for her condition.  As Babe tries to persuade Krystal to forget Adam, Krystal reminds her of all the instances Babe ignored her warnings about J.R.  Despite Babe’s continued efforts to convince Krystal otherwise, Krystal feels Adam’s anger is justified.  Uncle Stuart interrupts their conversation and welcomes Babe home.  Stuart then turns to Krystal and relays his fears that she may have destroyed Adam permanently.

Tad still cannot understand why Krystal would want Adam to raise her child.  To help him move on, Julia reminds Tad that he is the father.

During his “lessons,” Ryan continues to seduce Annie.  While having difficulties with resisting Ryan’s advances, Annie falls from the saddle into a tub of water.

Kendall helps Zach change his focus to their future.  Zach cheers up, as they discuss plans for their baby and they embrace.

When Ryan tries to make light of the situation, Annie, now embarrassed, tries to save face.  Since Annie now has to change her clothes, she coyly disrobes behind a blanket.  When they look into each other’s eyes, she finally admits to Ryan that she is in love with him.

Tad finally concludes he must remove “his baby” from the Chandler residence.  Knowing she is responsible for getting Tad to reach this conclusion, Julia smiles and nods approvingly.

The Pine Valley police arrive at the Chandler’s to arrest Krystal and Babe.  As Adam triumphantly watches the police cuff the women, J.R. wants Adam to explain this situation.  While shooting a look at Adam, Krystal asks the police officers for grounds for their arrest.

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